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The First Steps
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In the morning, I practiced my airbending for twenty minutes and then decided to visit the market to buy some food for dinner. I went to Isra's secret drawer where our money was kept and realized that I'd be out soon enough unless I got a job. I hoped the market owner hadn't replaced Isra's job already.

I put on some clothing, opened the door of my house and headed onto the streets. I took a walk down to the market.

When I arrived in front of the white building, I was greeted with the usual sight of a red awning and a white shop that was almost completely windows. On one of the windows in red paint was "Virote's Market".

I pushed the door open (it was also red), and a little bell rang. I saw a man who looked to be in charge, who had his back to me.

"Excuse me, sir?" I walked up to him and poked him on the shoulder.

"What do you want, I don't have time for this!" He said whirling around and revealing his face to me. He was elderly and skinny and had a long nose, upon which a small pair of glasses sat. His hair was black and rapidly graying, and there was a large bald spot on his head.

"Excuse me sir, I'm Isra's sister and—"

"That girl has been gone for days without a single notice! Do you know how hard it has been to get work in!"

"Yes, that's what I came here to tell you about. Something has happened, and I'm offering to take her place."

"Fine fine, can you earthbend?"

"No, but—"

"Are you a non-bender?"

"Yes..." I said hesitantly.

"Then what good are you?"

"I promise I'll do just as good of work as my sister!"

"I can hire any bender on the street! What makes you think you're so special?"

"I'll work for half of what she got paid!" I blurted, frantically hoping that I could get the job. He paused and thought about the proposal.

"Fine. You begin work tomorrow; be ready or I'll have you fired." He then left and went back to his duties. I sighed, but I took what I could get and pushed the door open and left the shop.

I headed back home, knowing I'd have to start my job tomorrow. I continued to practice my airbending and taking breaks to rest and eat until nightfall. As soon as the sun slipped under the horizon, I took off toward the training center, eager to retry chi blocking after a day of attempting to master airbending forms.

When I arrived, there was less people than last time, but Jakobe was still there showing people the pointers of chi blocking.

"Welcome back, 67," he said when he saw me. I smiled and nodded. "The C-BAT-D is over there; you can start training on it. I nodded and went off.

I practiced the same things Jakobe had showed me before, but the forehead remained only red, frequently beeping twice and occasionally once. No matter how many times I hit, I kept getting the same response. The more times I hit, though, the more aggravated at myself I was. I kept hitting the device until it was wobbling after each hit, but to no avail. Finally, out of sheer frustration, I snuck in a little air to stabilize my attacks. As soon as I hit, the forehead lighted up green.

"Yes!" I exclaimed and punched the air. I tried a couple more times with the air, some working, some not. However, with the air I got a general idea of the sorts of movements I was performing. I attempted it without the air, but ultimately failed. With the air however, I succeeded frequently, until I was consistently getting the green light.

"Jakobe!" I called my teacher over.

"Yeah, Akari?" He responded as he came over.

"I think I've got the technique down!" He took a look at me and then took a pause and said, "Okay... you can try and block my chi; just hit the back of my shoulder, right here. Now, when you chi-block a non-bender their arms become rendered useless, and they can't move the body part that has been blocked. However, when you hit a bender, their bending gets temporarily removed," he instructed me. I took a deep breath and added air into my jab as I struck his shoulder.

"Ah!" He yelped, grabbing his shoulder, as his arm was turned into a noodle-like state.

"Really good block you got there," he winced, his voice very quiet.

"Y'know what?" He said as his voice turned back to normal. "I think I'll take a break."

Ultimately I was feeling very proud of myself. I had gotten chi blocking down, even if I had to cheat a bit with airbending in order to do that. Plus the look on Jakobe's face hadn't hurt either, after all he did work with the monsters who'd taken Isra. I practiced some more on the C-BAT-D and then headed home for the night.

I crashed down on my bed and dreamt about chi blocking.

Author's Note

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And for fanonbending status too! Thanks so much guys :D

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