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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Have you ever heard of the tale of a failed Avatar that incurs pain and suffering into the world rather than bring balance and peace to it?

Avatar Zhu Rong, successor to the Earth Kingdom Avatar, born within the Fire Nation Royal Family. To many when he was revealed as the reincarnation, he was a sign of great fortune. But from his early years to his last years of a teenager, he would not become the fortune and glory the world would expect him to be.

The world suffers an impending curse from the Avatar, robbing the world of its love and unity. He smiths his schemes to the exact temperature he wants it, neither too hot or too cold.

The more that Zhu played to his objectives, the more he detached his own life from his previous hosts.

He is praised as a god, he is degraded into a demon, he is seen as example to some, he is disheartened by others, he is seen as a leader, he is seen as an exile.

Though many people fond or fear him, he is still an Avatar nevertheless. However, it didn't change the fact that he is deemed the most controversial Avatar in history. Not a single Avatar would try to stoop to such a level that the whole world would call him a renegade and hunt him/her down. It would never be such the case for the past lives of Zhu Rong, except for this one.

He is fully aware of his intentions and how to strategize his plan and execute them properly. 

He even saw himself ten times the power to prior evildoers he fought. From his ancestor Fire Lord Ozai to Great Uniter Kuvira, they all sought to gain, in some degree, control in the world. Unlike them, Zhu Rong had no real desire to take the world for his means, but to leave it alone, consequently meaning to instill terror, revenge, agony, grief, isolation, and contention throughout the world. With these characteristics in place, the Avatar would therefore have no reason to cause more chaos.

"The world would no longer need a hero. It will disintegrate into fire and ash, the people will choke on the toxic smoke, and they will no longer question the ethics of peace and balance."

- Avatar Zhu Rong

The world needs a hero more than ever, even if it means that the Avatar cannot save it.

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