The First Renegade
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The Legend of Korra

"This world no longer needs a hero or any balance. The world will engulf in dismay!"

- Avatar Zhu Rong

The First Renegade is my first fanon. After finishing Legend of Korra, I decided that it would be fun to begin conjuring some ideas for a story since the World of Avatar has limitless boundaries. Of a few ideas that I wrote down, I decided to write one about the Avatar instead committing morally evil deeds than the nominal peace and balance to the world. His early years shaped him into one of the greatest enemies in the World by unleashing violence and chaos. This takes place over 120 years after the events of The Legend of Korra with Avatar Zhu Rong, a firebender that was abused and neglected by his father, a timid and heavy drinker, as he prepares to escape and journey into the world that he longed to see. The only consequence that he will ultimately face is to become the enemy himself.


"Air, Water, Earth, Fire.

It's all the same to me and it never gets old. First, I reincarnate into another baby from one of the four nations. Second, I train and study the other three elements. And third, I have to save the world from another dangerous enemy. It's the same boring cycle that I have to follow from my ancestors. Why should I be subservient to these other nations? Or more importantly, why should I be the savior? For many years I have done everything to protect the world from danger. But its price is to only satisfy the will of other men. So, what's it gonna be? I chose to run not out of fear, but for my own individualism. Rather than follow the centuries old tradition to bring peace and balance to the world, I chose my path to create disorder and violence to it! I'm no longer going to cling onto these worthless people or nations! The only thing I want the world to know is that it does not need a hero any longer. I know my choice and future-- and that is to become a renegade.


Set over 115 years after Avatar Korra, a firebender born within the Fire Nation Royal Family, named Zhu Rong, is revealed to be the new Avatar. Unlike most of his predecessors, he commits the most vile deeds and sparks an age of chaos after a tragic incident that tore his heart, regarding him as a renegade and threat to the world. The story will be start in the year 283 AG and follow through to the year 300 AG. 


Main Characters

Zhu Rong: He is the antihero and next Avatar, succeeding an earthbending Avatar. Born within the Fire Nation Royal Family, he is the middle child of his family. He had an abusive childhood by his father, that soon led him to a turbulent life that sparked numerous events that shaped his destiny. 

Tang Rong: He is the elder brother to Zhu Rong and is an admiral of the Fire Nation Navy. He is ambitious and very proud of being a leading figure. He is loyal to his father and his nation and swore never to betray it at all costs, even if his life is worth losing. 

Sheng Rong: He is the father and Fire Lord since 219 AG. He is a ruthless and jingoistic ruler since his great grandfather Ozai, however he does not want war with any nation. He was a heavy drinker and abused his family frequently. He is initially the instigator to Zhu Rong's betrayal. 

Heng Feng: He is the Head of the Dai Li. He is also a descendant of Long Feng and is a future ally of Zhu Rong when his turbulent life began. Corrupt, charismatic, and cunning, like his father, he is an influential figure in Ba Sing Se and the world.

Yue San Rong: She is the younger sister to Zhu and Tang Rong and is a princess of the Royal Family. She is stubborn, impatient, and very demanding and willing to break the rules unto her control. 

Minor/Previous/Recurring Characters

Koh: He is known as the face stealer. He is featured as a plot device for Zhu Rong in the progression of the story.

Geb: He is Zhu Rong's earthbending teacher. He is a native to Omashu.

Arshi Tengri: He is a Fire Sage and firebending teacher to Zhu Rong. 

Hathor: She is an airbending teacher to Zhu Rong. She restores the former Air Acolytes into the Air Disciples after an event during the Earthbending Avatar's life. 

Gong Gong: He is the waterbending master to Zhu Rong.


Book 1. Youth

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