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March 16, 2012

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The First Defiance is the fourth chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Tortoise Beach, 09:00

The sea shores noisy, the horizon was blue, filled by the spreads of the gray clouds, when the golden is rising through the sky. The seagulls fly over the beach, when the cocktail palms dance follow the wind. The breezes, soft, gently, wag the Avatar's outfit.

"Whoa... The wind so fun! Come on, Fansha! You will enjoys these!" Phoa yelled.

"Er... Phoa, you should practicing airbending now." Fansha said.

"Mmm.... Probably a little rest can helps me master the airbending!" Phoa realized.

The golden flecks suddenly change to a red. The wind swept the sands, while the young boy walks from the cave.

"Phoa, this fabulous! But, when the Monks and Sister saw you..."

"Phoa! What're you doing there? Come on, let's take the yoga!" Monk Meethu suddenly comes out from the forest.

"What I was said, Phoa?"

The Monk and the two young teenagers walk through the leaves, the palm, crossing the river, and climbing the hill. When reach the temple, Ratih and Joy was waiting the twos.

Air Temple Zen Garden, 10:00

"You two will don't get the breakfast. Come on Phoa, follow me!" Monk Meethu said.

"Wh-what? I was say to her, for go back!" Fansha refuses the prohibit.

Ratih and Joy, after getting the delicious vegetarian breakfast, steal a loaf of bread and a cup of water.

"Fansha, ate these. You will be so thin if you ignore these." Ratih said to her friends.

"You-you steal these? I can't eat a swag!" Fansha said.

Sister Lio, the chef of Air Temple, suddenly gives the boy a bowl of soup. She know the Monk was so strict, and so she violate the rules.

"No problem, he just getting mad you disturb the Avatar."


"Ate these before the Monk saw you!"

Huang Jou Sea, 12:00

The sea was waving through the cloudy sky, almost black, while the thunder booming at the ship. Oblivia, who had survived from the polices, stands up in front of the head of the ship.

"Hahahaha.... You will be mine, Avatar!"

Suddenly, while the thunder struck down the lady, all of ship crews who had be hypnotized by her, getting mad and thrown her to the source thunderstorm. The horizon suddenly black, the clouds turning became a tornado.

"Help..! Help...!" all of ship crews yelled at her.

"Hahaha.... Put me to the ship, now!"

The crazy lady then thrown trough the barrel, walks entered her room.

"I told them, they would die if ignored me! Hahaha..."

All of ship crews scared.

Air Temple Island, 15:00

After getting stuck in the storm, the ship was landed onto the beach. Almost all seagulls fly over from the beach, protect themselves before the mindmaster was comes out.

"Where she is...?"

Suddenly, when the peace was bought in the Main Temple, a Fire Blaze comes out, burned a side of the forest.

"She's coming." Monk Meethu said.

"What happened? I-i" Fansha asked.

"The Mindmaster. She's a lady who can bends mind. I saw her at the propechy. This place, and the world, be ruined by herself, nor her friends." Monk Lobsang said.

"Free the bisons, Sisters! Avatar, follows them!" Monk Meethu said.

"What? I'm the Avatar! How dare you defy your Avatar?!" Phoa said.

"How dare you defy your instructor? You will hurts if you didn't follow my instruction!"

Suddenly, the fire was spreads onto the Main Temple. The horizon suddenly be dark, fulled by the smoke of the fire. The animals ran away, while the Avatar suddenly entered her Avatar State. Oblivia then bends hundred of skulls from the sea, walk onto the island. The duel of the twos was very agile. The Avatar uses water to extinguish the fire, while the Mindmaster tries to bend the Avatar.

"Hahahaha...! You would be mine! Hahaha-whoaa!" suddenly the Mindmaster trapped at a hole.

"She's stupid, guys. Fansha, help Phoa now!" Joy said.

"I will try to avoid the fire with the water. Fansha, you can help Phoa to be calm, and Joy, you must assist her to attack the Mindmaster." Ratih ordered the boys.

"Argh...!" Oblivia screamed. Suddenly, a huge wave of zombie come out from the sea shore, attacking the Avatar. "Hahahaha... You'll die, Phoa!" Oblivia laughed.

Flying Bison Stable, 15:45

Sister Lio led the all female airbender to defend the stable, while the rest ofyoung airbender start ride the flying bison.

"Sister Min, move the young to Eastern Air Temple with Flying Bison, and leave at least ten flying bison!" Sister Lio commanded.

"Okay. Children, follow me!" Sister Min ordered, then rush with them through Flying Bison Stable. "We should move fast, children."

"Monk Lobsang, try to avoid the fire with the Monks!" Sister Lio yelled. "Don't forget to.. Where's Phoa?!"

Can the airbenders survive? Is this the last temptation of airbender? Reads the next chapter--The Destruction!

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