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The First Day
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The First Lesson



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April 12, 2013

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It's been a day since the identity of the new Avatar has been discovered. The Order of the White Lotus members had a talk with Tonraq and Senna about what the previous Avatar, Aang advised them to do before his death. Korra's parents agreed to let her train in the South Pole in a compound. It is a bright, uplifted afternoon at the South Pole. The Order of the White Lotus were walking to a house with Korra and her parents behind her. Senna is carrying Korra and they all approach the door of the house. A White Lotus member knocks on the door. A few seconds go by and the door opens; Out comes a elderly woman. Gray colored hair, a dark blue jacket on, and traditional Water Tribe footwear. This woman's name is Katara, master waterbender and Avatar Aang's wife, who passed four years ago. The sight of the Order of the White Lotus leaves a puzzled expression on Katara's face as she steps outside her home.

"The Order of the White Lotus? What's going on?" she asks.

The leader of the White Lotus bows his head to Katara. "Master Katara, I realize ever since your husband, Avatar Aang passed away, you've been wondering who the next Avatar is and where."

Katara nods and says, "Yes...."

"Well we have some good news. The search is over and we would like for you to meet her."

The White Lotus members move to the sides and allow Korra and her parents to step forward. Korra and her parents are all smiling as they walk up.

"Master Katara, it is an honor to meet you," says Senna as she and Tonraq bow in respect to the old master. "We'd like you to meet our daughter, Korra. The next Avatar."

Korra waves her hand to Katara and says a friendly hello. Katara, looking doubtful, asks, "Are you sure your daughter is the Avatar?"

Senna happily looks at her daughter and lifts her out of her grip, placing her gently on the grounds of Katara's home. "Korra. Why don't you show Master Katara what you can already do."

Korra looks around to see what she can use as an example. Her eyes catch the sight of a vase to the side of Katara's home. She walks over to it, noticing that the vase is half full of water. Korra gets into a stance and starts streaming the water in a wavy formation. She then bends the water towards her parents and makes it spin around them. She bends the water to Katara and does the same. Then, she bends the water back into the vase. Thinking of what to do next, Korra turns her back to Katara and firebends a ball of fire from her fist. She allows the fire to blast into air like a dragon breathing fire through his nostrils. Thinking of a way to demonstrate earthbending, Korra notices a rock, about half her height next to Katara's home. She earthbends the rock into midair and back down into the snow. Afterwards, she bends the rock across the snow, until it can't be seen. Korra walks up to Katara and bows her head to her as she walks back to her parents who are smiling proudly at her. Katara looks surprised at what Korra has just done.

"You said Korra is four?" asks Katara.

"Yes," Tonraq replies.

"And she can already bend water, earth, and fire?" she questions in shock. Katara walks over to Korra and her parents, bending down as far as her body will let her smiling at Korra. "My my, aren't you an incredible, little Avatar." Katara stands up straight with a more serious expression. "I made a promise to Aang long before his death that if I was still in any shape to teach waterbending, I would train the next Avatar to become a master waterbender. May I teach Korra?"

Tonraq and Senna look at each other happily and look back at Katara. "You don't even have to ask. Of course you can," Senna says. "Korra, show Master Katara your respect when you train with her, okay."

Korra nods and her mom and replies with an okay. Korra's parents and Katara arranged for Korra to start waterbending training tomorrow. When the day goes by, it is almost afternoon when Korra's parents take their daughter to Katara's house and watch her from a distance. Korra knocks on the door and Katara answers almost immediately.

"Good morning, Master Katara!" says Korra excitedly as she bows her head to the master.

"Good morning, Korra," Katara replies. "Follow me, we will begin your first lesson far from any distraction." Katara starts walking away from her home with Korra following behind. She waves to her parents as Katara takes her to a nearby cliff covered in snow. Down below, is water, not frozen, but still cold. Katara walks closer to the edge, turns around and holds her arms out with a smile on her face.

"Welcome to your first day of training. From what I've already seen, you do seem to know your way around waterbending pretty well. Not only that, but also earth and firebending. Can you airbend?"

Korra looks down at the snowing ground sadly, with a glum expression. "I've tried, but nothing happens." Korra says while letting out a sad sigh. Katara walks over to the young Avatar and sympathetically puts her hand on her shoulder. "That's okay, my son, Tenzin will be able to teach you someday. Now lets begin the lesson."

Katara walks closer to the edge again and points below. "Down there is water," she begins as she points to the ground. "Your standing in water. Water is all around us, even in the air there is water. Each and every lesson we have, I will get more and more into the element of water, but for the first lesson, I will teach you how to make a wave."

The sound of this makes Korra smiles widely. Katara gets into a stance; she spreads her feet slightly apart and puts her arms in front of her. She spreads her fingers apart and lifts her arms over her head intensely, causing the water from below the cliff to rise until it almost touches the edge. When the water goes back down, Katara turns around facing Korra.

"That is exactly what I want you to do. Lift your arms too slowly, and there won't be enough force to do what you want. Lift too quickly, and water will overflow onto us," Katara instructs.

Korra walks over, closer to the edge and gets in a stance, identical of the stance Katara did. Korra lifts her arms over head intensely, but does it a little too quickly, causing the water from below to come about the cliff and splash onto them. When the water goes down, Korra, at first looks irritated, but then smiles and jumps in the air. "Woo! Yeah! I did it! I made a wave!" Korra stops celebrating when she looks at Katara who is completely drenched in water from the wave. Korra, now embarrassed, looks sorrowful at Katara and says, "Sorry, Master." Korra decides to bend the water off of Katara, and back into the water below. Korra's knees go weak and she falls, bundling herself in a ball-formation, hiding her expressions from being seen. Katara walks over to Korra and puts her hand on her upper back.

"It's okay, Korra," Katara says. "You're just a beginner. For your first try it wasn't so bad, you just need a little less power. You'll get the hang of it in no time."

Korra pokes her head out and gets up from off the ground. She gets back into her stance, lifts her arms up, the water comes up, almost touching the edge. As it goes down, Korra jumps up and down. "YES! I DID IT THIS TIME! I REALLY REALLY DID IT!" Korra keeps jumping until she notices Katara still just standing there and automatically stops. "I mean, yeah, I did it, no biggie."

Katara laughs and says, "See? I knew you could. You just got to believe."

Katara and Korra start walking back to Katara's house. Korra sits at the dining table as Katara gets something to drink for the both of them. Katara gives Korra a cup of water and Katara pours Jinseng tea for herself. She hands Korra her drink as she sits down with her own.

"I don't know what kind of drink you prefer, so I just got you some water. I hope that's okay," says Katara.

"Of course it is," says Korra. "But I am starting to like tea. Daddy lets me have a couple sips of his if I ask." Korra takes a sip of her water. "So, what was it like when you trained Aang?"

The thought of Aang being brought up made Katara surprised. "He caught on very quickly. It got to the point where I was jealous because he learned how to do it so well without even trying and it took me months just to learn those moves. Of course, I didn't have a teacher then, I had to figure it out all on my own. Luckily, we made it to the North Pole, and we both were able to learn how to waterbend. Not too long after, I became a master. Aang also became a master, but he still needed to learn as the journey continued." Katara looks at the floor sadly and she sighs. Korra looks at Katara concerned and says, "I'm sorry if talking about Avatar Aang makes you sad."

Katara looks up and says, "It's okay. You have every right to ask whatever you want. Well its been a wonderful first lesson. I had a lot of fun training you, and I know you'll get better with every lesson. Just know it isn't going to get any easier. Come on, I'll walk you back home."

Katara and Korra walk to Korra's house in the cold weather. When Tonraq opens the door, he hugs his daughter tightly and thanks Katara for bringing her home safely. Korra excitedly tells her parents about her first day training how she can't wait to train again and again.

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