Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The First Bender in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The First Bender
How did bending begin?
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Unknown, eventually Avatar: The Last Airbender

Author's Notes

This is my first fanon that does not include any of the characters shown in Avatar: The Last Airbender. I hope you like it!


This fanon is about the first bender, Anila. She was a normal person, like everyone else in the world, until one day she found out she could bend air. Now, with some of her friends, she must travel the world to get help and use her skills when the Northern Air Temple is attacked by the Northern Water Tribe. Will they be able to save the Air Temple, or will the Water Tribe succeed?


(More will be added as the series progresses.)

Main Protagonists

  • Anila - A ten-year-old female Air Nomad, and the first one to discover the art of bending. She is very sweet and patient, and also very friendly and outgoing. She resides in the Northern Air Temple.
  • Meri - An eleven-year-old female Northern Water Tribe citizen, and one of Anila's best friends. She is a bit shy when around strangers, but is very outgoing around her friends and family.
  • Borak - A nine-year-old male Earth Kingdom resident. He has a secret crush on Anila, but won't tell her about it because he's very shy about talking to girls.
  • Kai - A ten-year-old male Fire Nation citizen. He, like most of the Fire Nation, has a short temper, but tries to control it as much as he can. He's also the Crown Prince.
  • Sister Sala - Anila's personal guardian. Despite not being an airbender herself, she helps Anila learn the art, so it may run for generations more. She is very compassionate and kind, but is also very fierce when in battle.
  • Kyra - Meri's mother, and the Tribal Princess.
  • Yakira - Kai's twin sister.
  • Yaritza - Kai and Yakira's mother, and the current Fire Lady.
  • Malik - Kai and Yakira's father, and Yaritza's husband. The current Fire Lord.

Main Antagonists

  • Kieran - Northern Water Tribe warrior. Meri's boyfriend.
  • Amare - Northern Air Temple's high monk. He is very patient, like most Air Nomads, but has a shocking secret for all.
  • Maurine - Nortern Water Tribe citizen. The leader of the warriors, and the one that declares when to fight.
  • Kishi - Northern Air Temple's favored nomad, due to his fighting skills.


Prologue: Discovering Bending

Note: These titles are not official titles, and are subject to change.


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