Fire Nation Army
The First Battle
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Chapter 1 - The First Battle

Pilot Fire Nation soldiers

'The old armor looked cooler...'

Day 8 99AG

I've never been so nervous, our sergeant just came in and told us to ready up as were approaching Water Tribe territory. Also what's with the sleek armor design what happened to menacing! Sleek...Woopty doo. Damn Waterbenders, wipe out one measly tribe and they drag on a conflict for over a decade. You'd think they'd just give up. All the men are joking as we are so scared of Waterbending! The enemy is going to make us wet and throw snowballs at us. I've never taken Waterbenders seriously when me and my brother used to play war our non-bending friend played a Waterbender. His attack was throwing a cup of water at us! Never taken them seriously at all, which reminds me of another thing as well. Earthbenders! Bloody tramps...Always rolling around in mud and don't even wear shoes. I swear to the Fire Lord if I get kicked by another one of them again I'm going to seriously kill myself. Their greatest strength is just being a smelly pleb. Aww well I think I'd better get rea- Geez! What the hell was that!? Those idiots can't even sail straight, never liked boats. What's everyone running around for? Did chef make komodo chicken again? Well if he did I'm not missing out! '''

Fu Yong

Day 9 99AG

By the Avatar last night...last night was just hell. Waterbenders came outta nowhere just attacked the ship, that what all the fuss was about. I'll never doubt them again, one threw a spear of water at Liu and it froze and impaled him. Damn! One of them got me I've got a cut the size of a komodo rhino's horn in my side. Ship's morale has really gone down, we're mostly newbies. The most scary thing was seeing fear in the sergeant's eyes, seeing a man who's been fighting for years just lose and start whimpering like a child. Pathetic! We all take the oath to gives our lives for the nation, for the Fird Lord. We found out their leader's name, some guy called Hakoda. 5 new recruits arrived today as the bodies of the dead were sent home. It's a nice way to die, you can say you fell for the nation. I admire the way our army works you fight through the ranks, Every general has been on the front lines, Even the Fire Lord heads some battles. What an honor, to fight alongside Fire Lord Ozai, It's a soldier's dream to fight alongside your leader. Our family believes in a warrior's death on the battlefield. Well I'm rambling, I'm worked up after the battle and can't wait for the counterattack. We've got someone called Fushi arriving tomorrow to brief us, I have a copy of his portrait that I've stuck on(I.D cards rule!). Hiding behind a mask, I don't approve I prefer my enemies to know who killed them.

Fu Yong

Day 10 99AG

Geez today was a good day, nothing better than raiding a supply convoy! I take back what I said about Fushi he's a swell guy. We raided the convoy and boy Water Tribe food sure beats rations. Jun was funny today always himself "But what about that family we can't leave them". Jun watch yourself or I'm gonna have to kill you if you keep being so funny! Weird he always acts so serious when he says them as if he means it. Fushi is pretty fun despite his appearance got some pretty funny stories about command. Ahh command, can't wait to I'm a General being waited on. But screw all that, Fire Nation women are hot!(ha ha!) Damn big-wigs spend more time with them than doing their jobs. With good reason! I bet even Fire Lord Ozai must try it sometime, he was never really that bothered about his wife vanishing(traitor). Why do all the cute ones have to be evil. But more about the convoy they amused us at our Thank you for not killing us party. Counterattack tomorrow, the guys were talking about my 'record' they were saying theirs were about 6 I thought they meant girlfriends so I said 10 and man were they jealous. We were joking about the attack earlier, Jon said 'Why do they always have attack from behind' and Jin said 'I always thought you liked it from behind Jon? Aha burned (Oh yea). Well that's it for now, looking back at yesterday's entry made me wonder what all the fuss was about. Just me overreacting again.

Fu Yong

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