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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The First Avatar.

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The First Avatar in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The First Avatar
The culmination of all four elements in one person has never been achieved. Until now.
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The Avatar is the most powerful bender in existence and has regulated world order for millennia under countless reincarnations. What if one could discover what life was like when the very first Avatar came into existence? This fanon attempts to recreate that scenario, going back in time to 20,000 BG; the year that the Avatar initially came into existence from the depths of the Spirit World. The story centers around a young, somewhat inexperienced airbender named Tenzu, who has a shady past and was recently exiled from his home at the Northern Air Temple for something he unintentionally did. Accompanied by his best friend and mentor, Monk Shinjin, Tenzu's goal is to rehabilitate his image and realize an unknown destiny that may never arrive.

Main Characters

Air Nomad Characters

  • Tenzu: A 14-year old Air Nomad. He has great potential to become a powerful airbender under the tutelage of Monk Shinjin but an unfortunate accident back at the Northern Air Temple resulted in him being banished until he atones for the error of his ways. He is a proud person but internally he's emotionally fragile; the result of his actions back home.
  • Shinjin: Tenzu's 45-year old best friend and mentor. A master airbender in his own right, he vouches to accompany Tenzu during the latter's exile. The Council of Elders reluctantly accepts his decision and grant him their blessing for safe travels. He is also the current incarnation of the Air Spirit.
  • Malu: A middle-aged airbender from the Eastern Air Temple; tasked by the Northern Air Temple's Council of Elders to covertly keep tabs on Tenzu and Shinjin. With every new observation she sends her trusty Messenger hawk, Griffon, to the Council in order to update their information. Additionally she's assigned security duties to protect the two Air Nomads should trouble arrive, and thus will at times be seen by Tenzu and Shinjin.
  • Anka: Tenzu's sky bison and his primary means of transportation across the planet. Even with all its influence, the Council of Elders were unable to break Air Nomad laws and separate Tenzu from Anka. She's a particularly large specimen of flying bison, nearly twice as big as a normal, fully-grown example.

Earth Kingdom Characters

  • Ming: 13-years old and headstrong, Ming is one of the strongest earthbenders in the Earth Kingdom and is a friend of Tenzu. What makes her unique is that her vision is somewhat impaired due to complications during her birth (reminds anyone of a certain blind bandit?). Due to her shortcomings, she was forced to modify her bending styles and invent new bending uses tailored to her needs. She is also the current incarnation of the Earth Spirit.

Water Tribe Characters

  • Azure: A skilled, yet overconfident 14-year old waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. Brash and outspoken, hardly a conversation goes by without her mentioning the word "Ultimate" in any context at least once. She's an occasional acquaintance of Tenzu and her overconfidence serves as a foil to his somewhat insecure nature. She may have some ulterior motive for joining the exiled airbender in his quest for redemption; one that won't be divulged on this page. She is also the current incarnation of the Water Spirit.
  • Qing: Azure's rational and collected half-brother; a scion of Water Tribe royalty and the heir-apparent to the Chiefdom of the Northern Water Tribe. Though he lacks his younger half-sister's waterbending abilities he is a proven strategist and skilled with a multitude of weapons. Like his father, he resents his tribe's chauvinistic and heavily-patriarchal laws and desires to ease some of those conditions upon assuming the throne. He's also prone to using sarcasm when angered or needing an outlet for his semi-existent humour.

Fire Nation Characters

  • Kazuo: An ambitious and energetic 16-year old firebender whose raw potential yet relative lack of precision leaves something to be desired. He's known Tenzu ever since they were toddlers and they were inseparable for several years until tragedy struck and he was forced to care for his widowed mother and his 4 younger siblings. Now that the eldest of his siblings is of the age to care for his mother and the rest of them, the burden on Kazuo has eased somewhat. He is distantly related to Tenzu, as both are paternal fifth cousins (they share [4x] great-grandparents on their fathers' sides). He is also the current incarnation of the Fire Spirit.

Minor Characters

  • Hiro: One of the last energybenders in existence. This 25-year old has been maintaining the ancient art and is a master bender. He's capable of using the bending art to transfer energies from some bodily functions to others in order to temporarily augment abilities such as strength and endurance. Even though he's a minor character, he may be key to aiding Tenzu's quest of redeeming himself in the short time he'll remain in the story.
  • Soro: A rival of Tenzu, ever since they were young children. Tenzu seriously injured him during the former's post-promotion initiation when his emotions got in the way. He has since partially forgiven the exiled airbender, but still holds a deep grudge; one that could play a large role in Tenzu's development.
  • Pak: Azure's waterbending instructor and a former rival of Monk Shinjin. Over many years, the grudge turned into an occasional working relationship.


They'll be mentioned later, when the story starts going.




  • Chapter 4: The Forged Friendships, Part 2 (Work in progress)
  • Chapter 5: Labour, Labour, and Even More Labour

(More later...)

Note: Some of these are working titles and may change as time elapses.

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It looks promising, but I won't know for sure until after there's more wiki-wide exposure to it. Millennia2 has since written a review of this fanon as part of his work for the FRS.

Author's Notes

For some time I wanted to write a fanon on this site but just didn't know where to start. I'd like to thank those who support the fanon in its currently fledgling state and I hope to accomplish much with this story.

Azure's mention of "Ultimate" is an obvious reference to my co-editor, Ultimate.

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