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War is Kind

Choy looked over the few energybenders to survive the onslaught last night. They had fought valiantly, but now they were no better than slaves in the eyes of most of the others. Choy thought of the night before and wondered if he were an energybender, would he surrender or die fighting. Probably die. Choy walked off alone to see if they missed any of the energybenders. While searching Choy found a trail of foot prints leading out of the cave. Following the trail Choy also found small drops of blood on the ground. Choy turned around and headed back to Quin.

"What do you mean one got away?" Quin yelled when Choy reported.

"I found a trail that leads through into the caves." Choy explained, "There's a small amount of blood along the trail. I think maybe at least one of the energybenders got away."

Quin turned to his officers and conferred with them. After they finished Quin turned to Choy and said, "Choy, we're sending you after the escapees."

"Why me?" Choy asked.

"You're the one who found the trail." Quin answered, "Plus I've heard about your impressive record while you were in the army. You're quite possibly the best warrior and tracker we have."

Choy thought for a moment before nodding and leaving. As he left he pulled out a map and found the nearest town on it. He decided to head there first, if the energybender was there so be it, that was only a secondary objective for him. Who knows maybe the energybender would help him.

Genesis walked into a town clutching at an infected wound on his side. It had been several days since he escaped The Sanctuary and he hadn't had any food or water since. Genesis fainted as several villagers came out to greet him. Genesis passed in and out of consciousness for two days as the village healer attended to his wounds. During one of his moments of consciousness the healer asked Genesis who he was, the energybender could offer no answer at the time. All he could do was ask for water.

On the second day Genesis woke to a woman gently pressing something wet against his side, he said nothing as he lay there staring at the ceiling. Then a great pain shot through his body as the woman removed her hands. As Genesis screamed in pain the woman quickly pressed against his side again.

"Sorry for the rude awakening." she apologized as Genesis gasped for air.

"Water," he asked for with a coarse voice. Genesis watched as the woman bent water from a bowl into his mouth. "Who are you?"

"Given I haven't had any sleep for two days because of you, I think you should tell me who you are," she said with a small smile.

"Sorry, my name's Genesis," he answered slightly blushing.

"Relax, I'm just kidding. I'm Lynx," she said bursting out laughing.

"Lynx?" Genesis repeated.

"It's a nickname," Lynx explained. "No, I'm not going to explain it."

"Where are my things?" he asked looking around.

"Thrown away. It was so trashed even our best sewers couldn't fix it," Lynx said while pointing to a fresh set of clothing.

Genesis went cherry red as he realised something, "Who undressed me?" he asked. Lynx only smiled. For the first time Genesis actually noticed the Lynx's beauty, she had slightly tanned skin, silver hair, and bright blue eyes.

After Genesis dressed himself he marveled on how little his body hurt. "You did an amazing job."

"I've had a lot of practice," Lynx said with a somewhat remorseful look. "Everyone in this village came here seriously injured due to the war."

"So I'm just another statistic," Genesis said half jokingly while looking out the window.

"Nah, you're much more interesting than a statistic," she said, patting his shoulder.

Just then Genesis saw someone familiar walk into the village. "I think you're about to get more practice," he said darkly as he moved outside to confront Choy.

As Choy walked into the village, Genesis left the medical office and stood in the street waiting for him. Choy moved foreword and reached for his two swords. After drawing his blades he crossed them and shoved them in the ground.

"What's the matter, not gonna kill me like you did to my father?" Genesis called as he gathered energy in his hand.

"What are you talking about?" Choy asked while gathering fire.

"You know what I'm talking about!" Genesis yelled while he shot his energy blast at Choy. Choy side stepped and shot his own fire back at Genesis, who spread his arms wide and forced energy out of his whole body, creating a shield of energy. The fire engulfed the shield and energybender but was unable to injure Genesis. Using the fire as a cover and cupped his hands together and gathered energy between them before he let it loose. The energybeam tore through the flames and almost obliterated Choy, had he not launched himself into the air. As he was airborn Choy flung multiple fireballs at Genesis. The energybender rolled out of the way and turned to see Lynx watching from her doorstep.

"Get inside!" Genesis yelled right before Choy grabbed him by his collar. Choy turned Genesis around and punched him across the face.

"I need you alive so if you'll please stop this," Choy said while pulling back for another punch.

"Shut up," Genesis said before grabbing Choy's head and pulling down on his own. While he was stunned Genesis placed his hand on Choy's chest and fired a beam of energy straight into him. Choy was sent flying into one of the houses. Genesis fell to his knee as Lynx ran to his side.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"I'm fine," Genesis said as Choy stumbled out of the house. "He won't quit will he?" Choy looked up, his mask torn and revealing a portion of his face, and froze.

It can't be. Choy thought as he fell on one knee. "How's it possible?" he whispered before passing out.

Genesis stood and walked over to Choy's unconscious body. He raised an open palm and began to gather some energy. Right before he unleashed Lynx moved infront of him however.

"What are you doing?" Genesis asked without lowering his hand.

"What I'm supposed to do," Lynx said. "I heal any who need it, no matter who they are."

"He deserves it though," Genesis said trying to shove Lynx out of the way, but she just moved infront of him again.

"I won't let you murder him," she said adamantly. "I think you should leave. I'll give you a map and supplies but I won't let you stay if you insist on killing him."

"Fine," Genesis said, heading back to the medical office. About a half hour later Lynx gave Genesis everything he needed and showed him where the nearest town was and he left, but not before promising an unconscious Choy that next time he wouldn't hold back.

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