The Fire Temple under Attack
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The Fire Temple under Attack is the twelfth chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


Ozai needed to find a way past Katara's guardian. He arranged to meet Haru, her husband. "I have a plan," he told Haru.

The Fire Lord told Haru that the authorities were planning to arrest Katara whether she was inside the fire temple or not. "She saved your life. Now you must save hers," said Ozai.

There wasn't much time, so Haru organized the community of truands. Their plan was to storm the fire temple and rescue Katara themselves, stealing the temple's gold and treasures as well. They thought of the gold!

The ragged band approached the fire temple. The men were armed with whatever they could lay their hands on, bars, mallets, and pitchforks.

Zuko, dressed in his best armor, led the beggar army. At his signal, they charged forward and attacked the Fire Temple. "Follow me! Sack the Fire Temple!" ordered Zuko.

A small group rushed at the doors with their weapons and set about trying to break in, hammering on the wood. However, they didn't get far.

A huge wooden beam crashed down from above, crushing several men. Screams of pain came from the injured. Where did the beam come from? The heavens?

However, Zuko was not deterred. He organized several more men and they picked up the heavy beam to use as a battering ram. They charged at the doors. "To the doors, comrades!" ordered Zuko.

But they had not counted on the determination of Aang. From high above, he hurled pieces of masonry at the attackers.

Men shouted and fled as the boulders showered down upon them, killing and maiming many. But soon the Avatar ran out of stones to throw at them.

Aang still had one more trick up his sleeve though. Over a fire, he melted metal sheets from the fire temple roof. He then poured the scalding molten metal onto the invaders.

Realizing they could not enter the fire temple while the Avatar was guarding the doorway, the beggar's army changed its tactics.

They scaled ladders to get closer to Aang. Zhao fired a crossbow, aiming for the hunchback's eyes, but the arrow missed its targets. "Henceforth they'll call you the blind one," said the greedy Zhao.

Aang did not even flinch as he snapped off the arrow's shaft. Now his attackers really began to worry, there were no more arrows left.

With a mighty airbending move, Aang toppled the ladders, sending the men to their deaths on the hard pavement of the square below.

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