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Avatar: Time Is An Illusion





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18 May 2011

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Avatar Kyoshi

Many days have passed since Aang has left the Southern Air Temple.

The Autumn has come. The leaves are falling. They became orange.

The weather is getting colder.

Fire Nation

The fire palace has been completely rebuilded.

There is a long table in the middle of the room.

Four men are around the circle shaped table.

Suddenly they hear steps...

Zuko walks in along with Mai.

Mai goes and sit at the throne while Zuko sits at the table with the others...

"Greetings, generals. So what themes we have to discuss this month?" Zuko asked.

They all got out some scrolls which had the themes.

"General Mung you can begin..." Zuko said.

"Thanks, Fire Lord...I was thinking we should build a factory..." Mung didn't finish his sentence bcause Zuko inturepted him saying, "Rejected..."

"But why?" Mung asked angry turning his hands into fists.

"Because we don't need it." Zuko replied but Mung was still angry and upright.

"Do you dare to oppose me?" Zuko asked glaring. Mung became scared and started to giving excuses..." No my lord, I would never...." "Sit down." Zuko said and so Mung did.

"Anything other, Mung?" Zuko asked.

"Yes...We have a problem because all the people that were living at the fire colonies came back to live here. So we don't have enough food supplies." Mung said really serious.

Zuko was silence for a long time. Then he got up and said, "The farmers will live by what they have. Give at the new citizens farms from people who has more than one farm."

"But my lord..." Mung was going to speak and to oppose Zuko's idea but then he answered "As you say..." "Anything else that you would like to discuss?" Zuko asked but Mung just moved his head negative.

"Shinu it is your turn." Zuko said. Shinu got up opened his scroll and said, "Fire Lord, some Yu Yan archers have disappeared lately. We must do something." Zuko looked at him and answered, "They may are useless as we have no war but still they are humans. Send as much soldiers as as you like but you must also go." Shinu nodded and sat down. "Bujing, it is your turn..." Zuko said. Bunjing wasn't holding a scroll. "My lord, my theme is the usual. You must..." Zuko got up really angry threwing his chair away. "No, I will not do it," Zuko shouted.

"But Bujing may be right. In the state she is, if she escapes she may kill anyone that she will see," Shinu explained to Zuko to convise him by making him feel guilty.

Suddenly a messenger hawk flew in the room. Zuko and the other generals didn't notice it.

"I won't execute my sister." Zuko shouted. The messenger hawk went to Mai. Mai took the message and started reading it as the hawk flew out of the room.

"Never was a person executed before. I don't want to make the start. So no one of you will," Zuko said and Bunjin sat back on his chair.

Mai got up from the throne and started to walking towards Zuko.

"General Shu it's your time," Zuko said and General Shu got up with his scroll open.

Mai walked near Zuko and gave him the message.

Zuko opened the message and began reading it.

"Dear newphew and Mai, I am a little late but I invite you at my tea shop at Ba Sing Se. I sent messages to the other members of Team Avatar as well. We will celebrate one year from the end of the war. By Iroh."

Zuko was shocked. He wasn't expecting a letter after a year. He looked at Mai and saw in her eyes the same feeling.

Zuko turned to the generals. "Sorry general Shu, I will hear your themes tomorrow. We have something important to discuss." Then Zuko with Mai walked out of the room as did the generals quick after.

After some time they went at Mai's room. Mai closed the door and Zuko opened the curtains.

"So what do you think Zuko?" Mai asked him. Zuko didn't speak for much time nor Mai did.

Suddenly Zuko broke the silence when he had cleared his mind. "We should go, they are our friends," Zuko replied.

"So who will take the responsbilities here?" Mai asked Zuko when he was looking out of the window.

"What do you mean?" Mai looked him annoyed by Zuko's question. "We can't let the Fire Nation without command."

"It must be someone I really trust..." Zuko said. "I know, Shu can do it."

Mai was confused. "And your sister? The execute?" Zuko hearing this replied, "Shu would never do that...He is my most loyal general..."

Mai had another question. "How will we go?"

"With a ship. I am gonna tell them to get it ready to sail." Zuko opened the door but Mai grabbed the back of his clothes and made him to stop...

"Wait. I will go, you just prepare for the journey," Mai said and she walked out of ther room.

Eastern air temple...

Aang has finally arrived at the Eastern Air Temple. He was tired. He fell to the ground.

He was stiil feeling the pain from his wounds. He saw them. They were like shadows to his eyes. Many people quickly gathered around him... He couldn't find out who was who. He was seeing them as shadows. They were like a giant shadow.

However Aang was able to hear. He could hear them sayign his name...

"Aang!" some of them shouted. "Sifu!" the rest of them said.

Soon Aang couldn't only hear but he also couldn't move. He was so weak.

"I can't do it, if I close my eyes I would have give up to death," Aang thought.

However his mind was also being consumed by the darkness.

Aang thought that maybe if he close his eyes for a little and then he did it. He closed his eyes.

When he awoke he was inside the temple. His two favourite students were around him along with Duke.

"Omom...Paap...Duke?" Aang said still weak and confused. He tried to get up but Omom held him down.

"No, sifu you must stay on your bed..." Paap said.

"But I must!" Aang said and tried to get up.

"Aang, you must really rest!" Duke said as Aang put on his upper cloth and took his glider.

"Where is Momo?" he asked as he was walking slow and weak towards the door.

"He must be somewhere... around," Omom answered.

Aang walked out of the temple.

Everyone turned and stared at him as he was walking down the stairs.

He passed between them and heard some to whispering, "He is so strong..." Some others said, " He is alive."

Aang arrived at the beginning of the next stairs and put his hands around his mouth to make the sound stronger. "Momo!" he shouted and his little winged lemur flew from the sky to his shoulder.

Aang caress him and Momo licked him on the chick.

Omom, Paap and Duke arrived behind him.

"He found him," Omom said.

"Sifu, you must rest," Paap said.

"But the sun is about to set. I must leave now," Aang said and turned his glider ro flying-mode.

"Aang stop! Just rest now and begin tomorrow morning," Duke answered.

Aang turned around and nodded. He agreed. He followed them inside.

Kyoshi Island...

It is near night. It is dawn.

Back at Kyoshi Island the five Kyoshi warriros are training over the small bridge.

They are training with their fans.

Suddenly an explosion is heard and after some seconds, screams.

The citizens are running for their lives screaming. They passed the way to the small bridge and went towards the secret coast.

The Kyoshi Warriors are frozen. What happened?

Suddenly three more explosions are heard.

The explosions created lot of dust.

The Kyoshi Warriors took their weapons and passed the bridge with their fans ready to fight.

The dust made them unable to see who created the explosions.

Suddenly they saw a shadow in the dust.

The shadow was becoming more shaped and bigger. When it got out of the shadow they were shocked.

It was an armour... two metres tall... with sharp fingers. There wasn't man inside it.

The whole armour was silver. Only a giant shaped eye covering most of the hypothesited face of the armour was gold. In its center it had a blue crystal.

The armour leaned back. It stayed there for some seconds until it's crystal staretd to glow. Then it leaned fast forward and a beam came out of the crystal. The beam passed the Kyoshi Warriors and it exploded when it touched the ground behind them.

The Kyoshi Warriors were thrown away into the dust.

The armour walked slowly and stopped when it saw a painted rock.

It turned and watched it.

The Kyoshi Warriors were recovered from the last hit and couldn't understand why the armour was watching the rock.

Suddenly a Kyoshi Warrior understanded it. "It looks for Sokka and the others..."

The armour hearing this turned and it began walking towards the secret coast.

The Kyoshi Warriors ran and standed in front of it, blocking its way.

The armour leaned back again. Each Kyoshi Warriors turned one of her fan into shield.

The armour's crystal was glowing. He leaned forward sending a beam in the center of the shield.

The explosive was so strong that two of the warriors were thrown to the beach.

The armour began to walk again. It went to the secret coast.

The people afraid made a way so it could pass.

The armour passed between them and stopped before the water.

Then after soem out it jumped really high splashing the water.

It didn't swim. It walked until it was full covered by the water.

Then it wasn't visible.

Fire Palace...

Zuko is in his room. He wears his old clothes.

He doesn't wear his crown. He has his swords on his back.

He is ready. He walks out of the room and out of the palace.

He walks to the port to take his ship.

In the way many people saw him.

Others waved while others bowed to him.

After some time he arrived at the port.

There was his ship and Mai who was bored waiting him.

Zuko walks near her "It's time to go." Mai boards the ship. "Finally."

The generals arrived and standed behind Zuko.

Zuko turned around and looked at them.

"Shu watch the Fire Nation until I return," Zuko said.

"It would be a honor, my Lord..." Shu answered.

Zuko got on the ship and it began sailing.

Later the night...

Zuko and Mai are sleeping on their ship.

It's night and the sea is calm...

Suddenly the ship is jolting.

Zuko awakes and gets out of his cabin.

Mai gets out of her cabin too, "What happened?" Mai asked.

Zuko grabbed Mai's hand and they got out, at the ship's board.

"What is happening?" Zuko shouted.

"Fire Lord, looks like we are in the center of giant waves..." the captain replied.

"You mean a storm?" Mai asked.

"No. It's like waves come from every direction and hits our ship," the captain answered.

Zuko was shocked. He walked near the edge of the ship.

"Zuko what is happening?" Mai asked him...

Suddenly a water spout rose from the sea.

"Waterbenders!" Zuko shouted and ran to protect Mai.

He didn't succeed. A giant wave came and with great force it turned the ship upside down.

At the Earth Kingdom...

It's late...The moon is their only light.

They passed from the swamp some days ago.

They are sleeping on the grassy field.

At least they use their backpackers as pillows.

Katara for some days can't sleep.

She must wait for hours to sleep.

She has much stress.

She wants to see Aang. She can't wait.

Suddenly she thinks she saw him.

It was like an airbender was flying with his glider.

Katara got up but couldn't see anything.

Sokka saw her and asked, "Wha is it Katara?"

Katara sad turned at him and answered, "I thought I saw Aang."

"Maybe it was him or a guy from the Northern Air Temple...or maybe a new airbender."

"What do you mean?" Katara asked confused.

"Maybe he energybended..." Sokka replied. Katara was looking him weird. "Forget it," Sokka said and fell to sleep.

At the Eastern Air Temple...

It was morning. It was so early.

Aang had to leave.

Aang is ready by pyawakit

Aang is ready...

He got up and walked out of the temple.

He was holding his glider.

Momo came flew.

He landed on Aang's shoulder.

Aang wore his red clothes.

His wounds were still hurting him.

However he had to leave.

Would they want him back?

Would they have changed?

He has hair now. However that is a small change...

He must arrive fast at Ba Sing Se.

Aang was ready...

Author's note

Hard one! At least it had some action. Otherwise it would be totally boring...Anyway wait for the next

one...ElessarNikos (talkcontribs) 15:52, May 18, 2011 (UTC)

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