The World has been peaceful ever since Avatar Aang defeated Firelord Ozai and restored balance to the world. He has married Katara and they have three children Gyatso, Pasanga, and Kya. Sokka and Suki have gotten married as well and have one child name Kyoshi. Mai, ten years before had a baby named Min-Li. Zuko and Mai are getting married in a year. But in all the joy, Azula and her oldest daughter Mitsuki have escaped from the medical facility and have captured her daughter and son from The Fire Nation Royal Palace. Meanwhile in The Earth Kingdom, thirty two year old Toph Bei Fong and her parents have moved to Omashu. The Mechanist has been working on plans to stop Azula. But his son Teo has enough to think about, he is engaged to a girl named Ying. Ying is pregnant with a baby. So the Mechanist must keep The Four Rebellions in order without his son. Recently, Ozai died in prison. In respect for his brother Iroh has decided to give up his royal title and become a guidance counciler in Ba Sing Se University. But more than the world knows is at stake....

Chapter 1: A New Threat

Azula is looking over the Fire Nation capital city on a balcony. Three girls come behind her. Azula tells her daughter Mitsuki that they need more people to help over throw the last four rebellions. Soon a Fire Nation guard comes and says that a group called the Kashonan has come to face trial. In the court room Azula is on the high chair with her advisors . Azula's oldest daughter Mitsuki is seated next to her. The chief guard tells Azula that the Kashonan were found lurking on Fire Nation grounds. Azula says coldly to the Kashonan " If I don't throw you in prison for the rest of your lives, you have to give us something in return" Suddenly a girl stands up. She tells Azula her name and why the Kashonan were in an unmarked area. She offers to join Azula's inner circle Azula smiles coldly She asks Mitsuki what she should do. Mitsuki stares at the ground. Mitsuki remarks "We will need more people to over throw the last four rebellions" A few moments after Azula says to Nake' that she has use for her. All of a sudden Aang wakes with a start. "Katara!!" He rolls over, Katara wakes up. "What's the matter Aang?" "Another nightmare," Aang says. " Aang this is the fifth nightmare you've had this week" "But Katara, this time it seemed so real" Pasanga, Aang and Katara's daughter runs in. " Has anyone seen Kya?" Katara gets up off the bed and goes to get dressed. Aang and Pasanga sit next to each other on the bed. "Dad, Gyatso said that Kya isn't in her bed, we've gotta find her!!" Aang points over his shoulder, there is a lump under the covers. "Kya!" "What Pasanga?" "Come on! "Mom says you have to go practice your Waterbending. "What!?" "Ugh, I'm sick of getting hit with my own water every day" Katara comes back in. She tells Kya to come practice Waterbending. Kya says, "Ugh, okay Mom" Pasanga leaves too to practice Airbending. Aang sits on the bed alone. "No, no, no NO! Azula can't have taken the Fire Nation it's only been one week since her escape" Meanwhile Aang goes to a meeting later that day with Zuko, Katara, and Mai. Zuko paces around back and forth. Mai tries to calm him down. "Zuko, Azula can't have taken over the Fire Nation, there are guard proctections everywhere" " It's not that I'm worried Azula broke out... it's the fact that no one has seen her!" Katara chimes in "Aang has been having a lot of nightmares lately, he might be just dreaming that- "Katara!" Aang breaks her sentence. "I'm the Avatar, if anyone knows the world it's me!" "Aang- "No Katara!" Aang says breaking her sentence again "Azula has someone new working with her!" "In my dream this Earth Kingdom girl accepted into Azula's inner circle" " This girl was part of the Earth Kingdom! Azula's luring people to the Fire Nation!" "How do you know?" Mai asked. " I just know," Aang says. He stares out the window as the sun goes down and a storm cloud emerges.

Chapter 2: Robbery at the Northern Air Temple

Aang paces around the floor of the Southern Air Temple main courtyard. He, Katara, Appa, Pasanga, Kya, Zuko, Mai, and Appa are together at the Northern Air Temple to figure out a plan to capture Azula before she reaches the Fire Nation capital. "Aang, the scouts are trying their best," Katara says. "Azula is crafty, but we might just be able to find her before she reaches the Fire Nation capital," Zuko says confidently. "Are you sure?" Mai asks. "Mai, Azula has been taken care of before," Zuko nodded to Katara. "Are you kidding? Azula is insane!" "She has lost her nutters," Pasanga chimes in. "If anything- Pasanga's sentence was broken by the shrieking of the Mechanist as he ran in " My latest invention's plans... THEY'RE GONE!!" "What?!" Aang says. "I just ran into my office because one of the guards said one of the fellow guards had been ambushed, and then I went into my invention plan cabinet to see if my latest plans had been stolen... but every last piece of paper down to the pulp was gone!" the Mechanist shrieks. "This explains that Azula has new people working for her," Aang says. "I'm starting to get the feeling Team Avatar should come back together again after over sixteen years," Katara insists. "I'll send Toph a letter," Zuko offers. "And I'll sent Sokka and Suki one too," Katara says. "YES! Team Avatar is back!" Aang yells.

Chapter 3: Capture of Kyoshi

Sokka, Suki, and Toph and Kyoshi Sokka and Suki's daughter are waiting on Kyoshi Island for Aang, Katara, Zuko, Mai, Pasanga, Kya, and Gyatso. "So, I still don't get how Azula escaped," Sokka says. "She's completly bonkers" "Well Boomerang Guy," Toph begins "Azula is crafty, it's impossible to catch her."

Suddenly Toph senses people through the ground and grabs Sokka and Suki's hand pulling them to a nearby house. Keyko and Kylo are in the town with Mitsuki and Nake' waiting in the shadows for Team Avatar. Toph senses them again and follows the trail only to be attacked by the quartet and chi disabled. Kyoshi rushes out to help Toph and fights against the Fire Nation girls. Kyoshi runs out to help and is chi blocked and has a net thrown over her and is captured in the process. Sokka attempts to save her but fails. When the rest of Team Avatar comes it is too late Kyoshi is gone.

Chapter 4: Journey to the Boiling Rock

Suki sobs into Sokka's shoulder. Toph who has reigned her regular form says it is all her fault but Sokka remarks that it isn't. Katara asks who the ringleader of the girls was and what she wanted with Kyoshi. Zuko replies that the mystery girl is his niece Mitsuki. Azula gave birth to her near the end of The War. Suddenly a note flutters down from the sky and Katara catches it and reads it.

If you want your daughter back come to The Boiling Rock

Best Regards,

Princess Mitsuki

Zuko says that Sokka and Suki will go to The Boiling Rock with him to retrive Kyoshi. Mai suggests she go too. Reluctntly, Zuko agrees. They pack up Appa and fly for hours to their destination. When Appa lands, Zuko, Sokka, Suki, and Mai are welcomed by The Warden. Mai tells her uncle they need a certain prisoner released. The Warden sadly says it cannot be done. Sokka asks fiercely why. The Warden says Fire Lord Azula would do something unspeakably horrible to them. Sokka and Suki's looks of sadness soften The Warden releases Kyoshi. The reunion doesn't last long. Mitsuki walks in with Keyko, Kylo, and Nake'. Mitsuki happily replies she'll be happy to report The Warden to her mother. The Warden tries to explain but Mitsuki releases an attack that Zuko deflects. Suddenly Kylo throws a dagger that pins Suki to a wall, Suki gets the dagger off and helps Zuko with Mitsuki. Mai faces her former apprentice, they glare at each other. Mai easily dispatches Kylo. Keyko rushes to help her friend and chi blocks Mai which catches Zuko off guard. Mitsuki generates lightning and aimes it at Zuko. Zuko redirects the lightning. Mai lays on the floor and looks up to see Zuko kicked in the gut by Keyko. Mai tries her best to move her arms and take a hidden weapon from her robe and aim it at Keyko but Mitsuki kicks the dagger out of Mai's hand. Zuko is in pain but is able to grab Mitsuki and fling her into a cell. Zuko slams the door and locks it. Leaving Mitsuki yelling through the bars. Nake' appears in the doorway saying to the group "Sorry folks, we're closed" She takes out a sword and releases a thrust attack that Sokka blocks. He releases his sword and they engage in combat. Meanwhile Keyko has freed Mitsuki and helped Kylo up. Realizing they are outnumbered Zuko surrenders. Mai says to Zuko "What are you doing" Zuko replies it's part of the plan. Sokka amd Nake' are still fighting it out when Nake' reveals a hidden dagger out of her suit's sleeve. Sokka grabs her by the wrist and slams it against the wall which knocks the dagger out of her hand. But she kicks Sokka in the stomach and when he falls to the ground she pins him down with her foot. Zuko has fended off Mitsuki and pushes Nake' off of Sokka. She hits the wall but does not give up. She swipes her sword out and swings at Zuko. He is skinned in the shoulder by the attack but he pushes her into Mitsuki they both tumble to the ground. They rush to the gondola outside. Meanwhile Mitsuki and her group rush towards Sokka's group they proceed to jump on the one nearest to Sokka's. A guard rushes onto Sokka's gondola the moment it takes off but Mai punches the guard and kicks him off the gondola but he grabs on the rim but Mai stomps on his hand which makes him tumble to the platform below. Sokka says they're going to make it but Mitsuki and Keyko run on the cable and land on Sokka's gondola. Keyko takes on Suki, Mai, and Kyoshi and Mitsuki takes Sokka and Zuko. Keyko is unable to take the trio of girls. Mitsuki pushes Sokka down with her foot and kicks him to the edge of the gondola. Sokka hangs on for his life. Mitsuki and Keyko jump onto the gondola going the oppisite way. Kylo is on the platform. She and Nake' wait for Mitsuki. Mitsuki says her brother Azulon will go after The Avatar and his friends. Sokka andhis friends make it back to Appa and they fly back to Kyoshi Island. When they return Katara, Aang, Toph and the kids are waiting for them. Meanwhile Mai finds a spot near the ocean and sits on a rock and has a flashback of meeting Kylo and training her and Nake' of the art of throwing knives. Zuko joins Mai. Mai asks him if he thinks Kylo will change. Zuko says there is a possibility. The episode ends with Kylo sitting a Royal Airship and her shedding a single tear.

Chapter 5: Past of Misfortune

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