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"The Fire Lord's Son" is the fifth chapter of the fanon story Kyoshi Revolts.


Chen, the son of Supreme Fire Lord Azula, fails to impress his mother, earning him her harsh criticism. Ty Lee feels bad for the boy, but Azula disregards her concern. Seeing her opportunity, Chen's sister, Mitsuki, harasses him about his mother's hatred of him to the point where Chen decides to run away, becoming a traitor to his nation.


Zuko begs

Chen fails to complete the move

The chapter begins in a bluish, brightly lit room. A boy is attempting to perform an advanced move, though he quickly falls down in his attempt. He tries again, but he ends up slamming into a pole. The scene then goes to Supreme Fire Lord Azula sitting on her throne, with her advisers, Mai and Ty Lee. Azula harshly criticizes the boy, whose named is revealed to be Chen. She tells him his stance was poor and he had the focus of an Elephant-Rat. She then laughed, saying he's just like his uncle, Zuko. Chen sadly puts his head down, and goes to sit by a pole. Azula then tells her daughter, Mitsuki to demonstrate what she's learning. Mitsuki smirks at Chen, and then creates a huge fire Blast, spinning backwards and propelling herself through the air. Azula watches proudly as Mitsuki showed off her amazing skill. Mitsuki ended her performance by creating lightning in mid-air, blasting it into the flames on Azula's throne.

Mitsuki walks by Chen, giving him a wicked smile, both upsetting and angering him. One of Mitsuki's friends, Tam Mee, cartwheels over to her, gives her a hug, and tells her she was "awesome". Mitsuki then turns to her other friend, Quanlee, asking her if she has "anything to say about her performance". Quanlee then sarcastically says it "was the most beautiful, prettiest thing she's ever seen". Annoyed, Mitsuki tells Quanlee to take a look at her boyfriend, as he's "not looking too happy", angering Quanlee. Meanwhile, Ty Lee raves about Mitsuki to a proud Azula, but she then sees Chen sitting by the pole with an upset look on his face. Ty Lee expresses her concern over Chen's self-esteem, and that Azula should be nicer to him. Mai also feels bad, though she excuses herself from the throne room. Azula tells Ty Lee she doesn't have to care about Chen, and leaves her throne. Ty Lee stills feels bad, but chooses to follow Azula.

Later that day, Mitsuki is shown conversing with Tam Mee and Quanlee. Mitsuki tells them the time has come to relinquish Chen from his throne. She tells him that he has finally lost any hope he has of love from his mother, and begins to plan how she'll convince him to leave. Quanlee is unsure, saying Chen is the rightful heir, to which Tam Mee makes fun of her. Mitsuki, however, tells Quanlee he'd much rather be a traitor, then a good Phoenix King. A servant then comes into Mitsuki's room, ready to give her a "Royal Pedicure". The servant, however, loses his balance, and accidentally falls on top of Mitsuki, dragging her to the ground. The man, getting up, shudders and shakes in horror. Mitsuki, calmly but clearly, tells him if he makes a mistake like that again, she'll make sure that he is killed. Mitsuki then orders another, more capable servant be sent, and leaves.

Chen sits in his room, staring at a picture of him and his father, Yin Lee. Chen then has a flashback, in which he is sitting on his father, Yin Lee's lap. Yin Lee reads him stories and acts out the scenes of Airbenders flying and Waterbenders swimming, making Chen laugh. Chen's eyes start to tear, and her remembers Yin Lee's funeral, in which he lost the only person who ever truly cared about him. He then thinks about a fight between Yin Lee and Azula, in which Azula told Yin Lee he's turning their son into a "weak, spineless fool". Chen then looked at a portrait of his mother, in which she was, of course, firmly holding Mitsuki in her arms, where as Chen was put in the back with Yin Lee. At this moment, Chen starts to cry, though the opening of a door quickly stops him.

Mitsuki then strolls into the room. Chen yells at her to get out, but Mitsuki challenges him. Chen confirms he's serious, but Mitsuki ignores him. She then asks him if he's upset that Azula doesn't love him. Chen argues that she does love him, but Mitsuki tells him he's living in the sky, with his eyes closed. She shoves the picture Chen was crying at in Chen's face, saying he will never be the Phoenix King that Azula wanted, and that he should do a favor to his people, and leave. Chen yells at Mitsuki that he refuses to ever be a traitor, but Mitsuki says Azula won't give him the crown, ever. Chen tries to argue back, but Mitsuki tells him he's just wasting his time. Chen watches as Mitsuki happily walks out of his room. After a while of thinking, Chen decides Mitsuki was right, and he decides to run away.

Chen sneaks out of the palace in a hood and robe, not even leaving a note to anyone. As Chen runs away from the palace grounds, he takes one last look at the palace. He hesitates for a moment, but then finally leaves. Chen goes down to the Capital's shore, steals a canoe from a parked ship, and paddles through the ocean. After about a few hours of sleeping, Chen awakens, only to find himself in the middle of a forest, sailing through a river. Chen fights the current and travels to shore, realizing he cannot turn back, and that he is now a deserter of his nation, ergo a traitor.

Back in the palace, Mitsuki has an audience with Azula. Azula then tells Mitsuki that Chen is finally a traitor, and that she and her friends are to bring him back to the Fire Nation, dead or alive. Upon hearing these words, Mitsuki smiles, menacingly.


  • This is the first episode to not include Mina or Kaila at all.

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