The Fire Lords Palace
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Avatar:The New World


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Thursday, June 17 2010

The Fire Lords Palace is the first chapter in the Fanon:Avatar:The New World series.


"Guys! Come on stop fighting-Aang, stop it!!!" I shouted at my brother and Aang who were fighting over the last piece of roast turkey-duck.

"Boys" I said under my breath after finally having enough I got up and shouted "STOP IT!" which got them quiet.

I used a water knife to slice the last remaining piece into halves.

After I did so they both scrambled for the pieces." well, well, well I guess you just couldnt keep your promise after all Katara, you're acting motherly......again!!" said Toph.

"I am not!" I protested.

"Guys I think we should go to bed, After all we are going to visit Zuko at his palace tomorrow and we are going to leave early." Aang said after casting a look over Sokka who looked happy yet sad at the amount of sleep he'll have.

Slowly everyone walked back up to their rooms. I did the same.

I walked over to the window and looked outside to the lake it's ripples shimmered like jewels because of the beautiful moon before finally walking over to my bed and lying down.

My heavy eyelids slowly and slowly closed before I finally fell asleep. Everything was okay, the war was over and now I could finally fall asleep in peace.

In my dream I saw a hooded man walking into a dark building with his every step there was a big thump.

He entered the building to find another door in front of them at this he took out his pale white hand and touched the door. The door slowly creaked open.

In the middle of the room was a small, black ivory chest. The man then took out a shaby little key from his pocket and inserted it inside the key hole.

The chest clicked open and the man smiled in a malevolent way. He then slowly opened the chest a bright light seemed to illuminate from it. He then started to laugh in an evil way.

Next thing I knew I jerked back from my dream to find sunlight pouring in from the window.

"Some dream" I said to myself..."Some dream."

I slowly got dressed still wondering who the man in the dream was. After I had dressed and taken a quick shower I went downstairs with all the stuff I needed while we were away at Zukos palace. I found that everyone was already eating moon peaches and sipping on tea for breakfast.

"What took you so long Katara?" asked Sokka who was practicing some moves with his sword in the corner of the room.

"I dunno, I had this really weird dream...." I muttered. I quickly munched on some moon peaches and sipped some tea before saying "I think we should get moving guys;Zuko's going to be waiting for us."

Everyone agreed, we grabbed all our stuff and loaded it into Appa who seemed well rested judging by his bedhead.

Momo flew back from his nighttime perch on a nearby moon peach tree which gave him enough food whenever he needed it.

"How are you Momo, long time no see huh?" said Suki while scratching behind Momo's ears.

"Okay, I think were all set time to go," said Aang after checking everyone was on board Appa.

We started flying, I looked below Appa on the land.

Almost every inch of land was burned and scarred from the war. Slowly my hand went to my neck I found my mothers necklace and held it tight.

It extracted a warm feeling like when my family used to live happily....and mother was alive.

Hot tears streaked my checks...someones hands slowly had found mine.

I looked over to my left and saw Aang holding my hand, his grip tightened and he gave me a warm smile which filled me with hope and gave me happiness.

Before I knew it we had arrived at the Royal Fire Lords Palace. Outside we saw Zuko and Mai holding hands and waving at us, we waved back.

We landed smoothly and greeted each other with warm hugs..

"Welcome to the palace! It's good to see you all!" said Zuko.

"Its so good to see you too!" Aang said smiling at Zuko.

"Come in, come in," invited Zuko.

"I have alot to discuss with you all, I hope you aren't to tired because this is urgent," asked Zuko.

"Not at all Hotmen," teased Sokka as he doubled over laughing.

I gave Sokka a strict look and continued "Not at all Zuko" as he guided us to a meeting room, we all sat down on chairs.

"Their have been do I say it...."uprisings". Allies of my father have been ploting to overthrow me and there have been recent attempts and.....uh....kill me. Also there are citizens of the Earth and Water Tribe who have teamed up with the Dai Li and are trying to penetrate the borders of the Fire Nation at this very moment. To gain revenge for my forefathers doings...."

"Zuko why-"

But I never got to finish my sentence.

A Fire Nation messenger had run inside the meeting hall, panting and said in a hurried voice.

"Your Highness, I have an urgent message from the Allied Agents."

"Who are the-" started Aang.

"I'll explain later," said Zuko holding up his hand.

Zuko held out his hand and the messenger put the roll of parchment in it.

He unrolled the parchment standing up and read it to himself.

His face changed from a calm face to a horror stricken face.

And I knew...Something had gone very, very wrong....


  • New characters released Fanon:Allied Agents( not much information is given but all will be revealed......)
  • 1st chapter of series released.

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