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The Fire Ferrets
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The Gunfighter


Book 1: Escape



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Jack Cross

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July 22, 2012

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Welcome to Republic City

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An Assassination Attempt

Korra tries to deal with attempting to learn Airbending, John gets his first taste of Probending


A sky bison's grumble filled the morning air as John sat on a small bluff overlooking the spinning gates Tenzin was going to use to start training Korra. His hands rested in his lap as he meditated, his guns resting on either side of him. The night before, Tenzin had allowed both of them to stay in Republic City, although leaving Air Temple Island was forbidden. Hearing a small commotion below, John slowly opened his eyes and looked down the hill. Tenzin, his three children, and Korra had all gathered near the gates. Personally, John looked forward to seeing how Korra performed, seeing as how he knew a thing or two about the art thanks to his father.

"The goal is to weave your way through the gates and make it to the other side without touching them," said Jinora, explaining the purpose of the gates.

"Seems easy enough," said Korra, a grin on her face as she looked over the wooden gates.

"Jinora forgot to say you have to make it through while the gates are spinning," Ikki added. With that, Tenzin released a blast of air, causing the gates to spin like crazy and make Korra's grin disappear.

"The key is to be like the leaf. Flow with the movement of the gates, Jinora will demonstrate," said Tenzin as he released a leaf into the gates and watched as it came out the other side. Jinora quickly navigated through the gates in the appropriate manner, almost in a dance like movement. When she reached the other side, she released another burst of air to speed the gates back up.

"Let's do this," said Korra, a determined glare on her face as she charged the spinning rectangles off wood. Tenzin cringed slightly as he watched her be battered around like a pinball before she was knocked back out and flat on her rear. John cringed as well, only he smothered a laugh in the process.

Standing up, she charged the gates again. All three of Tenzin's children shouted out tips to her as she was battered around inside. This time however, Korra fell flat on her back, having been knocked out by the forceful impact. Tenzin sighed and shook his head. Up on the bluff, John grinned as he stood and returned his guns to their holsters.

That night, John sat on the roof and watched as Korra tried to Airbend a newspaper picture of the Chief of Police. Standing slowly, he gracefully fell to the ground and landed on his feet as he made his way over to her.

"Stop thinking like a Fire or Earthbender, try thinking more like a Waterbender when dealing with this," he said, trying to help her. Korra sighed and bent over slightly.

"And how do you know about Airbending huh?" she asked. He shrugged slightly. "My father was an Airbender," he said. Korra looked surprised by this news, although much couldn't be said as John rarely talked about his family.

"That's something Jinora and Ikki's rambling about him tends to leave out, the fact that he was an Airbender like Aang and Tenzin. Now that I think about, he may have even trained mom in the art as well," he added.

Korra tried to Airbend again, and again nothing happened. In her frustration, she fired a bolt of fire through the picture, disintegrating the newspaper in the process.

"Maybe I'm just not cut out to be an Airbender, huh Naga?" she said, turning to face the large animal as it lay on the ground. The sound of an announcer filled the air, drawing their attention to a nearby building. Making their way over onto the roof, the pair listened to the probending match being broadcasted over the radio. Right in mid sentence however, the radio cut out, silenced from a lack of power.

Korra's eyebrow twitched in frustration at the shock of having been cut off in the middle of an intense moment. John silently waited and listened, trying to figure out what had caused the radio to turn off.

"Korra come down here please," came Tenzin's voice from below, containing aggravation. Sticking her head over the side first, Korra dropped down and began to argue with Tenzin about the radio. Using this to his advantage, John dropped down as well and began to steal the radio.

"But its their radio," said Korra in the middle of the argument, motioning to the White Lotus Sentries.

"Tonight it's MY radio," John muttered as he slowly drew the power cord over the edge of the porch. One of the Sentries took notice of this however, as the cord suddenly met resistance, not coming when he tugged on it. Glancing up, he saw the Sentry looking down at him with the cord clenched firmly in his hand.

John blew lightly at the sentry, releasing a small burst of fire that caused the sentry to release the cord in order to dodge the flame. With a slight cackle and radio clutched in his hands, John ran down the hill and disappeared from the view of the sentries.

The next night, Korra began to sneak out and off of the island. John had decided that he would join her, as he was not on the best of terms with the Sentries after stealing and then being forced by Tenzin to return the radio. Leaving his guns behind so they wouldn't get wet, John ran with Korra to the cliff's edge and jumped over the side into the waiting water below.

With Korra's Waterbending, they crossed the bay in less than a minute and forced themselves up through an open window into the arena. While Korra used Waterbending to dry herself off, John used a torrent of fire to accomplish the same thing.

"So what exactly persuaded you to steal the radio?" asked Korra as they made their way through the halls.

"How about the fact that there weren't any radios when I was last here," he replied. As they entered a training area, they where caught by a trainer who threatened to call security.

"I was just looking for the bathroom and I got lost," said Korra, trying to put him off, but the trainer would have none of it as he saw right through her lie. "There you are, I've been looking everywhere for you two," said a guy with slicked back black hair, wearing a red Fire Ferret uniform.

"It's okay Toza, they're with me," said Bolin as he led the two from the gym. Leading the way through the halls, Bolin stopped and opened another door. This one however led out into the actual arena itself. Both Korra and John stared, amazed by what was before them.

"Best seat in the house, name's Bolin by the way," he said.


"John." Neither one of them paid much mind as they were still looking over the arena. Bolin was then called over by his older brother, Mako. Soon the Fire Ferrets were being transported to the center pedestal for their match, leaving John and Korra to watch.

The match began badly for the Ferrets as their opponents quickly knocked their Waterbender out of the ring and left both Mako and Bolin dancing on the edge before the round ended.

Round Two began almost as badly as the Ferret's Waterbender tumbled into Bolin, knocking both of them to the ground. Before either one of them could recover, an earth disk flew true and sent both of them toppling over the side. Mako dodged the attacks as he waited for the other team to tire out. Finally, he was able to knock out their Water and Firebender, leaving him to cause a massive dust cloud as he duked it out with the Earthbender.

After a moment of furious fighting, the Earthbender was knocked out of the dust cloud on his own side of the ring. He scanned the tan colored cloud with an earth disk at the ready, trying to locate Mako. He suddenly appeared out of the cloud, smashing the earth disk and forcing the Earthbender back over the side, winning the game.

"With the way that Waterbender plays, maybe you could get a spot on the team," said John, joking slightly.

"Yeah right, like I'd ever be able to pull that off," Korra muttered under her breath.

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