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March 6, 2012

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The Fire Avatar is the first chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Hannyu's Family House, 05:00

Phoa awoke from her room, with a crowd yelling at the Minister. It was really dark, but when a golden fleck spreads over the skies, almost blue. The horizon was still dark. Mrs. Ella walked to her room.

"Good morning, girls!" said Mrs. Ella to her children.

"Whoaaaa.... It's still morning, ma'am. I still want to meet a prince, in my dream!" said Nyiha, the eldest girl in the room.

"Girls, get up! Get up! You must take a bath, so the prince can come to you," said the mother wisely.

"I hate baths," said Ka'a, the little sister of Phoa.

"Don't make me corner you for the hundredth time, my princess." replied the mother.

"Alright, ma'am. But what happened to the citizen? Why don't they sleep like usual?" asked Ka'a again.

"I don't know. But, it's not about you, princess."

Republic City Park, 07:18

So, after taking a bath and filling their stomach with foods, Phoa and her sisters went to the city square, next to their house, when the Minister came out. The girls stopped, and heard what the Minister said.

"Calm down, my people!" the Minister said wisely.

"We want freedom!! Not like this!" yelled a citizen to the Ministry.

"What do you want?"

"Our houses have been raided. My wife was missing, right when I woke up! This is not our fault, but your fault!!"

"Nope. I can't do that as a Minister. About your house, did you see the perpetrator?" asked the Ministry. "Yes! He was a very gallant person, with a red flagged cloak. Of course he was you!" yelled the people. "Calm down!"

The girls then went from there. Evan's family was a wealthy family, because Evan Hannyu, the householder, was the High General of Republic City. Their house was protected from the crimes. The wind swept the footprints, when the girls ran to the public park. The sun rose.

In the park, the girls started playing, when suddenly the Four Nation elders walked to the city square. It was strange because the elder usually didn't walk in public.

Republic City Square, 10:00

The crowds came back, when the Minister walked to the podium. The newscaster and some cameraman recorded the announcement. Mr. Evan, and the other general stood behind the Ministry. The metalbending police guards, when the Ministry said to the crowds.

"Oh, my people! We just received great news! It's all about the Avatar!" said the Minister excited. "The new Avatar was discovered!" the Minister continued.

"Who? Who is he? Or she?" asked some people.

"Please calm, please. She's from Fire Nation, but they are moved to here five years ago. Guess who?"

"Lieutenant Ming? Batoshi the electronic mechanic?" a young boy asked.

"General Illah? Council Youngmin?" another one wondered. "Maybe you should tell us now, sir!"

"Alright. The right one is, Phoa! Daughter of Evan Hannyu!"

"Whoooooo...." the people cheered.

"She will meets you, tomorrow." the Minister promised.

"Wow!" yelled the people.

Suddenly, All of Republic City Council come and taught that the Avatar shall hurry go to the four nation, practicing the skills and learning the four elements. Apologizing, Council of Fire Nation stands up in front of the podium.

"Sorry, but the last time you'll met her is tomorrow. We apology for the undesirable moment." Council of Fire Nation said. "Use your time wisely."

"Will the Avatar need transportation? I'll bring my Batoshi car for her!" Batoshi cheered.

"Sorry, she will picked by Sailor Acer in the port," said Council of Water Tribe apologizes.

Hannyu's Family House, 14:00

The family was suddenly visited by the Four Nation elders. The daughter was hiding behind the walls, when the couple talked to the elders.

"So, are you ready, or not? If she isn't ready, we'll talk to her face-to-face," said the elder.

"Phoa, where are you? We would like to talk to you," said Evan to his beloved daughter, then walks to his daughters' room.

"Sorry for the missing." Ella apologized.

"No problem, ma'am."

Arambawa Island, 14:20

But, Phoa ran from the house, when she heard the news. She ran with her beloved pet, Loco--the Raven Eagle. They ran to Joy's house, to tell the impressive news.

"Joy! Joy! Is Ratih there?! We must meet!" yelled Phoa to her friends.

"Yeah, we're here," said Ratih and Joy.

After Phoa reached the island....

"Guys, do you hear that? I-I ....."


"I am the Avatar!" yelled Phoa excited.

"What?! Wow! Glad to hear that!" said Joy.

"Alright. Now, I must come back to meet the elders, they're telling us about that news!" yelled Phoa again.


Hannyu's Family House, 16:00

So, in the dark horizon, when the indigo skies appeared, and the stars started sprinkling in the night, the new Avatar was announced to the citizens. She told the rights and obligations as the Avatar, the training, and other stuff.

"So, as the head of Fire Sage, and the Council from Fire Nation of Republic City, I raise you, Phoa Hannyu as the new Avatar!"

The people there bowed to Phoa. She knew the obligations as the Avatar. Phoa's friends were there to see their friend. Phoa was told by Sage Ryu, that she probably would not see her friends for a long time. At last, Phoa yelled excited to her friends, "Guys, from now, we have to protect the world! We should defend our country from crimes, and balance the world from the no peaceful world. For now, Air Nomad, I'm coming!" "Yaay!" said the others.

Republic City, 22:00

The Team packed their supply happily, absolutely Phoa, as the new Avatar. But... In the silent horizon, a shadow seen sat down on the top of the roof, in the full moon.

Author's Notes

Let's start to AIR NOMAD! We will on a Flying Bison, fly to Air Nomad Island, see the training of Avatar Phoa. Ready to see the training? Can Phoa completes her training?

Who is the dark shadow? Is she the villain? We will know it, in the next series, Start the Training (Avatar Phoa).

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