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The Final Dragon
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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 16

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21 April 2011

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The Island of Lightning: Part 2

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The Phoenix Spirit


Avatar Zaru decides to take a break from learning Airbending, and decides to go even deeper into Firebending. He travels to the legendary Sun Warriors, a secret kept by the Fire Nation royal family. When he gets there, big surprises meet him.


Zaru was back in the Fire Nation royal palace. He had just fought a huge battle, and he was tired. He walked into a guest room, laid his head on the pillow, and fell asleep instantly. He woke up the next morning, and went down to get some ice cream.

"ZARU!" Erus said. Zaru dropped his ice cream in surprise. "Ice cream for breakfast? Did your mother teach you nothing about diet?!"


"That's it! Let's go!" Erus grabbed Zaru by his ear, and dragged him into the training room. "Knock those dummies off their stands. I expect Airbending."

Zaru spun around, and generated an air slash. He sliced the dummies' heads clean off. "I'm tired of Airbending Erus. I've been blowing air for weeks."

"You know what?" Erus said, "You're right. We're going to train Firebending now." This confused Zaru.

"But... I'm already capable of Firebending. Look!"

Zaru snapped his fingers, and the servants set up an army of little dummies. Then, he attacked. He sent a hundred of fireballs, followed by a stream from each arm. He blasted himself into the air, and landed in an explosion of fire. He hacked away at them with fire blades, and sent disks of flame. He made a fire wall, and sent it at the dummies, knocking them into the wall. Then, sent a blast of fire that fried the dummies to a crisp.

"Told you. My Firebending is just fine."

"No. You still draw from your inner turmoil to Firebend. You must learn to bend from your will, not from your anger."

"Yes Erus." Zaru and Erus left the palace, and got on a boat. They took it down to an area in the northern Fire Nation Zaru had never been in before.

"Zaru. This is the ancient city of the Sun Warriors! Unfortunately, they have died out, so they are not going to be able to help us. Many of their traps are still active, so we must be careful. Erus led Zaru through the city. They were standing outside a room.

"I've done extensive research on this area. I found old information left by Fire Lord Zuko. There are two ways to get in. You can wait for the solstice, which is a long time away. Or, try the other option..."

Erus blasted a bolt of lightning into the area, and it fell apart.

"A hundred years of no use, and buildings become vulnerable to lightning."

They walked in through the hole he made. There were statues all around them. They seemed to be dancing.

"These statues illustrate the Dancing Dragon. If completed properly, we will get our prize. But for now, follow the moves. Learn the dancing dragon."

Erus and Zaru stepped into their places, and did the Dancing Dragon. Something opened up, and it showed them... an empty stand.

"This does not make sense! There is supposed to be an egg shaped stone on the stand! The sunstone was very important to the Sun Warriors."

Then, something massive shot over them.

"What was that?!" Erus asked.

They ran back outside, and saw a small dragon flying through the air. It was being followed by several boulders.

"That... was a dragon." Zaru said.

Erus created some fire, and shot the boulders out of the sky.

"Earth soldiers!" Zaru said.

They turned, and saw Earthbenders riding the ground towards them.

"Those are no earth soldiers Zaru. That's the Dai Li!

"Dai Li?"

"Agents of Ba Sing Se. They haven't been active since the last war."

Fang (Spirit)

Zaru shot fire, but a wall came up, and then flew at Zaru and Erus. Erus put his palm out, and blew the wall to rubble. More Dai Li agents dropped down, and they were surrounded. There was no chance of beating them. These guys were too good. Then...

"RRRRAGHHH!" A dragon came roaring down, and blasted fire everywhere. The Dai Li made a shield. The dragon blew through it, and the Dai Li agents hit the ground.

"I am Draco. Last of the dragons."

"You can talk," Zaru said.

"Now, the question is, should I kill you too?"

Erus stepped forward.

"I am Fire Lord Erus! I have a request. Teach us the true meaning of Firebending."

"Umm..." Draco said, "Hmm... excuse... I know! I can't Firebend!"

"What!? You were just shooting fire!"

"Easy Zaru. We just need to..."

Erus spun, and punched a boulder. It blew apart in a fiery blast. The Dai Li shot their gloves at them, and captured Zaru and Erus. Draco rose into the air, and blasted more fire. The Dai Li stomped their feet in unison, and out of the earth rose... a giant glove.

"Really?" Zaru asked, "They should call you the Glove Li. Without you pathetic gloves, you would be helpless!"

"Oh yeah?!" an agent asked.

"Yeah! You guys are weak without your gloves."

"I'll show you!" The agent said. He used Earthbending to destroy all of the Dai Li gloves, including the ones holding Zaru and Erus. Then, he attacked. Draco blasted more fire, but he lost control, and it began to engulf the city. The Dai Li realized they were trapped. Erus began to bring the flames down, Draco helping. Zaru began to fight with the Dai Li.

"Give us the dragon!" one yelled.

Zaru couldn't stop them. They overpowered him, and trapped him in a block of earth. Then, the dragon shot massive amounts of fire! It was everywhere! The Dai Li agents took one look at it, and retreated into the surrounding forest. Zaru was just fine with them leaving, but that wasn't enough for Draco. He flew after them, then flew past them. He blew fire on the forest, cutting them off. The Dai Li began to dig underground, but Draco flew head first into the ground, causing a landslide that trapped the Dai Li underground. Erus went around, putting out the fire.

"It's not safe here," Zaru said, "Boli is just going to send more people to capture you.

"Then where can I hide?" Draco asked.

"May I suggest the Western Air Temple?"

Draco singled for them to mount him, and they flew to the Eastern Air Temple. They set down, and Erus made ice cream for lunch.

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