Aang and Katara's finale kiss
The Final Battle, Part 4: The Fall of Jun
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The Final Battle, Part 3: The Arrival of the Storm

Aang dealt the first blow. He took a small chunk out of one of the mountains and hurled it at Jun. Jun retaliated by sending a large blast of air at Aang. The Air Nomad avoided it by creating an air shield and expanding it in all directions. Jun came at his enemy with multiple water whips, pulling the water from the stream below. Aang raised a monstrous earth wall to defend himself and then slid it towards Jun. The evil Avatar shot an enormous bolt of lightning from his fingers and formed a hole in the rock. With both of them in the Avatar State, Aang knew this could go on forever and Jun knew it too. Jun's hands lit up a dark purple color and Aang knew what Jun was trying. Jun lashed out with a blast of dark matter from his hands but Aang successfully dodged it. Jun continued to shoot beams of dark matter from his hands but he could not pin the Airbender down. Enraged, the madman formed multiple fire whips and sent them all towards Aang. The Air Nomad countered by air slicing the fire whips and neutralizing them. Jun let out a large breath of air, attempting to blow Aang back, but the Darkbender could not best Aang while using his primary element. Aang raised an earth coin to block Jun's attack and then hurled it at him with brute force. A lightning bolt destroyed the earth coin and Jun charged at Aang, preparing to deal the next blow.

Much of the capital had been burnt to a crisp. Zuko knew it would be a long time before the capital was fully repaired. He blasted his way through several more soldiers and continued towards the palace. He was suddenly met by a fire stream from someone above. The Fire Lord looked to the roof above him to see who had fired the blast. "You think you actually have a chance?! Think again, 'Fire Lord'!" yelled Jin. She shot another fire stream at Zuko who ducked behind a building for cover.

"No, Jin! I will fight Zuko!" Banhen shouted.

"Stand down, Banhen! The Fire Lord is mine!" Jin retaliated.

"He is no longer your Fire Lord! I am your Phoenix King! And as such, I order you to back off!" Banhen warned.

"You want a piece of me?! You have had this coming since the day you became the leader of this group!" Jin shot back. Banhen unleashed a wave of fire at his second-in-command, but she remained unharmed. She could see Chao standing in front of her, his arms spread out. He had deflected the attack.

"If you want to hurt her you will have to go through me," Chao stated.

"Chao, why would you save me?" Jin questioned her comrade.

"Because, Jin; you are probably the best friend I have ever had. And if you are going down, I'm willing to go down with you," Chao responded.

"Since the two of you seem to have a death wish, I will grant it!" Banhen yelled. With a large breath of fire, Banhen burnt Admiral Chao to a crisp in seconds.

"No!" Jin called out. She reached out to the dead, flaming body of her friend but Zuko pulled her back.

"No, Jin! There is nothing you can do for him now!" Zuko insisted.

"I can avenge him!" Jin said. She blasted a huge fire disk at her former leader who easily nullified the blast.

This is when Zuko spoke up. "Banhen, today we will finish this. I challenge you to an Agni Kai!"

"I challenge you as well," Jin added.

"I accept. Let us go inside and find the royal Agni Kai chamber so that this may be done properly," Banhen agreed.

Suki sidestepped a blade that zipped right past her face. Hong Wu was very persistent and was not letting up. "What's the matter, sweetie? Are you letting up on me now?" Hong Wu taunted. He hurled three more blades at Suki with lightning speed. The Kyoshi Warrior ran at Hong Wu and drew her fans. Once she was close, she leapt off of the ground, spun around in the air and brought her fans to Hong Wu's face, knocking him down on impact.

The blade-thrower stood up and looked Suki in the eyes once again. "You are going to regret that! I will annihilate you, Suki!" He screamed.

Suki unsheathed her katana and changed her expression the most serious one she ever had. "Bring it on, lapdog."

Katara, Sokka, Mai, and Ai were all rushing towards the palace. "Keep it up, guys! We are almost there!" Sokka instructed. Out of nowhere, there were tanks firing upon the four of them. Momo was circling overhead, dodging fireballs. Meanwhile, Appa was ramming his way through the front lines.

Ty Lee jumped into the sky and landed on an enemy soldier. She then jabbed all of the surrounding troops and they fell to the floor.

King Bumi had been battling with the tanks and had successfully destroyed many of them. He then crushed two more by slamming large boulders into them.

Ming was launching many fireballs at her opponents at a remarkable rate and had taken down many enemy soldiers. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters were making their way through, accompanied by the Ba Sing Se Resistance members. Smellerbee hurled one of her blades at a nearby soldier and killed him instantly.

The pair of four companions on Team Avatar were running through the battlefield, taking down tanks and soldiers alike. The tanks were about to burn the four friends to dust when they were launched into the air by two earth pillars. The comrades turned around to see yet another friend join them.

"It looks like we are winning," Toph said, somewhat happily.

"Did you kill Kato?" asked Katara.

"Yes, he is dead. No one ever speak his name again," Toph replied with a trace of anger in her voice.

Everyone obliged and ran off to continue the battle.

Aang, still in the Avatar State, rushed towards Jun with incredible speed. He levitated the earth below him and with the two earth slabs he formed, projected large boulders at Jun. The latter fought back but was ultimately knocked backwards by one of the rocks. After the first, several more rocks came and hit him as well. Finally, Jun was flung to the ground and was struggling to get up. Jun's eyes stopped glowing and he was still on the ground. Aang landed and his eyes and tattoos also stopped shining. He touched Jun's forehead and knew that this time it would finally be done. Suddenly, Aang was on his back. Jun had conjured up his Darkbending powers and was using them on Aang now. "This time, you cannot rely on your friends to help you! There is no Team Avatar! And soon the only person related to that name will be me! Once I absorb the life energy of another Avatar, I will be whole again and NO ONE WILL STOP ME!!"

Aang knew that Jun's words would be true if he did not act quickly, but there was nothing he could do. Aang was already screaming. The process of going through Darkbending felt like a pain that even all of the Avatars together could not imagine. Jun was right. No one was here to help Aang and there was nothing he could do to save himself.

Zuko inhaled and turned around to see his opponent. Jin did the same. "I want to make it clear that we are not friends and that we are only doing this together because you and I equally despise him." Jin reminded the former Fire Lord.

"Oh, don't worry. I know," Zuko replied.

Banhen turned to face his foe. "Let this be the end of this power struggle," he said before sending two blazing fire streams at Zuko who countered with a fire shield. Jin quickly threw a fire bomb at Banhen who sidestepped the attack and assaulted the duo with several fire streams. Zuko jet propelled himself out of the way while Jin did the same thing. The pair circled Banhen in order to distract him while Zuko shot himself into the sky and Banhen was soon being rained on by fireballs. However, Zuko's aim was not spot-on and Banhen was able to dodge the blasts. Jin formed a fire whip and lashed out at her former superior.

"I have been waiting for this rematch for quite a while, Banhen!" she called out.

"Well, I hope this was worth the wait!" Banhen shouted back. He generated an intense bolt of lightning and fired it towards Jin. The young Firebender was not prepared for this. How stupid she had been! She thought to herself before the lightning strike barely missed her.

"Don't be caught off guard like that again!" Zuko angrily yelled.

"Yeah, yeah, give me a break, Sifu hothead!" Jin responded. While the two were distracted, Banhen shot yet another lightning strike at Zuko. Jin knew what she had to do. She ran in front of Zuko and focused her energy. As the lightning bolt approached her, she extended her fingers and caught the lightning on her fingertips. She transferred the lightning into her stomach and then out through the other arm. Banhen was shocked to have his lightning bolt re-directed by someone he had not known to be able to do such a thing. The Sons of Ozai leader was blown back and landed on his back at the steps leading to the coronation area. He attempted to get back up but it was no use. Zuko had pinned him down.

"Game over, Banhen." Zuko then burned Banhen's other eye; causing him to go blind. He then stabbed a fire dagger right in his heart. Zuko looked at Jin. "There is no reason to fight me anymore," He said, a trace of empathy in his voice.

Jin stood silently for a while. "Why would you ally with those monsters in the other nations? How could you expect me to support you when you support them?" she asked.

"Because what the Sons of Ozai said is not true. Destroying the other nations will not bring peace; bringing them together will." Zuko replied.

Jin took this in and processed it. He is right. She thought. "Zuko, I am sorry." Jin truly was. She had not only helped with Banhen's crimes but had been his second-in-command.

"Jin, I may not be the most compassionate person in the world but I know when to forgive someone," Zuko said.

Jin knew what he meant. "Thank you, Zuko," she thanked him.

"Thank you, for saving my life," Zuko thanked her back.

The smoke had cleared and the battle was over. Katara, Sokka, Toph, Mai, Ai, Momo, Appa, and Iroh all stood in front of the royal palace, victorious. However, there was still a battle taking place, one that could be heard. The members of Team Avatar came rushing to the scene and saw Suki and Hong Wu going at it, yet again. Both were heavily panting. "What... is so... special about... you?" Hong Wu asked, almost out of breath. "You think you can beat me, you child!?!? You are just an obnoxious, lucky, Avatar fan girl!" Hong Wu screeched before running at Suki with a poison-tipped knife in hand.

Suki caught his wrist and Hong Wu knew he was finished. "No, Hong Wu. I am your worst nightmare!" Suki screamed. She punched her arch-rival in the stomach, knocking him over and causing him to drop all of his knives. Hong Wu ran away as fast as he could, but he was too weak to get away. Suki grabbed a knife off of the ground and threw it at Hong Wu's back, causing him to fall to the ground. "It is over," she said, relief filling her voice. Zuko and Jin had now found their friends.

"What is she doing here?!" Toph inquired, preparing to attack.

"Don't worry, she is on our side, now," Zuko assured his friends.

"Zuko, you can't really expect her to stay on our side!" Sokka complained.

"I promise I will never do anyone else any harm ever again," Jin assured everyone.

"It's finally over," Katara stated.

"Wait, where is Aang?" Mai wondered.

"Just a little bit more; I almost have it all!" Jun had nearly drained all of Aang's life energy.

Aang had almost given up when he heard a booming voice. "Avatar Aang," the voice spoke.

Aang could see the Wulong Forest. "How did I get here?" He wondered. He turned around and saw an island with a gargantuan face. He then realized he was standing on the giant hand of the Lion Turtle.

"I have summoned you here in our darkest hour. I can once again give you the knowledge you need to win this battle, but you must be certain you can handle such power," the Lion Turtle warned.

Aang took a deep breath. "I am certain," He confirmed. The Lion Turtle touched Aang's head and everything glowed. The Airbender was suddenly whisked back to reality and knew what he needed to do. With new strength, he stood up and confined Jun with Earthbending.

Jun was shocked. "My power; what happened to my power?!" He hollered across the valley.

Aang and Jun locked eyes for the final time. "Goodbye, Jun." Aang's hand touched Jun's forehead and instead of bending Jun's energy, the evil Avatar's entire body glowed very brightly.

Jun was now panicking. "Wait, wait! What are you doing? What is happening to me?!"

"Lightbending," Aang answered.

"But I thought only all four nations could defeat me!" Jun protested his inevitable defeat.

"Think again," Aang spoke.

"This is not over! I must have my revenge! I cannot lose!!" Jun screamed his last words as he disappeared and there was nothing left of him.

Aang had finished his greatest enemy of all time; at long last.

The young heroes were starting to worry. They were wondering if Aang was okay. Then, suddenly Aang's glider came into sight and the entire invasion force cheered. "Way to go, buddy!" Sokka called out to his friend.

"I knew you could do it, Twinkle Toes!" Toph proclaimed.

"Nice job, Aang," Zuko commented.

Aang landed and approached Katara. "I knew you would do it, Aang," she said. "Did you find out who Jun really was?"

"It's a long story. I will tell you guys later," Aang replied. The Avatar gazed around and saw one of his friends missing. "Where is Kato?" asked Aang, worriedly. By the looks on everyone's faces, his fears were confirmed. "Did he really-"

"Yes, I personally took care of Kato," Toph replied.

"Why would you do that?!" Aang angrily shouted.

"Because, he was a traitor, Aang," Katara answered.

"Kato?" Aang asked in disbelief. Katara nodded her head. "I'm really sorry, Toph," Aang sympathized.

"Look, what's done is done. Just never mention his name again," Toph spoke, bitterly. Aang nodded and the invasion force left the battle scene.

Two weeks later and everyone was in Ba Sing Se. Aang was standing atop the steps leading to the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace. In the crowd below, he saw many familiar faces. He saw his friends: Katara, who was looking more radiant than ever. There was Sokka, who had pride and relief written all over his face. He saw Toph, who, although she had suffered much recently, was looking as headstrong as ever. Also present, was Zuko, who was wearing his Fire Lord robes for the first time since he had been overthrown. Aang also saw Suki, who was not wearing her Kyoshi Warrior face paint and had a warm smile on her face. There was Mai, who was in no way gloomy at the moment. He saw Ai, who was very cheery. He also saw Momo and Appa, who were carelessly in the large crowd of people, minding their business. And there was Iroh, who was happily stroking his beard while striking a very calm expression. There were many others Aang knew as well, such as Ping, Bumi, Jeong Jeong, Ursa, Huu, Jin, and many others. The Avatar knew it was his time to shine when Earth King Kuei entered the scene. "Friends, after months of chaos, evil, and despair, we are finally at peace!" the Earth King spoke. There was an uproar of cheering. "Avatar Aang, address these fine people."

Aang made himself more visible and gazed over the enormous crowd of people. "My friends, it gives me great pleasure to say that after today, there will be no masked psychopaths running loose in this world! And there will be no rebel group from any nation that wishes to enforce tyranny on others!" Aang started. "In the last six months, a lot has happened. The Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom have been horribly ravaged by the evil doings of both Jun and the Sons of Ozai. But today, I will personally ensure you that Ba Sing Se and the Fire Nation capital will be restored!" The crowd was now cheering very loudly. Aang had finished and proceeded down the steps with Earth King Kuei.

"Is he still alive?" the voice of a man asked.

"I think so," said a female voice.

"Shuang, heal him," commanded a deep, third voice. Hong Wu opened his eyes and saw four blurry figures. As he got his vision back, Hong Wu was able to see the four figures more clearly.

"Who are you? How am I still alive?" Hong Wu inquired.

"Are you the one they call Hong Wu?" asked the man who appeared to be the leader.

"Yes," Hong Wu answered, unsure what to think of these strangers.

"My name is Tai Kun. I have an offer for you," the leader started.

"This place is so empty," Aang said, staring at the beautiful Ba Sing Se sky. Team Avatar was currently in the rebuilt Jasmine Dragon.

"Oh, come on. All of your friends are here," Katara said.

"Not that, I mean how our adventures are finally over," Aang explained.

"Your adventures will never be over, Aang. There will always be adventure waiting for you," Iroh wisely stated. Aang smiled at this.

"So Jun was really Xian the whole time?" Sokka questioned his friend as if he did not believe it.

"Yes," Aang answered.

"And how exactly did you beat him?" Mai asked.

"I used an ancient, forgotten bending technique called Lightbending," Aang elaborated. "His spirit is now one with the light and will never return to do harm."

"Well, this has been a nice adventure for our little gang," Ai stated.

"Yeah, it really has," Suki agreed.

"Now we will have to work hard to restore the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom, but for now we can relax a little," Zuko said, happily.

Katara approached Toph. "Don't worry, Toph. You will find true love one day," she said, sweetly.

"I know," Toph said back, she and Katara embraced for a few moments.

Momo came up to Katara and started chirping. "I guess Momo has a lot on his mind," Sokka joked. Everyone had a laugh at this.

Aang had gone out to the balcony to stare at the sunset. Appa let out a low growl as his friend walked by. This felt so similar to that day that had happened so long ago, when he had defeated Fire Lord Ozai. Aang thought. Katara joined him and they both knew what was next. "Ba Sing Se sunsets are so beautiful," Katara spoke the words she had said those six long months ago.

"Not as beautiful as your gorgeous blue eyes," Aang answered. The two of them shared a deep, wet, passionate kiss under the sunset.

When the couple finally stopped, Katara started to speak again. "It looks like we all have a lot of work to do. The rebuilding; not to mention the Harmony Restoration Movement will keep everyone occupied. It could get pretty boring."

"Maybe so, but we are all going to do it together. And one day, Team Avatar will have another adventure."

The End

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  • Thanks to FrodoTheHutt for inspiring me to make this series with your incredible masterpiece of a fanon.
  • Thanks to Omashu Rocks for helping me get started on it.
  • Thanks to Firebender896 for illustrating all of those incredible pictures.
  • Thanks to the Fanon Review Squad for giving this series those incredible reviews.
  • Thanks to all of my subscribers for staying with me for all of this time.

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