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This is a list of the chapters for Fanon:The Final Avatar.


Book One: Air

# Name Description
1 Zaru Emerges Zaru begins his quest to be an Avatar.
2 Zaru's Rescue Operation Zaru breaks into Boli's palace to perform a rescue operation.
3 The Idea of a Lifetime Zaru and Erus come up with, well... the idea of a lifetime.
4 A New Way to Train Zaru trains to be an Avatar with a special teacher.
5 The Stone Soldiers Zaru finds an underground organization that wants the Earth Kingdom gone.
6 Stone Soldiers Versus Omashu Zaru helps the Stone Soldiers battle Omashu
7 The One Known as Fiery Guy A man known only as Fiery Guy tries to prevent Zaru from causing any more problems.
8 There's No Place Like Home Zaru learns that his home town is under attack.
9 A Great Uncle in Trouble Zaru learns Erus is in trouble.
10 Someone's Been Kidnapped Zaru gets Boli by taking someone close to him. At least... that's what Boli thinks.
11 The Return of Fiery Guy Fiery Guy returns, and he's even stupider than ever.
12 The Agni Kai of Doom Zaru learns that Agni Kai can cause a lot of problems.
13 The Black and White One Zaru comes across someone who's black and white.
14 The Island of Lightning: Part 1 Zaru must fight an island of lightning.
15 The Island of Lightning: Part 2 Zaru continues with his fight against the island of lightning.
16 The Final Dragon The Final Avatar and The Final... Dragon?
17 The Phoenix Spirit The Phoenix Spirit arrives from the Spirit World, but it's not what Zaru expected.
18 An Earthbender Returns An Earthbender returns, and he's more powerful then ever!
19 The Super Weapon Boli creates a weapon powerful enough to let him conquer the world!
20 Boli's Monster Boli creates a new monster greater than anything seen before!

Book 2: Water

# Name Description
1 Ultimate Defeat It's the ultimate defeat. Boli might win here and now.
2 Problem (Not) Solved Okay. Defeat, check. Ruins, check. A problem that turns out to not be solved after all? Here we are.
3 South for the Winter Winter is emerging. Time to go south.
4 We're Being Followed Zaru doesn't get so much as a week of peace, because he's being followed.
5 Lightning and Rock The Lightning Empire makes a stunning move that could change the war.

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