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  The Fifth Nation War, also called the fifth war was a world war between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom against the United Republic of Nations, the Air Nomads, the Water Tribes, and the Earth Kingdom strongholds of Omashu and the Northern Fortress. Conspired and formed by Grand Marshal Rishu of the Fire Nation, he sought to destroy the United Republic and its capital, Republic City. Avatar Tala resided and trained in Omashu which was sieged soon after the outbreak of the war.  


For an unknown reason at present, the Black Dragon, also known as Rishu plotted to destroy the United Republic of Nations. In order to complete this goal, he needed allies and power to topple the great Republic City. He easily won his cousin, Fire Lord Ma-Tin, as he was Regent and her advisor. He was then able to convince his student, Crown-Prince Kuir of the Earth Kingdom and his father, Earth King Iruei. The four presented two powerful world leaders and their heirs.

As stated, the Black Dragon formed a conspiracy for the very purpose of waging war on Republic City. However, in order to legitimize this in the eyes of the world there had to be a way for it to look like relations gone bad.

Rishu was Regent of the Fire Nation and had already banned the White Lotus from the Fire Nation for their insult against him in regards to the Avatar. He determined that several new actions in the form of 'foreign policy' would give the opening salvo in the political war that would soon wage and break into a full-scale war.

As a diplomatic courtesy, Rishu went with Fire Lord Ma-Tin as she visited the City for the first time since she had been crowned. The event was a disaster, as the Red Monsoons Triad attacked. Ma-Tin and Rishu effortlessly killed the attackers, but were highly insulted at the degrading situation in the city. The Triad War was bad enough that the city couldn't protect its diplomatic guests. The Fire Lord and her Regent turned around and left; but not before Rishu threatened to cut trade with the city if things were not handled.

First the Grand General of the Army, Toz recommended a withdrawal of forces and contributions to the United Forces in order to support the rebuilding of the Fire Nation forces defensive capabilities. The proposal was met with the approval of the Fire Lord, a member of the conspiracy. This was met with outrage by the United Republic but they were unwilling to press it into a delicate situation, especially since the last time they met the Fire Lord she was attacked in their city.


Large supply ships were plagued by constant piracy, especially in the seas between the Fire Nation and the United Republic.

Next, the Grand Admiral of the Navy, Alov, stated that the piracy plaguing the seas was hurting trade and the national security of the Fire Nation, costing the nation untold wealth. He recommended a huge anti-piracy initiative that would strike at pirates and terrorists across the seas. This was an incredibly productive program that Republic City initially supported, especially when the Fire Nation would pay for it instead of the great metropolis, however this soon changed. The pirates and other businesses of the criminal underworld were either led or funded by strong political backers from Republic City. When it was they who were targeted by the Fire Navy, they exerted extreme pressure on the Council, most of whom were bought to oppose the policy but were ignored by the Fire Lord as she continued.

In retaliation to the political attacks made by the Fire Nation, Republic City began their own law to reduce trade to the Fire Nation on account of the unsafe nature of the seas, on which any trade with the Fire Nation depended on. Likewise, they also reduced export of technology as a return against their withdrawal from the United Forces.

The Fire Nation responded with a trade embargo on Republic City, soon the city responded with the promise to guard its trade ships with warships. A disastrous move, as the United Forces ships were shamed in comparison to the powerful Fire Navy of the Sea-Wolf who enforced the embargo.

Republic City reporters

The eager reporters exacerbated the problems of Republic City's leadership by putting their insults to the Fire Nation public.

More and more continued as the leaders of Republic City went to the media and actually spoke out about the Leadership of the Fire Nation. Their insulting tones made things worse when the current councilor for the Fire Nation retired leaving the post to be replaced by someone for the Fire Nation. The Council failed to make a law that would recruit their own council members and saw their new partner come in the form of Grand Marshal Rishu of the Air Force. The chief supporter and enforcer of the laws that brought on this tension made his appointment onto the council all that much worse for them as it was salt in their wounds being outplayed.

Soon after the Grand Marshal's appointment, the Fire Nation blockaded Republic City and attacked its military installations while the Earth Kingdom secretly marched onto the United Republic of Nations unseen.

Earth Kingdom Relations

Outer Wall

Ba Sing Se managed to appear neutral on the relations.

Unknown to the world at large was that the Earth King and his son, Kuir, were apart of the conspiracy. Iruei had longed wanted to bring the Earth Kingdom to its former glory as the largest nation that ruled the entire mainland again. In order for the plan to succeed, it was important that the Earth Kingdom not be involved in the preceding events to the war itself. As such, when relations between Republic City and the Fire Nation eroded into war, the Earth Kingdom marshalling its forces was seen as help to the city and its allies.

Outbreak of War

The Fire Nations blockade and attack on the airfields was critical to the next stage of war. With the Navy spread thin by the embargo, the city was vulnerable without air defense. A Fire Nation army took the city while cutting off its communications with a blackout.

The Earth Kingdom secretly participated in this attack from the covertly-rebuilt city of Taku not far from Republic City. This was kept the highest secret so that the Earth Kingdom and its forces were seen as aid to the world when it marched.

A Shade of Hope

After a brutal and effective campaign to secure most of the continent, the war seemed to have a solid status quo that couldn't be broken. But Chief Arkoda of the Southern Water Tribe, a well educated man, knew of an event that could tip the scales if used across the world.

Arkoda barely evaded the vicious Prince Kuir and made it to Omashu, where he informed them of a coming solar eclipse. If counterattacks across the world occurred, it would be too much for the Earth Kingdom-Fire Nation Alliance to hold to, even if they knew.

The counteroffensive, however, largely failed as the Fire Nation-Earth Kingdom alliance anticipated the battle. Only in the Northern Fortress was there success, breaking the siege and opening a path to the Northern Water Tribe. The next sign of good news was the blockade on the Southern Water Tribe had been breached by the combined forces of the South and the Order of the White Lotus, who managed to make it into the besieged Omashu.

Guerrilla War

With humiliating defeats on the battlefield, the United Forces fled to the mountains and took to using guerrilla tactics to attack the Fire Nation occupiers. This was an extremely successful strategy as many resources were lost. Recovery and reinforcements to sieges were diverted to securing the paths between Republic City and the sieges. The Dragon Corps were repurposed from vanguard assaults on sieges to guerilla wars in the mountains.


After what had been a year of bloody war, the leaders of the invading forces sent word that they would like to make peace with those under attack. Talks were held in the North and Omashu simultaneously to discuss terms.

In regards to Earth Kingdom territories under attack by Ba Sing Se, the terms were simple; pledge loyalty to the Earth King. The Northern Fortress reluctantly agreed to these terms as their Governor gave the knee. The city of Omashu did not, as Urri refused to bow to a man younger than him.

The treaty concerning Republic City was much more complex. The Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom refused to leave the "Fifth Nation" intact or even alive. The resolution of Avatar Tala and Rishu was to make it the Air Nation. The new Air Nation would be smaller but include some Sacred Air Nomad lands, such as the Western Air Temple and a new Whispering Canyon Temple to be made in Rishu's estate. The United Forces and the Council were furious at this proposition but were strong armed to agree as the Air Nomads accepted the terms to bring an end to the war.


The greatest tipping point in the war was the defection of Avatar Tala to the Fire Nation during the siege of Omashu. After learning secrets about her training and how she was manipulated, and how her heritage as Dai Li were received, she decided that she couldn't fight for King Urri anymore.

Avatar Tala was not involved in the war itself afterwards, but was soon dragged in when a witch, Lenet, tried to assassinate her. The repeated encounters with her drew the Avatar and Rishu away, giving Omashu the chance to break the siege.

Theaters of War

Republic City under attack

Republic City became the primary target at the onset of the war and was subdued first.

Republic City
: The city ws the center of the crisis as the war broke out. It was the first target and was quickly subdued in the blitz of military power that invaded. Rishu and Kuir led this assault, though Kuir's part was kept secret for strategic reasons. Republic City has since been held by the alliance, first under Rishu's command until he left to manage the Siege of Omashu with Kuir; rule went to Earth King Iruei who marched to the city from Ba Sing Se.

Omashu attacked

The siege of Omashu was critical to keeping key forces out of the war at large.

: Omashu was not initially a target in the war. However, after Omashu defied the summons of the Earth King to marshal its forces and come to Ba Sing Se. Iruei sent The Ba Sing Se Regulars to take the city and its King, Urri, prisoner. With the Avatar also in the city, it was of key importance to keep the city enclosed so as to prevent the Avatar connecting with a mobile fighting force. Rishu has since joined the siege with an augmented air force to seal in the city. Rishu has made it clear he wishes to take the Avatar alive at all costs. In the first winter of the war, Rishu skillfully used events that would either weaken his troops or augment theirs and planned for them. Kuir has expressed a desire to remove Urri from power while Rishu has been willing to offer hospitality for laying down their arms. Both Rishu and Kuir agreed that the resources in Omashu had to be kept there. The largest portion of the White Lotus, an Air Nomad Clan, earthbending forces, Southern Water Tribe forces, and the Avatar; all were kept at bay in the city.

Western Air Temple: A colony of the Air Nomads and the Order of the White Lotus, a large population is present in the Western Air Temple that could fight on the mainland. As such, the Fire Nation blockaded the temple with airships and troops in the forests.

Northern Air Temple

The Northern Air Temple is now known as the Northern Fortress.

Northern Fortress
: The technologically advanced Northern Air Temple has been providing advanced technology to Republic City for decades, as well as inventing new weapons. The Northern Fortress has decided to use its technological superiority to defy the Earth Kingdom.
Equalist airfield

Airfields like this are scattered across the mountains giving the United Forces multiple places to attack from.

United Forces Outposts: The military of the United Republic of Nations is posted all across including the mountains and coasts. With humiliating defeats in great battles, the United Forces has taken to guerrilla warfare.

Foggy Swamp Tribe's skiffs

Foggy Swamp Tribe, target of the 'Purge Protocol'

Foggy Swamp Tribe: The Foggy Swamp Tribe is the only other source of waterbenders on the mainland outside of Republic City. As such, containment of them has been considered serious. But what is being done, has been kept top secret as the Navy executes the 'Purge Protocol'. When the Avatar and Ralyn led a contingent to find the missing swampbenders, they discovered the Sea Dragons had been waging a war of genocide to wipe out the swamp tribe and kill the Banyon Grove Tree. Thanks to the Avatar and Ralyn's help, the Sea Dragons were forced to retreat but the Swamp Tribe has suffered too severe of casualties to participate in the war

Final raid

Blockades of the Water Tribes were meant to contain them rather than conquer them.

: Both the North and South Pole have been blockaded by the Fire Nation. They have not been sieged or attacked, rather a strategy of containment has been applied to the Water Tribes. Despite this, the Water Tribes are actively supporting the United Republic and its allies. They do so by lending aid and military support such as Chief Arkoda who went to fight in the Southlands and the Northern Water Tribe sending supplies to the Northern Fortress.

Leaders of the War

There were several leaders who had significant impact on the war, some were a part of the conspiracy and the others led the defense against it.

The Grand Marshal of the Air Force, Rishu deceptively turned the world on itself, starting a new war.

  • The Black Dragon: Rishu was the founder of the war and manipulated the world into a war that stretched across the coasts. His cunning and political skill made it easy for him to make the enemy do his work for him.
  • Fire Lord Ma-Tin: Rishu's cousin was the architect's first co-conspirator and her support was crucial as her word is law in their land.
  • Earth King Iruei: The Earth King was important, and was won by the promise of the return of the entire continent to his kingdom.
  • Prince Kuir: The Crown Prince was important to the war effort as his leadership would be symbolic of his father's support. Kuir was fierce and had been taught by Rishu about philosophy in a way that made him support the war for his own reasons.
  • Avatar Tala: As the Avatar, Tala was crucial in the war. Her choices would affect everyone, even if she was stuck in the besieged city of Omashu. Her defection near the end gave credence to the Fire Nation.
  • King Urri: King of Omashu, Urri was a conniving politician who wanted to secede Omashu from the Earth Kingdom, he saw the tensions between the United Republic as his opening but did not see the consequences when the Earth Kingdom invaded.
  • Grand Lotus Kuel: The Grand Master of the White Lotus was a determined warrior and certain that his principles would prevail, little did he realize that the Fire Nation had planned for the war for a long time.
  • Lio Jinora: As councilor of the United Republic, Lio was one of the few who led the defense of the city against the onslaught of invaders. A kind mercy, she and any refugees have been left untouched on Air Temple Island by Grand Marshal Rishu.


  • This war is named so by Rishu because he views the United Republic of Nations as a stomp on the Principle of the Four Nations.
  • Before the massive sieges and invasions that would dominate the opening stages of the war, special forces were critical to the Black Dragon's plan. The Dragon corp were used to sabotage much or eliminate threats, while Kuir secretly housed special forces in the ruins of Taku.

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