The Fate of Yi
The Fate of Yi (The Adventures of Qi)
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Village of Hope

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Journey to the South

Aimei sat on her room in the airship that was taking her and her friends around the Earth Kingdom. The door soon opened up and Aimei found Cici at the door.

"Hey, can I come in?" Cici asked.

"Sure," Aimei replied.

"So what are you doing?" Cici asked.

"Not much, just sorting out our plans to find the Avatar," Aimei explained.

"Well, we'll be arriving in Yi in a few moments, are you ready to rip that town to pieces?" Cici grinned.

"Totally," Aimei replied.

"We're here!" Maia gleeful said. "We're here at the State of Yi!"

Maia and Huo had gotten much better since Qi and Liu visited the Village of Hope. The State of Yi was looking much better now than it did sixty years ago. The houses were strong, firm and made of brick. The citizens were so much wealthier and they led happy and normal lives. The new governor came to greet them immediately after they landed.

"You must be the White Lotus!" He said.

"Yes," Qi replied.

"Well, firstly, welcome to the State of Yi!" The governor welcomed. "Let me show you around."

The governor took them around the whole of Yi. He showed them the area of the village that was wrecked by bandits, but it was now renewed and replaced with large buildings. The governor said they expanded Yi to become a lot bigger now that it was richer. Now that it was big enough, there was a train running through the state to different parts of the state; a bit like a subway.

"Wow, I did history at school and from what I learnt, this place is so different from what I learnt. It's so much more modern!" Liu said.

"Well, the world is becoming more and more modern and Yi is adapting and modernising," the governor said.

After they had a tour of the city, the governor took them to the Governor's Building. It was a biggest building in the city and was seven storeys tall. They went inside and saw an ocean of green. A dark green carpet spread across the floor and the walls and ceiling were painted a light, grassy green. There were desks everywhere and people sat at the desks working. Paper was stacked up in piles and piles and piles on almost every desk. The people working here were all extremely busy. They rushed about hurriedly, transferring papers and documents here and there.

"Nice building you have here," Huo admired.

The governor took the kids up to the seventh floor where he led to his office. It was big and had a large desk with a rotatory chair. There was a sofa at the very end a cabinet in the corner.

"Have a seat," the governor said and gestured towards the sofa.

As the four sat down, the governor sat on his own rotatory chair.

"Now I believe you are here to discuss the Avatar," the governor said.

"Um, yes," Qi said. "We were wondering, was anyone born on the day Avatar Korra died?"

The governor opened up a file.

"Actually, we had two births on that day," the governor said. "However we performed the test, unfortunately the Avatar isn't in Yi."

Qi felt disappointed, Yi wasn't the town either.

"Oh, well that's okay, no problem," Qi said.

"I'm truly sorry," the governor apologised.

"Oh no! Don't apologise! It's not your fault, I mean, you can't control who gets born on what day!" Qi said.

As they were talking, a clerk rushed into the room.

"SIR! SIR! SIR!" The clerk worriedly and hurriedly yelled.

"What?" The governor said clearly annoyed. "Can't you see I'm in the middle of a meeting?"

"The meeting will have to wait, you have to come outside!" The clerk yelled.

"What's happening?" Huo asked.

"Bad stuff," the clerk solemnly replied.

The governor, the clerk, Qi, Huo, Maia and Liu stood outside and saw another airship slowly descending. This airship was scarlet red and had the symbol of the Fire Nation on it. On the flame was a crown... what could that mean. At first Qi thought it was bizarre but then she slowly put the pieces together. A Fire Nation crown... that could only mean one thing: Aimei.

"Guys, it's Aimei!" Qi warned.

"Aimei? The Fire Nation princess?" Maia confirmed.

"Yes!" Qi said.

"Governor, you have to get as many citizens inside their houses safe as possible!" Huo said.

"Aimei will tear this state apart trying to find the Avatar," Liu warned.

"Okay," the governor replied. "Sound the alarm!"

The governor looked utterly terrified. He ran towards his building where he could raise a siren and spread a message to the entire state.

"Go tell people to hide in their cosy little houses," Maia said to the clerk.

The clerk also ran off, spreading the word to as many people as possible. The civilians panicked as they all tried to rush into their houses at once.

"We're gonna have to face Aimei you know?" Qi said.

"We know, we're not scared," Liu said.

The airship soon landed and out came four figures: Aimei, Cici, Sha and Wang.

"Oh look who it is!" Sha said.

"It's them!" Wang said. "Aimei, what do you plan on doing?"

Aimei cackled and said, "I've been long awaiting revenge!"

Aimei dashed towards them with a flame in her fist. She opened up her fist and the flame was sent dazzling towards Qi. She extinguished it with a gush of air and flung a blade of air at Aimei. She dodged quickly and sent jets of fire at the group. Cici, Sha and Wang then also leaped into action. Sha sent a block of earth rumbling towards Huo, who leaped up and used jet propulsion to propel himself closer to Sha. Huo sent a shot of lightning directly at Sha's heart, but he blocked it with a rock wall, which crumbled upon contact with lightning. Maia and Cici took each other head on. Maia sent multiple rocks flying at Cici one after the other. Soon it had become a frenzy of flying rocks. Cici bent water from a nearby lake and used the water to crash all the rocks to rubble. She wrapped the water around her arm like a tendril and launched it off her arm and at Maia. Meanwhile, Wang and Liu also happened to be fighting. Liu had used the water from the nearby lake to form an ice sword like he did at Earth King Shoo's prison camp. He duelled with Wang, who sent sneaky air blasts here and there. Wang sent an air blast from behind Liu, so it hit him squarely in the back. As Liu recovered from this, Wang spun him in an air spout and sent him flying away. Liu crashed into a tree, where he lay unconscious. Aimei and Qi were duelling each other toe to toe. Aimei sent jets of lightning back-to-back. Qi was having a hard time, as you can't use air to block a stream of lightning. Qi spun a pinwheel of air around her and used it to travel quickly towards Aimei. She blasted herself forwards so that they were so close their noses were an inch away. Qi grabbed Aimei's hand and raised it towards the sky; so all the lighting was being shot into the sky. Aimei retaliated by heating up her own body temperature to a degree so hot that Qi let go in pain and shock. As this was happening, Sha and Huo were still fighting. Sha shot up three sharp, pointy rocks from the earth and sent them zooming towards Huo. Huo dodged them however and a jet of lightning squarely at Sha. As Sha was concentrated on the rocks, he didn't notice the lightning until it was too late. He tried to send up a wall of earth to protect him but the lightning was too quick. It smashed the wall and sent Sha flying. Sha was alive... but unconscious. Maia and Cici were still in the fight of their lives. Cici used her tendrils to pull Maia in, but Maia kept on cutting the tendrils will rocks. Eventually, Maia just simply bent up a cage of rock from the earth to trap Cici inside. She made sure the cage was small enough so that the water tendrils would be cut off. Together, Maia and Huo honed in on Aimei along with Qi.

"No!" Qi said. "Get Liu, Maia, get your brother, get him on the airship! Huo and I will join you in a few moments!"

Huo, Qi and Aimei started duelling whilst Maia hurried the unconscious Liu onto the airship. However, Wang stopped her. Wang sent a powerful hurricane of wind at Maia and Liu, but Maia simply used a humongous boulder to send Wang flying away. She dragged Liu onto the aircraft, where she waited for Qi and Huo. Qi and Huo soon had the chance to escape Aimei, and they rushed on board the airship as it started to take off.

"If you leave now, we'll destroy this state!" Aimei threatened.

Qi let tears flow off her face and muttered, "I'm sorry Yi, there's nothing I can do."

"Qi, what are you doing?" Huo asked. "What about all the civilians?"

Qi started tearing up.

"I'm sorry but I don't think there's anything we can do!" She replied. "Aimei is too powerful and we can't stop her. We'll live to fight back another day! The civilians will cope; they're from the Earth Kingdom! They're strong and sturdy!"

And so, the three of them plus an unconscious Huo sailed off into the sunset, leaving Aimei to destroy to the State of Yi.












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