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The next day, Kenju arrived at the Earth Kingdom. Kenju was amazed of the cities he had seen and visited. The first city that Kenju went to was Omashu. At Omashu, stood the wall of earth that Toph had bended. Kenju blasted the wall, sending Omashu guards flying down around the gap that surrounds Omashu. He sent a blast at the gate of Omashu and made a hole in the wall. Kenju then entered the city with an evil-looking smile on his face. He blasted house full of families, smashed through groups of Omashu guards and slowly made his path to the palace. At the palace, Kenju began to walk up a steep set of stairs that led to the palace gate. He walked up calmly when all of a sudden he heard a loud roar.

He then looked back at the sky and noticed that it was turning black. The citizens of Omashu began to get scaredand concerns for each other. Suddenly, a loud "clash" sound was heard within the city. Kenju saw what it was and smiled. He knew what it was and got happy. It was the Saviors of Fire army. Thousands of Saviors walked toward the entrance gate. Then the sky turned pitch black. It was a fleet of airships. In total, the fleet had 24 airships all boarded with firebenders.

Kenju continued up the steep stairs and was seized by royal guards at the top. Kenju, then battle with the guards and was hit by earthbender. He fell on the ground and laid there for a few seconds. When he got up again, Kenju generated a thick bolt of lightning and shot it at the ground. This blew the guards away and left them unconscious on the ground. He opened up the royal palace door and entered King Bumi's Throne Room. He was once again seized by guards. The guards then attempted to attack Kenju with spears. In the background, Kenju could see a the King's royal advisor shielding Bumi and crawled out of the room with Bumi. Kenju took a spear from one of the guards and hit of the guards with the same spear, killing them all.

Kenju then started to walk toward the throne. That was when Bumi's royal advisor yelled at Bumi to run from the room. Kenju captured the advisor, and through him out through the palace door. Bumi crawled behind his throne. Kenju blew the throne with fire. He seized Bumi and interrogated him.

"Where is the Avatar and his little allies" asked Kenju in a loud voice. "I'll never say, kkaacckk, and you can conquer my city with your Saviors, but it will be liberated, just like I did with the Fire Nation," said Bumi. "Worthless old peasant, I'm going to lock you up for ever" growled Kenju. Kenju then burnt Bumi's legs and arms with firebending, which paralized him. Kenju then took Bumi and handed him over to the Saviors and Ozai's reformed army.

The Savior and reformed armies marched into the streets of Omashu. They terrorified the citizens and stombled on anything that came in there way. They surrounded the Omashu Royal Palace with tanks. The airship fleet then burnt the palace, leaving the black ashes of the palace on the ground. The citizens looked at the former site of the palace. Tiroku, then emerged from of the tanks. He had two flags out. One with a Saviors of Fire insignia on it and the other one was a Fire Nation flag. He stook the flag between the ashes. The flags stood tall and large. Tiroku yelled and cheered on the armies. Then the soldiers resumed marching into the streets, burning house, injuring people, burning Earth Kingdom flags, and destroying Earth Kingdom statues. Ozai's reformed army hung a Fire Nation symbol over the gate. The Saviors of Fire hung their flags on all the streets. They were exciting and cheerful.

At one street, a group of soldiers from Ozai's army fought a group of retreating Earth Kingdom guards. The soldiers shot fire blasts, lightning bolts, and explosives to the battalion. In a matter of minutes, the Earth soldiers surrendered and were arrested. Omashu defenders or allies had been arrested. The city had fallen into chaos. The fate of Omashu had been complete horror.

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