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The Fallen is the upcoming second chapter in the fanon series Avatar: The Shattered Cycle.


Emptiness and helplessness overwhelmed him, it was dark, misty, and empty, with nothing in seemingly endless lengths in all directions. The only thing Aang could see was a black void for a sky, and a nonexistent, yet solid ground that was covered in mist, and what he thought was the horizon a long, wide, gray streak. Despite the fact he had no physical body, Aang felt cold and in a deep, throbbing pain, and above all that, he was terrified and lonely beyond thought. He had no idea where he was or how he got there, none of his friends were there, and he wanted the loving company of Katara.

He then realized why he was probably there, he remembered the entire disaster, he entered the Avatar State, and in the midst of combating the Dai Li, all he could remember last was a large beam of light and intense heat hitting him from behind, and falling into darkness. He realized what had happened, he was killed by Azula, and there was nothing he or anybody could do to bring him back.

Then, the terrible words from Roku rang in his head, "If you are killed in the Avatar State, the Cycle will be broken, and the Avatar shall cease to exist."

He was ridden with grief, shame, and guilt, he now knew he broke the Cycle and that he and the other Avatars will never be reborn into another body. He fell on his knees, and started crying, knowing that people will lose hope without the Avatar, and the world will be enslaved by the Fire Nation and will be plunged into an era of darkness and despair. And it was all his fault. As he cried with despair and sorrow, a tall, bearded figure appeared in front of him Aang looked up, and saw Avatar Roku looking at him with a long face. Behind Roku stood Kyoshi, Kuruk, Yangchen, every Avatar before each of them with their heads bowed.

"I am sorry, Aang," Roku said with a sigh, "You -- WE, have failed..."

After Roku said this, he slowly faded away into dust before Aang's eyes. He was shocked, and saw that every other Avatar faded away into nothingness before him, until, all that remained, was him. He wondered why he hadn't disappeared, then he supposed why, he was being punished for ending the cycle by having his spirit spared and forced to live the rest of time in nothingness.

Aang continued crying, but he stopped, and screamed out, "Take me, too! I deserve it the most, take me with you! You took everything else from me, Gyatso, Katara, my People, spare me and let me be with them in peace," Aang looked around, saw nothing changing, he started screaming and finally falling into a fetal position and crying, doomed to live in nothingness forever.

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