Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Fall of the Airbenders in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Air Nomad Genocide
The Fall of the Airbenders
Can Chuan stop the inevitable?
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

UPDATE 2/13/12

Look forward to new chapters coming your way!

Plot Teaser

The story centers around the life of an Airbender named Chuan from the Northern Air Temple. Known by his peers as a goofball and a prankster, he has retreated to the comfort of his only friends: a rambunctious teen like himself named Kaizan, and his teacher, Monk Saicho. Chuan aspires to one day become a master Airbender, but his plans are cut short one day when he realizes that one of the Monks may be conspiring against the Air Nomads. It is up to Chuan to stop the imminent threat of a war that threatens to destroy the life that he knows and all the people he loves. But if Chuan can't even gather up the courage to talk to Mayana, his crush, then will he be able to stop this war before it's too late?


  • Chuan: Beneath his rambunctious and high-strung exterior, Chuan is a strong, determined young Airbender who dreams of becoming a master Airbender just like his master, Monk Saicho. But with his aspirations stemming from a deep desire to be noticed, he often resorts to childish antics such as pranks in order to capture people's attention.
  • Kaizan: Chuan's lifelong friend and right-hand buddy in crime, Kaizan is oftentimes the brains of the operation, coming up with elaborate schemes for the two to perform together. He harbors a strong liking for action and adventure and craves any opportunity to break out from the norm, but is also a caring friend who often helps Chuan with his various problems, from trouble in Airbending practice to his girl troubles.
  • Monk Saicho: Chuan's teacher, Saicho was the youngest Airbender to ever receive his arrows at only fifteen years of age. He takes his job very seriously, but is nonetheless a great teacher who cares deeply about seeing Chuan and his other students succeed in their training.
  • Mayana: A girl from the Northern Air Temple who has caught Chuan's eye. Though he has fallen head over heels for her, she seems to be the only one unfazed by his endless rebellious antics.
  • Monk Aguma: An old, stingy Monk of the Northern Air Temple. He is the least-liked of the 3-monk council that oversees the temple, and spends most of his time either punishing the children for misbehaving or being a big grouch.
  • Monk Wu Han: The third monk on the council beside Monk Aguma and Monk Saicho, he is the level-headed, collected leader whose influence seems to hold the temple together. He is always reliable and impartial should problems arise, though he is more secluded than the other two. Chuan has never personally spoken to him; only heard him speak during council meetings, when he discloses news to the rest of the Airbenders at the temple.

More to come soon...

Why I wrote this fanon...

I came up with the idea for this fanon while writing the third book of my last fanon. That story took place after the end of the T.V. series and was focused on pretty much nonstop action and plot twists. After writing that, I felt like I should try the opposite end of the spectrum: a story that takes place before the start of the series that is a lot more character-driven. In my last fanon, I was praised for writing something that kept you hooked until the very end. I plan to continue that here while focusing a lot more on character development than on crazy bending battles (but those will still be there, don't worry). I also felt that it would be interesting to tell a story where the audience already knows the ending. We all know the fate of the Airbenders, but this is Chuan's story...

Book 1 Chapters:

  1. Training with Saicho
  2. Kaizan's Advice
  3. The Crumpled Note
  4. The Next Avatar
  5. The Evidence
  6. New Allies
  7. The Day the Sky Turned Red
  8. Solemn Respite
  9. Return to the Temple
  10. The Last Sky Bison

Book 2 Chapters:

  1. The Murder
  2. The Betrayer
  3. Escape from the Southern Air Temple
  4. Chuan's Atonement
  5. Esho's Story
  6. The Town on the Water
  7. An Unforgettable Catch
  8. Undercover
  9. Insurrection, Part 1: TBA
  10. Insurrection, Part 2: TBA

This will be updated as more chapters are written/posted...

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