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The Fall
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The Bos

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December 4, 2009

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The Fall is the seventeenth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Team Avatar enters the village where Mitros and Katas are in, looking for supplies. They are noticed and promptly attacked.


The team wakes up, looking at a sunrise on a hopefully peaceful day. Sokka lets out a loud yawn and begins rubbing his eye. "So, they didn't attack us while we were asleep. I guess we're lucky."

Zuko sits up and looks at Sokka. "Let's eat now. We've been fighting for days, I'm starving!"

Sokka agreed and began digging through the items in Appa's saddle. He finally found the food sack, and promptly noticed that it was empty. "No, we're out of food!"

Zuko tells Sokka "Well, we have money, so let's go towards the nearest town and buy some food."

"Well, where is it?"

Toph pulls down one of the walls of her earth tent and yells out "Well, you're good at maps, get to reading! We're all hungry!"

Earth tent

Toph wakes up

Sokka pulls out his expensive atlas and finds the nearest town. "It looks like there is a town called Xian nearby. How about there?"

As everyone agrees, Appa rolls onto his side. Aang gets up and decides that Appa is too tired to fly them into the village, and suggests walking. The team sets out for Xian, remembering the long walk after the Invasion to the Western Air Temple. As they enter the town's gates, Sokka notes how quiet the town is. "This town seems deserted. It's not early enough for everyone to be asleep, right?"


In a house on the far side of town, a man is told of outsiders entering the town. Mitros gets up quickly and orders an all out attack, reminding the Firefighters that "This town must not fall!"

He picks up his water pouches, attaches them to his wrists and places his katanas at his side. He runs out of the room, preparing for the upcoming battle.

As the team wonders about the state of the town, a fury of ice blades rain down on them. Aang quickly deflects them with an air dome and expands it, knocking a few waterbenders off of the roof of nearby buildings. "This town has been taken over!"

A water whip comes from behind Zuko and pulls him into the air, shocking the team. Zuko cuts the whip with an arc of fire before suspending himself in the air by shooting fire from his feet and drifting down slowly. A water blade is slashed towards the team, blocked by Katara's timely redirection. She catches the water before it hits Toph and sends it to Aang, who disperses it into the air.

Katas arrives from the entrance the team had used moments before. "You have come to take our last stronghold? I will not stand for it. I-"

Toph, anxious for a battle, doesn't allow him to finish the sentence. She sends a fissure at him, forcing him to dive out of the way. Aang fires an air blast at him from behind Toph, knocking him on his back. Katas uses a water whip to pull Sokka towards him and then throws him at the team. Aang is able to cushion Sokka's impact, but is knocked over. A water blade grazes the ground a few inches from where Aang's head landed on the ground. Another followed it, forcing Aang to dodge.

After getting up, Aang noticed an all too familiar face standing on a rooftop, katanas drawn. Aang sends an air blast at Mitros, but Mitros uses his katanas to disperse the blast. While he was focusing on the air blast, Zuko sent a fire arc at him, forcing him to jump from the top of the building. Sokka threw his boomerang at Mitros, grazing his face. Mitros dropped his katanas and began using water whips to attack the team, and Katas followed suit.

Katara dispersed Katas' attacks, forcing him to use an ice ball which he thrust towards the ground. Dislodged by his attack, Katara fell, leaving Toph to hit Katas in the side with a rock. He got up and thrust the ice at Toph, only to have the ice crushed when it came into contact with her rock wall. Toph then pulled up many stones around her into a suit of armor and began chasing Katas. He used water blades, but every piece of rock that he managed to dislodge would just be added back instantaneously. Toph finally was able to get a hold on him, and thrust her hands onto his shoulders. She sent her armor's hands off the armor into the walls of a nearby building. Toph used the remainder of the armor to secure Katas to the wall, removing him from battle.

Mitros used his water to slice at Zuko's feet, lessening his balance and focus before using the water to knock Zuko down. "What's the matter Fire Lord?"

Zuko broke his fall and spun his feet, creating large arcs of fire that sent Mitros back 10 feet. Mitros picked up a katana and threw it at Zuko, who propelled himself out of the way. The katana continued, almost hitting Sokka. Sokka threw his recently picked up boomerang at Mitros again, only to have it caught. Mitros then threw it back at Sokka, who dodged, leaving the boomerang stuck in the wall. Mitros created a water whip and used it to pick up his 2 katanas and started sending off water blades again. Mitros knew he needed to retreat, and began formulating a plausible strategy. He used a few blades to knock Katas off the wall as well as distracting Team Avatar. He quickly used the rest of his water to create a fog cover.

Team Avatar was too distracted by the water blades coming at them to see the fog cover coming. While they braced for an attack, they heard a loud voice call out "Men! Retreat! Back to the boats!!!" Aang and Toph had their feet frozen to the ground, and fell over. Aang finally used Airbending to clear the fog, only to find that they were alone again.

"Where did they go?" Zuko asked, looking around the town.

"I don't know, but this time, we need to hunt them down. I won't let them take another city." He reached into his robes and pulled out a white, bison shaped whistle and blew into it deeply. Minutes later a massive, fluffy bison soared around them, landing with a thud on the ground. The team got into the saddle and Aang grabbed the reigns. "Yip-Yip!"


  • Xian is either Chinese or Japanese for trap, what Team Avatar ran into when the entered the town.

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