The Failed Avatar is a fan-fiction written by Yue's The Real Hero or Avatar Freak on Quotev, which is the source where The Failed Avatar is located.

Misuki Lei

"The Failed Avatar" is Avatar Misuki Lei, which is the Avatar before Avatar Yangchen. Part one begins at a Fire Nation town by the name of Mui Ying. Misuki is shown firebending with her close friend and trainer Li, on the day of her sixteenth birthday. Misuki is a talented firebender, and is shown scorching Li's fireproof suit. Li announces that practice is over for the day, and they share a bow. After practice, Misuki's friend, Cara, is waiting for her and treats her to lunch. Cara is very excited and proud of the party that her and her Father-Fire Lord Qin Li-are throwing for Misuki, who is a very wealthy teen. During her sixteenth birthday party, the Fire Sages silence the happy crowd and announces the next Avatar, Avatar Misuki. Misuki is sour toward the Fire Sages, telling them that they made a mistake. The Fire Sages deny it, and Misuki's Father steps in, comforting a teary Misuki. The Fire Sages inform the new Avatar that she is to leave in two days. The next two days of Misuki's life are packing and saying her goodbyes. Cara spills that Li has loved her for a while, and also gives Misuki a letter from Fire Lord Qin Li and tells Misuki to show it to anyone who tries to hurt her. Misuki says her last goodbye to Li and assures him that a kiss would be the best way to say goodbye.

Misuki's Duties

Misuki makes her way to the Southern Air Temple with a few stops on her way. There, she meets an airbending Monk by the name of Jeong. There, Misuki masters Airbending with little practice. In a few days staying at the Southern Air Temple, Misuki meets Jeong's Grandson Tom-Tom. Tom-Tom and Misuki bond quickly and Misuki learns about Tom-Tom's family problems. Tom-Tom's father Hisao is a successful Airbender, and the son of Jeong and Misa. Misa had died giving birth to Hisao, causing unbearable pain to Jeong. As a young boy, Hisao was neglected by his father, too pained to look At Hisao, which contained the beautiful looks of Misa. Being ignored by his father, Hisao ached to impress him, and over trained himself in Airbending. This caused in tiredness and stress for Hisao, just to be shot down by his Father again. This resulted in Hisao feeling rage and hatred toward his Father. Hisao moved to an Earth Kingdom and overthrew the ruler. Hisao was drunk with the power and executed anyone who turned against him. Hisao had begun a war. Tom-Tom though, being a very spiritual Airbender is sure off anyone being capable of great good, and great evil. Tom-Tom was sure that Hisao had good inside him, and was determined to prove that. Misuki understands, but also understands that Hisao may be the Avatar's Duty to take care of him. Misuki mastered Airbending in less than a year, making her one of the fastest Avatars to master her first element. She has a choice to return home for two weeks before beginning more travels to the Northern Water Tribe to master waterbending, or use her two weeks to find and help Hisao and either fight him, or join him.

Misuki's Decision

Misuki writes a letter to her father explaining everything. She suffers of insomnia for days, contemplating going home or helping Tom-Tom. Tom-Tom assures her that she doesn't have to come, but then Misuki knows where she needs to go. Where she belongs. This is the ending line in part one of the trilogy.

"I wrote a letter to my father. He understands. Come on Tom-Tom. Let's go find your Father."

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