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The Faceless
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The Faceless

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The First


The Faceless

  • Uprooting current government regimes
  • Destroying the Avatar Spirit

The Faceless is a powerful underground organization in the world. Created by the Faceless, they have been convinced that killing the Avatar will end the tyrannical rule of the world and bring peace. Many are non-benders, but some are benders fed up with the system. Either way, they are dissatisfied with the world and seek to end the link between the human world and the Spirit World.


Fire Nation Palace

The Faceless believe the Avatar upholds tyrannical regimes such as the Fire Lord.

This organization began some time ago, though when is unknown. Led by two near immortal beings, they have waited a long time to strike at the Avatar. Taking advantage of the plight of those at the bottom of society; they convinced them that it is the Avatar, who keeps balance is also keeping them down.

Many have secretly swelled the ranks of the Faceless all over the world. Only during The Great Fall did their presence become known as they readied to strike after the Avatar.


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The masks the Faceless wear in mimicry of their leader.

The Faceless have a simplistic view of their problems. They believe that the Avatar's status as a preserver of balance also makes them a preserver of corrupt nations. They view this correlation as the reason their world hasn't progressed or become peaceful as this godlike being stops things before they can change.

The Faceless have come to the conclusion that the world needs to change and that the Avatar must be killed permanently so that they don't stop it as they have in the past.

As such, the Faceless know that they have to kill the Avatar during the Avatar State in order to permanently end them.


  • The Faceless: The founder and namesake of this organization. he claims to be an ancient Spirit that lost its face to Koh. He states that he has watched humans for a long time and has determined that the Avatar is holding them back. He is in fact using them as a tool for his own revenge.
  • The First: The first to join the Faceless. He is human, though incredibly ancient. He was the first Stormbender. He is aware of The Faceless' true motive of revenge but is complicit because he too wants vengeance on the Avatar.


The Faceless is not comprised solely of any one group or faction. There are benders and nonbenders who all agree that the Avatar has to go. There are also more than humans who are members of this organization. The leader is not the only spirit in league with the plot to murder the Avatar.


  • The Faceless are much like the Equalists, differing in that they seek to kill the Avatar and have benders in their ranks. They don't blame bending necessarily, but rather those who abuse it.
  • The Faceless's leader is as much a mystery as the organization is.
  • The Faceless have no airbenders in their ranks at all.

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