The Search for the Three Masters
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The Evil Avatar


1: Revolution



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Paperluigi ttyd


Paperluigi ttyd

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April 9, 2012

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Chapter 2: Water Your Waiting For

The Search For the Three Masters is the first chapter of Book 1 of The Evil Avatar, a fanon by Paper.


Act 1


A MAN wearing red Fire Nation robes walks towards the camera. He is also wearing war armor and has an evil grin on his face. The camera cuts to a side shot of him approaching a statue holding a powerful sword in two hands.

"The most powerful artifact in Fire Nation! The one thing that can make me more powerful than ever before. My great-grandfather would be proud. Too bad the comet won't arrive for another 15 years!"

He places one hand on the statue and feels the smooth gold against his fingers. He snaps back to reality and places his hands on top of the hands of the statue. The hands lift up as he charges them with his firebending. The sword is freed from the statue as the MAN looks at his hands. The sword falls to the ground.

"Such power. And this is without the sword."

He points one hand to the sword and makes it float into his hands. As if by magic, a sheathe appears on his belt. He swings the sword around for a moment and then points it in front of him. He charges the sword with lightning and then raises his sword. He shoots lightning into the sky and then stops showing off and sheathes the sword. He turns around and exits the temple.


The MAN arrives at a large warship with a bunch of FIRE NATION soldiers aboard it. An important looking male figure approaches the man. His name is COMMANDER PALOI.

"I see you have retrieved the Fire Relic. I have warned you before of the dangers of unleashing the power of that sword."
"And I have repeatedly told you that the rumors are false. You don't need to have a pure soul to wield this powerful weapon."

The man walks past PALOI and enters the indoor part of the ship.

"Set a course for home. One relic is enough for now."


The MAN is standing on the edge of a FIRE NATION ship. Icebergs pass the ship on either side as the ship goes north towards the NORTHERN WATER TRIBE. The soldiers on the ship prepare the trebuchets to clear a path to land. The trebuchets firing, clearing a path. Several of the fiery boulders are knocked away by NORTHERN WATER TRIBE soldiers using waterbending. The ship continues to move towards the land. The MAN turns around to speak with PALOI.

"Isn't this a glorious day? I will have finally found two out of the four relics and I will be powerful enough to conquer the Water Tribe and the Air Nomads!"
"Yes, well, now that I see where this going..."

The MAN turns around and ignores PALOI. The ship docks with the land and the MAN walks onto the NORTHERN WATER TRIBE. He unsheathes the sword and charges it with lightning. He slashes the sword at all the soldiers who get in his way. He uses his normal firebending to destroy many structure made out of ice. The camera cuts to a downwards view of the man making his way towards the SPIRIT OASIS at the back of the city. KORRA is looking down from a watch tower.

"Oh no; not now!"

She runs down the stairs of the tower and into the SPIRIT OASIS. She runs to a door at the back of it and opens it with waterbending. She runs inside at activates the statue in the same way the MAN did with the Fire Relic. The Water Relic comes to her hands. And the minute it does so, KORRA enters the Avatar State. She spirals up on a column of water and bursts through the ceiling. The MAN has almost made it to the SPIRIT OASIS when he sees AVATAR KORRA holding the Water Relic. he continues to fight soldiers while speaking to her.

"Oh great, you've gotten it for me. Now hand it over."
"ADMIRAL ZHAO of the FIRE NATION. You are a disgrace to your people and to this world. In an era of peace, you have brought upon a great conflict to this world and now you will be punished."

The MAN, now known as ADMIRAL ZHAO, named after his great-grandfather, sends a lightning bolt at Korra. She redirects it off into the distances and then sends a water wave at him. ZHAO counters with a fire wave. The two continue to sends waves of water and fire at each other until eventually ZHAO becomes too fast for AVATAR KORRA. He knocks her down to the ground, making her land in the SPIRIT OASIS. He quickly runs inside and fires a lightning bolt at Korra, now out of the Avatar State. She is unable to do anything as she falls to the ground. Her body starts to fade away until her spirit exits her body. ZHAO picks up the Water Relic, and another sheathe appears on his belt. He points this sword in the air and then makes a surge of water carry him into the air.

"2 down, 2 to go!"

Act 2

Coming Soon!

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