The Everlasting Fight
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The Legend of Momo



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Chapter Two: The Trail Lengthens

The Warrior


Momo's sword slashes violently against that of the fox antelope chimera, sending sparks into the air. Staggered, the chimera stumbled backwards to Momo's delight as he charged in and took advantage of his enemy's momentary weakness. Quick slashes across the soldier's breast, down the leg, and through his neck was good enough to kill the chimera. As Momo sneered at the body and eased his two katanas, he felt the point of a bastard sword placed right on the small of his back.

"Tsk, tsk. Look what I got here. A teeny-tiny samurai huh? Let's see how much my sword can stick you like a pig!" The soldier remarked and laughed, which from his squealing giggle Momo guessed it was a large boar-q-pine chimera that had gotten the best of him.

Suddenly; before Momo could react to the sword on his back, he heard a loud THWACK a blur flashed across his sight and into the bushes nearby, just as the chimera fell over, knocked out cold. Looking at the unconscious boar-q-pine, he was more confused at the sight of Aang running towards him, yelling "Dammit Toph! What did I say about messing with my staff?!"

"Toph?" Momo asked, and in response Aang pointed to the bushes. Climbing out of them was Toph, laughing maniacally all the while.

"That...was...AWESOME!" She exclaimed, twirling the staff in her hands like a band baton, "We should do that every fight!"

Momo sighed and rubbed his temple "What exactly did you do now, Toph?"

She pointed to a large rock curiously jutting out of the ground at an angle, and smiled "I used the rock as a launch pad and Aang's staff as a club. It worked perfectly!"

Aang sighed and took his staff back "Look, just because it has a steel frame doesn't mean it can't break! And if it does, then how are we supposed to get anywhere at decent time if I can't fly? It's not like you can."

Toph rolled her eyes "You worry too much Aang. Besides, if I hadn't done that Momo would be full of holes!"

Momo snorted and looked away in contempt "Please. I had the entire situation under control. I didn't need help from a pickpocket'."

"Of course you didn't...." Toph muttered, and muttered a few curses under her breath "Now, can you please tell me why we are here? This is the third day we're in Gaia and the fact that you haven't told me where we're going is disturbing."

"I told you alr-" Aang started, put Toph raised a hand with her face scrunched up in annoyance.

"We are not here so Momo can visit his family. I do have ears, I know what status they are in...six feet under." Toph said bluntly, and Momo groaned in exasperation at Aang's inability to lie.

"Fine Toph. I possibly found a trail that might lead me to the Masamune." Momo explained, and took out a small map and pointed to a location on the edge of the Gaia Empire "Apparently in this little frontier town there's a book that can tell us the location of the Masamune."

"And how exactly are we gonna get that book?" Toph questioned "Both me and Aang are humans, and everyone knows your face! We'll be captured on sight."

At that, Momo gave a little smile and drew two very distinct objects out of Aang's knapsack. The horrid face Toph gave him was enough to make both him and Aang laugh out loud.

"I am not getting NEAR that stupid thing!" Toph exclaimed.

The Shogun

Appa rubbed his eyes with two fingers as he looked over the battle plans of that his generals had shown him that day once again.

"Maybe I should order spearmen here to cover this flank...but then there would be a hole where they left....could the Eel Hounds cover that? They have good speed..." Appa mused, his thoughts pouring over the plans.

"Um...sir?" a courier asked, interrupting Appa's train of thought.

"Yes?!" Appa snapped back, to which the courier winced and backpedaled a few steps. Appa sighed and motioned for the chimera to come closer.

"My apologies...these plans are quite irritating. What is it little one?" Appa asked.

"Adviser Gio says you should get your rest. Not sleeping might have bad consequences on your health, and then who's gonna handle the war effort?"

Appa sighed at the suggestion. Gio was always over-worrying, as most canyon crawlers were apt to do, but Gio was religious about his worries. But the comment did have some merit. Twice Appa had to wake himself up when looking over the plans. He looked back to the courier, who was waiting for an answer.

"Tell him I'll get to bed as quickly as possible."

The courier nodded and raced out the war-room. Appa sighed, this was the third time this week he frightened the couriers, a new one nonetheless. This was planning really was affecting his mood, he was never this grumpy when father was king...but that was a long time ago.

He folded up the plans and placed them back in the slot, then securing the cabinet door with the lock. Once the plans were secure, he made his way to his bedroom and his bed. Before sleeping, he quickly knelled and said a few prayers to the Father Spirit Terran. Once placing his head on the pillow, it was only a matter of seconds before his eyelids succumbed to sleep and closed.

The King

Iroh quickly dusted himself off as he inspected the last of the royal Zeppelins, which his servants quickly helped with. Looking at the engineer, the king nodded in satisfaction.

"Perfect condition Susa, keep it up and the Gaia Empire will be dust before ships like these." Iroh said with a smile, shaking the exuberant engineer's hand. As he exited the hangar, he could not help but frown as his entourage and himself boarded his personal airship.

"Anything the matter sire?" Iroh's adviser Lu Ten asked, noticing the frown.

"The airships are great...too great." Iroh muttered, looking out the window as they lifted off into the air.

"Too great sire? But how? You said yourself ships like that will help the war effort considerably!" Lu Ten commented.

"I know, I know. It's just....i wish we didn't have to do this damn war. I do not want my people to be forced into something like this." Iroh replied, sighing again.

"Well it was that tyrannical shogun Appa that keeps up the war, not you. We are fighting a defensive war here." Lu Ten said comfortingly.

"Damn that chimera despot...forcing the world into a war that is not needed!" Iroh said, slamming his hand against the seat in frustration. Lu Ten leaned back in surprise.

"Sire?..." Lu Ten asked hesitantly.

Iroh looked quietly away for a moment before relaxing, opening his fist to hold his head, and replying, "I'm...I'm fine. This frustration gets to me at times..."

"Of course sire...would you like a moment of solitude sir?" Lu Ten questioned.

"That would be wonderful." Iroh replied, and with that Lu Ten left without a word. All that was left was the king and his thoughts.

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