The Escape
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We Fall Together'



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December 21st 2012

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The Attack

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I just escaped from the most traumatizing thing ever. I barely escaped the Fire Nation attacking. I had to escape and I'm running down a cliff as they are chasing. I keep throwing rocks at them. I got some but they keep coming and coming. What am I gonna do I see the end of the cliff. To my left is more cliff and to my right is a beach. Leading down to the beach is a pathway I should take I do. I can feel the heatness of them coming down on me. BOOM! a rock next to me explodes as it hits me in the face. I'm burning I can tell the fire made the rock explode. I keep running, Throwing rocks don't seem to help but it throws them off track. When BOOM! A fireball hit's a rock behind me, It sends me flying as the world is whirling around me as I catch a small glimpse of something orange flying towards me, It's more like 50 orange things. I concentrate on bring a rock towards me so I can stand on it. Finally I do it and I land on a rock not hurt. I jump off it and run unto the beach where I see a Sky Bison land. I scream "Wait up!!" and I run to it, I can tell the girl notices the Fire Nation behind me she looks in fear as I jump up. She says "Yip, yip" as the Sky Bison moves on.


Were are on the sky bison. Miko is still hurt from the fight, But he is resting I did my best to heal him. He just has a bad burn that made blood. Were on our way to the Earth tribe to see if we can stay there. Were almost over it when I see it, The Fire Nation sign. I panic and tell our sky bison to land here behind the earth tribe. As we are landing I hear a girl say "Wait up!" I look to my left to see a girl running towards me with Fire Nation soldiers' behind her. I tell her run faster and I can see she is trying but I do the right thing and go to help her. I notice she has blonde hair, Not very typical for an Earth Bender. But as the soldiers are coming I send a small powerful wind at them and they all topple to the ground she then jumps on the Sky bison and I say, "Yip yip" and we go off although I can tell they are mad I just keep going until they are out of our view. I ask her, "What happened?" She replies, "We got attacked by The Fire Nation." I nod and she says, "My name is Amika" I say my name is "Tai" and she askes about Miko and I say, "He got hurt protecting me after the Air template got attacked by The Fire Nation." She nods and says, "I can help him, I've learned how to heal all we need is to go to the Water Tribe and find some of their healing water." I nod and tell the bison (which I have now named Yitzo) to go to the Water Tribe. We are off to get to the Water Tribe.


I finally found my brother. He was lying in the snow and I tell him to scream "Fire Nation!" He does and everyone runs out to prepare and fight. Suddenly a Sky Bison comes out of the Sky and I look at it. It's coming near me as I stare at it. When it lands this girl comes up to me and says, "Help, my friend Miko got hurt by the Fire Nation." Everyone looks at Gasps at what has happened. Then a guy screams "Fire Nation!" Everyone get's in there stance as my mom says "Hurry get on the Bison, You and your brother" A blonde girl then says, "Hurry we don't have much time, My name is Amika, and that girl is Tai" I nod and tell my brother to come on the bison he nods then runs. Suddenly the first wave of attacks come aiming at us. Amika since she bends Earth, Protects us with Ice. She says hurry as Tai says, "Yip, yip". We rise as I see my parent's fighting, I don't hesitate to bring a wave to some of the soldiers'. We rise and rise as the soldiers are not visible anymore. I know they have killed my mom by now. But they will never get me, I promise I will vow to take down The Fire Nation If it's the last thing I do.

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