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This is the fifth chapter to Legend of Mei Lien written by Skybender101.This is my best one yet! Hope you like it!

What this chapter is about

Mei Lien and Lanji are captured by soldiers of Ba Sing Se while practicing their Earthbending. They try finding a way to escape, and in the end they do.

Meanwhile, Ranu and the Earth King are in search for the Avatar.

The Escape

The sun peaked over the horizon, uncovering rays of sunlight that illuminated the sky. Two girls and a woman woke up from nights rest in the middle of the wilderness.

Landscape at sunrise

The Horizon

"I will be heading down into the town to purchase food and water with little money. You girls stay here and I will be back shortly," Lanying stated to Mei Lien and Lanji, grasping a small ragged bag in her hand.

"Okay mother. While we are gone, can we practice Earthbending?" Mei Lien asked politely, her insides flowing with excitement.

"Sure! But don't go too far! You never know if there's a Moose-lion out there waiting to get you!" Lanying laughed playfully at her daughter and Lanji.

Mei Lien put her hands on her hips. "Mother, Lanji could take down a Moose-lion single-handedly."

Lanying smiled at the girls, and then started her way down to Sinsu with her trusty map. After the woman was gone, Mei Lien turned to Lanji.

"Let's go find a place to Earthbend!"

After ten minutes of venturing up hills and around fields, the girls finally found an area that was perfect to do some Earthbending. The girls excitedly started to throw rocks around. Wham! Bang! Earth was flying everywhere!

"Hey Lanji watch this!" Mei Lien shouted above the noises. She stood in a strong stance, ran full force, did a twist in the air, and slammed down on the Earth with her fist creating a wall of earth that shot into the sky.

Lanji smiled, impressed. "I bet you can't do this!"

The girl back flipped, took her fist, and shot a giant boulder into the air. She leaped up very high where the boulder was and slammed her fist in the middle of it. The boulder shattered into a million pieces. She fell to the ground and beamed.

"Wow! Sweet!" Mei Lien complimented in awe. A little jealousy crept into her mind, but she quickly wiped it out of her head. The two Earthbenders continued their Earthbending until the heard a loud rustle coming from behind a bush. Whoosh! Before they even had a chance to think, two capture nets flew at them. The girls shrieked in fear as they were captured by unknown people. Finally they realized the attackers were two men soldiers.

"Got them!" one man shouted to his accomplice. Mei Lien felt herself being tossed on a carriage. She had no idea where Lanji was, but was too frightened to say anything. Why are these men capturing us? What did we do? Mei Lien knew she had to find a way to escape, but how?

She suddenly felt her courage to yell and shout at these horrible people. "Where are you taking us?!" she screamed in her net. "Get me out of here!" But all she felt was the bumping and jerking of a carriage, no one listened.

"M-Mei Lien?" a familiar voice whispered.

"Lanji? Lanji!" Mei Lien heard her voice, but did not know where she was.

"Over here. On the other side of the carriage."

"We have to get out."

"I kn-"

Suddenly, Mei Lien shrieked in joy interrupting Lanji. "My pocket knife!" she cried. She tried moving her stiff arms to her pockets. She felt very squished and uncomfortable, but her efforts to find her pocket worked. Mei Lien stuffed her hand in and struggled to grab her sharp knife. She finally felt it and yanked it out.

"Alright net, prepare to meet your fate!" Mei Lien growled as she sliced away through part of the rope that tied net together. Minutes passed as her aching hand struggled to carve through the thick string.

"Did you break through it yet? Lanji's quiet voice stuttered.

"Almost," Mei Lien grunted. "Stupid net you bette-," Rip! The knife tore through the rope. Mei Lien pulled at the hole that she made, and tore all of the rope off. She freed herself. "Yes!" she beamed. "Hold on Lanji. I'll help you out."

Mei Lien stood up throwing the pieces of string on the floor of the carriage. The carriage was dark, small, and had no windows. Wham! Mei Lien yelped as the carriage hit a bump and sent her flying into something.

"Ouch!" the thing she landed on squealed. "Mei Lien!"

"Oops sorry Lanji," Mei Lien cried gripping her pocket knife tightly. "Hold on, let me cut you out." A dizzy Mei Lien slowly slashed through part of the net Lanji was squeezed in.

"Almost there..." she groaned. "Hold still." Rip! The knife had done its job once again. Lanji crawled out of the tight capture net. "Whew," she sighed, relieved. "Now the question is, how do we get out of here?"

"Well, is this carriage made out of earth?" Mei Lien asked. Lanji felt the floor of the coach.


"Then the rest is easy. We are busting out of here," Mei Lien grinned.


"One watermelon please," Lanying politely asked the Sinsu fruit seller.

Plains village

The Village of Sinsu

A scrawny man, behind his cart of fruits, handed the petite lady a juicy watermelon. "That will be two bronze pieces M'am." Lanying fished through her small coin bag, but realized she had no coins left.

"I am sorry, sir. I have no coins to pay," she frowned sorrowfully.

The man snatched the plump fruit out of Lanying's nimble hands. "No money means no fruit!" he tossed the watermelon back in his cart. Lanying turned around and walked away, passing a couple of villagers.

"Did you know two girls were captured by the Ba Sing Se soldiers? They were excellent Earthbenders, so the soldiers assumed that one of them was the Avatar?" a villager female told another villager.

"Where did you hear this?" the other villager asked.

"Oh, I hear reports from different people," the female villager said casually.

"I can't believe more people are getting captured because the Earth King wants to know who the Avatar is. This is nonsense!"

Lanying had stopped to listen and approached the two townspeople. "Do you know the names of these two Earthbender girls who were caught by the soldiers?"

The female villager stared bleakly at Lanying. "No, but I heard they were found practicing Earthbending somewhere outside of Sinsu."

Lanying's heart deflated in her chest. Oh no! Not the girls! She grabbed her bag and the few items she bought and sprinted out of the small town. I have to go to camp to see if they are there and if they are not...well I'll have to search for them! Oh I really hope they are not captured!

Escaping the Carriage

Mei Lien laid her hands on the door of the carriage. She breathed deeply, her chi paths glowing inside of her. You can do this Mei Lien. You can. Suddenly, she punched her fist into the earth and the door of the carriage exploded. "Ahhhh!!!" she shouted as she tumbled out of the moving vehicle. "Lanji jumped out!" she screamed as she tumbled onto the ground. Suddenly, her head shattered against something hard and everything went black.

Lanji courageously leaped off the speeding carriage after her friend. She front flipped as she fell, but then stuck out her legs and landed perfectly on her feet. As she was doing this, the carriage had stopped. Lanji wiped her eyes with her dirty hands and found Mei Lien lying unconscious on the ground. "Mei Lien!" she shrieked, running to her fallen friend. Lanji heard a shout behind her. Someone had jumped out of the coach and was sprinting towards her. Lanji's heart pounded like a drum. With all of her strength, she lifted her limp friend and ran for her life.

Looking for the Avatar

"Next!" the Earth King shouted, his voice booming through the crowd of Earthbenders. Hundreds of Earthbenders had been captured and were now crowded around the Earth Kingdom Palace ready to be evaluated.

Earth Kingdom Palace main hall

"Earthbenders had been captured and were now crowded around the Earth Kingdom Palace....."

A tall buff man stood in front of the Earth King.

"Show me what you can do," the Earth King stated, eating a bowl of leechi nuts. Ranu, his highest general, was perched beside him on a wooden chair. The man started to Earthbend the earth from under him. After ten minutes, the man was panting and sweating like a dog.

"Well, is he it?" the Earth King asked Ranu impatiently.

"No your majesty, he's not it," Ranu replied. Ranu realized that his brilliant plan would take a lot of work. There were at least hundreds of other men and women who were waiting to be evaluated to see if they were the Avatar. So far every person has been considered not strong enough or just plain horrible. Ranu was suddenly feeling impatient. I did not think this plan carefully enough. I think we should pull back some soldiers so not as many people will be captured.

Back to Camp

Lanji sped down a hill with Mei Lien in her arms. The billowing shouts of the carriage driver faded in the distance. I have to get back to camp, but where is it? Lanji stopped and closed her eyes to think. We went through the field and down the hill....there! Now I know where it is! She suddenly heard the shouts again and quickly ran with Mei Lien back to camp.

She finally arrived at the camp-out at dusk. When she got there, she found Lanying there packing all of the items. "Lanying!" Lanji panted with Mei Lien still in her arms.

Lanying looked up in surprise. "Lanji! Oh my lord! Mei Lien! What happened to her!" Lanying grasped her daughter and swiftly laid her down on a soft bed mat.

"We were these people," Lanji wheezed. "I'm not sure why, but we were put in a carriage....and we escaped. When Mei Lien jumped out of the carriage...she fell and hit her head on a...rock!"

"Oh my! I knew it. Those worthless soldiers taking Earthbenders!" Lanying shook her head. She examined her daughter's skull.

"Good. It's not cracked, but she was knocked unconscious. She will recover after a good nights sleep."

Lanji nodded her face still covered in sweat and fear.

"Are you okay sweetie?" Lanying questioned, concerned.

"I just need some water and a hot towel," Lanji sighed, lying down on her bed mat.

Lanying collected water in a canteen and a towel soaked in warm water. She handed it to Lanji who was already in a deep sleep. Lanying chuckled to herself and checked on her daughter to see if she had any other damages.

A Dizzy Diary

Rays of sunlight gleamed on Mei Lien's eyelids. The girl's eyes fluttered open, and the first thing she saw was the clear blue sky. Mei Lien struggled to get up, but finally managed to. She wobbled as she stood, her head pounding. The Earthbender felt like she was spinning in a tornado. Stop spinning! Her thoughts raged painfully through her dizzy mind.

Book of Clouds

Mei Lien's diary.

She finally had the ability to sit down lightly on the ground and grab her diary. The words that she wrote down were a blur, but she kept writing.

Dear Diary,

I fel dizzy. I fell hard on the rok when I jumped off the cariage. I'm not sure why the peple captured us. I forgot what hapened after I went unconscous. But somehow I'm at th camp-out.

I truly hop that we will get to Ba Sing Se soon. I can't wait! I foget how many days left. I fel very sick and horrible.

Mei Len

She scribbled down a few more words and slowly closed her diary.

"Mei Lien, you are awake!" a voice shrieked and Mei Lien was showered with a giant hug.

Back at the Carriage

"What happened?! Where did they go?!" a soldier roared at his companion. "They escaped! Both of them just jumped out of the carriage and ran!"

"You idiot! How could you let them go! Now what are we going to tell the Earth King?"

The soldier grabbed his partner by his shirt sleeves. "The Earth King will not hear about this. Right?" he growled.

"He won't hear about it. I- I promise."

Author's Notes

Please do not edit her diary with the misspelled words. It is supposed to be like that! Hope you like this one!

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