Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Equalist Revolution: A New Perspective in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Team Avatar and captured Equalists
The Equalist Revolution: A New Perspective
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The Mayor's Downfall


Book Two: Spirits


The Non-Bender's Plight

The Equalist Revolution: A New Perspective is the second part of a series of stories that make up The Non-Bender's Plight. It introduces a few new characters such as Noel Ren and includes many of the new characters that were introduced in The Mayor's Downfall. However, much of the cast from the actual series also appear throughout the tale.

Brief overview

After the prologue, which takes place 6 months before, the story returns to the time of the first book in The Legend of Korra. Each chapter is labeled the same as the actual corresponding episode of the series to give a somewhat accurate time frame of when these untold events took place. Focusing on characters like Mayor Jián and Noel, this story gives more background on what non-benders thought of the Equalist Revolution, how some of the dealt with the oppression and strict laws created by Tarrlok, and how some felt about the resolution reached at the end of the revolution. In addition, expect to see some interesting, thought-provoking (and sometimes humorous) interactions between some of the new characters, the Equalists, and the new Team Avatar.

New Characters

  • Noel Ren
  • Lance
  • Chiryo


  • Prologue: The Street Rat
  • Chapter 1: Welcome to Republic City
  • Chapter 2: A Leaf in the Wind
  • Chapter 3: The Revelation
  • Chapter 4: The Voice in the Night
  • Chapter 5: The Spirit of Competition
  • Chapter 6: And the Winner Is...
  • Chapter 7: The Aftermath
  • Chapter 8: When Extremes Meet
  • Chapter 9: Out of the Past
  • Chapter 9X: The Decision
  • Chapter 10: Turning the Tides
  • Chapter 11: Skeleton in the Closet
  • Chapter 12: Endgame
  • Epilogue

Update 5/23/14

The Outline for this story has been fully completed. Works on chapters 1-Epilogue have commenced, although the story will be uploaded all at once when it is finished rather than in segments.

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