The Epic Battle
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Chapter 12: The Epic Battle

I gasped in fear. Even though the zombies were rather stupid, they were clever enough to try and stop me from destroying the plant. I began fighting them and tried to hold them off. But these zombies were tenacious. They were hungry and vicious and would stop at nothing to kill. All of a sudden, Kenshin, Aika and Takeshi jumped forward and began fighting the zombies.

"You get to the plant! We'll hold them off!" Aika shouted.

I ran to the plant. "The plant can only be destroyed in the Avatar State," Aang's voice said. I'm SO glad that I had also mastered control of the Avatar State before the outbreak hit. I created a crystal tent and meditated. I unblocked all of my seven chakras and opened my glowing eyes. I rose into the air and created a bolt of water, earth, fire and air. I aimed it towards the plant. As it struck the Red Ivy, the plant exploded and the zombies all collapsed into the ground, never to rise again. I lowered myself to the ground and left the Avatar State. Aika, Kenshin and Takeshi ran towards me.

"Masami! Is the plant destroyed?" Kenshin asked.

"Yes. Thank you so much for your help," I said.

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Sorry about the length

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