Serpent's Pass
The Epic Adventure through the Serpent's Pass
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Chapter 3: The Epic Adventure through the Serpent's Pass

Today is my lucky day! I saw Aang, Katara, Sokka, and another girl in their group at Full Moon Bay getting tickets for the ferry. I was curious as to why they were getting tickets when they could fly on Appa to Ba Sing Se. I decided to surprise them.

"All right! We scammed that lady good!" I heard Sokka cheer. I grabbed Sokka.

"Tickets and passports please," I demanded in a secretly playful way.

"Is there a problem?" Sokka asked nervously.

"Yeah, I've got a problem with you! I've seen your type before. Probably sarcastic, think you're hilarious and let me guess, you're traveling with the Avatar," I said.

"Do I know you?" Sokka asked.

Suki reunites with Sokka

I surprise Sokka with a kiss!

"You mean you don't remember? Maybe you'll remember this!" I said. Then I planted a kiss on Sokka's cheek. All of a sudden, he remembered.

"Suki!" he exclaimed happily, embracing me.

"Sokka, it's good to see you!" I said hugging him back.

I met the rest of the group in a different area. I also learned that the new girl's name was Toph.

"You look so different without your makeup! And the new outfit!" Katara told me.

"That crabby lady makes all security guards wear it. And look at you sleeveless guy. Been working out?" I asked Sokka playfully.

"Ahh, I'll grab a tree branch and do a few chin touches every now and then. Nothing major," Sokka replied casually. I smiled.

"Are the other Kyoshi Warriors around?" Aang asked.

"Yeah. After you left Kyoshi, we wanted to find a way to help people. We ended up escorting some refugees and we've been here ever since," I explained. Right then, Momo jumped up next to me. I smiled down at him.

"Hey Momo! Good to see you to!" I said. "So why are you guys getting tickets for the ferry? Wouldn't you just fly across on Appa?" I then asked.

"Appa is missing. We hope to find him in Ba Sing Se," Katara explained. My heart saddened.

"I'm so sorry to hear that. Are you doing okay?" I asked Aang in a concerned tone.

"I'm doing fine. Would everybody stop worrying about me?" Aang snapped. All of a sudden, I heard a desperate voice.

"Avatar Aang, you have to help us! Someone took all of our belongings; our passports, our tickets! Everything is gone!" a woman cried in despair.

"I'll talk to the lady for you," Aang assured the woman. Good luck trying to talk to the ticket lady I thought. As I thought, the ticket lady just stamped 'denied' on Aang's forehead and yelled at him. I knew they would have to go through the Serpent's Pass. I immediately got changed into my Kyoshi Warrior attire with the makeup.

"I'm coming too," I said.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Sokka asked nervously.

"Sokka, I thought you'd want me to come," I said surprised.

"I do, it's just-" Sokka started to say.

"Just what?" I demanded.

"Nothing. I'm glad you're coming," Sokka said. I raised an eyebrow. What was up with Sokka?

As we were walking through the Serpent's Pass, we passed a sailing Fire Nation ship. All of a sudden, a part of the rock gave away and nearly caused Tahn to fall. Toph saved him, but the rock fell into the water. All of a sudden, a fireball came flying. Aang managed to deflect the fireball. Another one came flying and hit the cliff. Rocks nearly fell on me but Sokka pushed me out of the way. We continued running.

That evening, we set up camp. As I was putting by sleeping bag down, Sokka approached me.

"Suki, you shouldn't sleep there. Who knows how stable this ledge is, it could give way at any moment!" Sokka said, moving my sleeping bag.

"Sokka, I'm fine, stop worrying!" I said exasperated.

"You're right, you're right, you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself! Wait! Oh, never mind, I thought I saw a spider, but, you're fine," Sokka said. I stared at him as he walked away. Seriously, what is up with him?

That night, I saw Sokka staring at the moon. I decided to approach him and ask what was wrong.

"It's a beautiful moon," I commented casually.

"Yeah, it really is," Sokka replied.

"Look, I know you're just trying to help, but I can take care of myself," I said.

"I know you can," Sokka said.

"Then why are you acting so overprotective?" I asked.

"It's so hard to lose someone you care about. Something happened at the North Pole and I couldn't protect someone. I don't want anything like that to ever happen again," Sokka explained. I decided to have a little fun with him.

"I lost someone I care about. He didn't die, he just went away. I only had a few days to get to know him, but he was smart and brave and funny ..." I said.

"Who is this guy? Is he taller than me?" Sokka immediately asked.

"No, he's about your height," I replied casually.

"Is he better-looking?" Sokka asked.

"It is you, stupid!" I said smiling.

"Oh!" Sokka exclaimed. He gave me a loving look. I returned the look back to him. I closed my eyes and leaned in, ready to kiss him. However, he pulled away.

"I can't," Sokka said.

"I'm sorry," I apologized.

"No, you shouldn't be," he said and walked away. I looked down sadly.

The next day, we continued our journey. We then arrived at a section where the path has been drowned.

"Everyone single file! Aang, I need help," Katara instructed. As we walked, Momo went out of the bubble and immediately came back in when a giant shadow approached.

"What is that thing?" Katara asked. All of a sudden, a monster broke through the bubble. Toph used Earthbending to bring the trail we were on above the water.

A giant serpent then rose from the water. I gasped in fear.

"I think I've just figured out why they call it the Serpent's Pass! Suki, you know all about giant sea monsters, make it go away!" Sokka yelled at me.

"Just because I live near the Unagi doesn't mean I'm an expert!" I yelled back. Sokka then picked up Momo.

"Oh great and powerful sea serpent, please accept this humble and tasty offering. Thank you," Sokka said in fear.

"Sokka!" Katara scolded.

"I'll distract it. Katara, get everyone across!" Aang instructed. Katara then created an ice path and followed Aang. We all crossed except Toph.

"Toph, come on, it's just ice!" Sokka shouted.

"Actually, I'm going to stay on my little island, where I can see!" Toph shouted back, but just then, the serpent slammed on half her island.

"Okay, I'm coming!" Toph shouted. She slowly began crossing the ice.

"You're doing great! Just follow the sound of my voice!" Sokka was shouting.

"It's hard to ignore," Toph said.

"You're almost there!" Sokka was shouting. Unfortunately, the serpent slammed into the ice trail, causing Toph to fall into the water.

"Help! I can't swim!" Toph cried.

"I'm coming Toph!" Sokka shouted but before he could do anything, I dove into the water.

"Help!" I heard Toph cry. She fell below the water, but I managed to haul her back up.

"Oh Sokka, you've saved me!" Toph said lovingly, planting a kiss on my cheek.

"Actually, it's me," I said nervously. Toph looked a bit embarrassed.

"Oh... well... you can go ahead and let me drown now," Toph stammered. Finally, the serpent went under.

We finally exited the Serpent's Pass.

"There's the wall! Now it's nothing but smooth sailing to Ba Sing Se," Sokka said happily.

"Oh no!" Ying said groaning.

"What's wrong?" Sokka asked.

"The baby's coming!" she gasped.

"What? Now? Can't you hold it in or something?" Sokka said frantically.

"Sokka, calm down. I helped Gran-Gran deliver lots of babies back home," Katara said calmly.

"This isn't the same as delivering an arctic seal! This is a real... human... thing!" Sokka shouted.

"It's called a baby and I helped her deliver plenty of those, too. Aang, get some rags. Sokka, water. Toph, I need you to make an earth tent. A big one. Suki, come with me," Katara instructed. I went inside the tent.

I covered Ying's stomach with the blanket and her husband and sister were beside her. She was gasping and sweating.

"You're doing great Ying. Sokka, where's that water? Get ready to push. One... two... three, push!" Katara said. Ying pushed and groaned just as Sokka came in. Sokka then fainted.

A few minutes later, Sokka, Toph and Aang came in to see the baby. The baby sounded healthy and she looked beautiful. I looked at Aang and he was smiling.

"What should we name her?" Tahn asked.

"I want our daughter's name to be unique. I want it to mean something," Ying said. Aang shed some tears.

"I've been going through a hard time lately. But you've made me... hopeful again," Aang said smiling tearfully.

"I know what I want to name our baby now. Hope," Ying said.

"That's a perfect name. Hope," Tahn said.

Outside, we were preparing to say goodbye to Aang. Before he left, he said a long goodbye to Katara.

"I thought I was trying to be strong. But really I was just running away from my feelings. Seeing this amazing family together, so full of happiness and love, it's reminded me how I feel about Appa ... and how I feel about you," Aang told Katara.

Katara shed some tears and she and Aang embraced. I felt like crying myself.

After everyone bid Aang and Momo goodbye, I decided to make my move with Sokka.

"Well Sokka, it's been really great to see you again," I said.

"Whoa, hold on. Why does it sound like you're saying goodbye?" Sokka asked.

"I came along because I wanted to make sure you got through the Serpent's Pass safely. But now I need to get back to the other Kyoshi Warriors," I explained.

"So you came along to protect me?" Sokka asked.

"Listen, I'm really sorry about last night. We were talking ... and saying things ... and I just got carried away and before I knew it I -" I began saying but before I could go further, Sokka kissed me. My eyes widened in surprise. Then Sokka broke away.

"You talk too much," Sokka said. I blushed. I closed my eyes as Sokka kissed me again. This time, it was a deep, long kiss. I slipped into oblivion as Sokka continued kissing me passionately. It was the best moment of my life. Even better than when I first became a Kyoshi Warrior. I forgot everything except the feel of Sokka's lips on mine and his hands on my waist. I could have been kissing him forever.

Sokka and Suki kiss

The most romantic moment of my life

"Sokka, what's taking you so long? What are you-" Katara began asking impatiently. I could feel that she stopped in shock when she saw Sokka kissing me. However, I ignored her voice.

Eventually, our lips parted and Sokka and I sighed in pleasure. Sokka kissed my forehead and bid me goodbye. I hugged him again and I turned around and began my journey back to Full Moon Bay.

Author's Note

I wanted to provide as much details on Suki's first kiss with Sokka. I've read a lot of details about the first kiss in a lot of romance novels and I wanted to describe the kiss like that.

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