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January 28, 2013

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The Energybender is the twelfth chapter of The Lost Scrolls.


Team Avatar relaxes at Soto Gawa where they attempt to discover the truth about the Peacekeepers. However, their search leads to an attack by something far more deadly.

The Story so Far

Defeating the Bounty Hunters, Team Avatar recover the Lost Scroll, but they are ambushed and defeated by the Unagi. Katara manages to stop the Unagi and open the Lost Scroll before slipping into unconscious.

The Energybender

~~Southwestern Earth Kingdom: Soto Gawa Road~~

The purple horizon glistened in the sky as the first sign of the sun, a ray of light, started to develop. Camu glared at the walls of the city of Soto Gawa as he was joined by Heping, Hexie, and Tiao.

"I trust you have good news to bring." Camu said through gritted teeth. "Anything else is not acceptable."

"Oh, Camu, don't threaten us with your fake personality." Heping smiled. "But, if you must know, we do not bring any news at all."

"No news? Then why have you greeted me with useless talk." Camu growled, clenching his fist so that it turned white.

"Calm down Camu." Hexie snapped. "The package has arrived safely. Heping was just hoping to ignite the flames of your fury."

"Azula wanted me to make sure things go as planned here before I return to her side in the Fire Nation." Camu reminded. "Any games will not be permitted in my presence."

"Would the Energybender care to accompany us in order to see with his own eyes?" Tiao asked.

"They have not returned yet I assume." Camu replied, not answering Tiao's question.

"The Bounty Hunters? They have gone with the wind, Camu, never to be seen again. If I were you, I'd punish them for not joining us in this glorious takeover." Heping said.

"But you are not me." Camu scolded. "The Bounty Hunters have other matters to attend to. I was asking about the worthless excuse for a team."

"The Avatar?" Hexie asked, her eyes gleaming. "The coward hasn't shown his face ever since his defeat at the hands of the Peacekeepers."

"What is his location?" Camu asked.

"You just missed him." Tiao smirked.

Hexie, Heping, and Tiao laughed like hyena before disappearing into the shadows. Camu glanced at the city of Soto Gawa. Perhaps he needed to pay the Avatar and his friends a visit. Smirking at the thought, Camu stomped his foot on the ground, creating a mini quake that shook the valley. The Energybender disappeared underneath the rocky earth.

~~Soto Gawa: Hideout~~

Team Avatar rested peacefully on beds linked to one another. Feito and a group of citizens sat anxiously nearby waiting for the six to open their eyes or send any sign of life. Feito scratched his chin as his foot tapped on the wooden floors. Zuko started to groan and the Fire Lord soon stood up, rubbing his eyes. "Where-where am I?" The firebender looked around until spotting Feito nearby. "Feito? What are you doing here?"

"Our allies came through and we managed to safely board a boat. When we arrived at Soto Gawa Beach, we found you and your companions in an unconscious state. We brought you here so you may recover safely." Feito revealed glancing at Team Avatar with worry.

"You saved me once again." Zuko said. "If there's anything I can do to repay you, please let me know."

"Actually, we were just discussing about a rising problem." Feito said. "When we found you now, you were muttering something about the Peacekeepers."

Aang instantly awoke. "Peacekeepers? We ran into them before."

"Were they wearing a white cloak with a P surrounded by light?" Zuko asked.

"Yes, why do you ask?" Feito asked.

"Just checking to see if I was right." Zuko said. "I ran into them the first time you found me."

Aang said, "Why did you want to know?"

"That menace has infiltrated my city." Feito said. "I want your help to exterminate them from Soto Gawa permanently."

"Exterminating is pretty harsh isn't it?" Aang asked.

"Who cares?" Toph asked, awaking while pounding her fist. "I don't know who these Peacekeepers are, but they're going to get a beating for hurting my friends."

"Are we going to find the Peacekeepers Aang?" Zuko asked.

"We need to make sure they don't hurt us ever again." Aang said. "Let's try and discover their true intentions before exterminating them."

"Want me to wake the others?" Toph grinned. "I've been practicing my yelling."

"I think we should let them rest." Aang said. "Katara has been through a lot the past couple days." The Avatar examined Katara as she slept while clutching the Lost Scroll to her heart. "Where do we start?"

"The Peacekeepers show themselves in the cover of night." Feito revealed.

"We don't have to wait that long." Toph protested. "I can sense their location with my feet or spot them out with their voice. I never forget a voice."

"Do you know where they where sighted last?" Zuko asked.

"On the outskirts of Soto Gawa," Feito answered. "Near the Soto Gawa Road."

"Is everything around here named after Soto Gawa?" Toph asked sarcastically.

~~Underground Soto Gawa: Peacekeeper Jail~~

Fu Ren walked along the cobblestone path as her high heels filled the sound in the air. Hexie, Heping, and Tiao appeared out of thin air, accompanying their leader.

"Any news?" Fu Ren asked.

"The Avatar, the Fire Lord, and the earthbender are searching for us malady. We must evacuate." Tiao informed.

"The Avatar and his friends are no match for us." Fu Ren said, her lips pursing. "As long as we house the one in this jail, the tides turn in our favor." The leader turned the corner before gasping.

An open jail door swung revealing the empty contents inside.

"Escapees?" Heping asked. "No, we must stop them before they reveal themselves to the Avatar."

"I wouldn't worry about that." Hexie said.

"And why would that be Hexie?" Fu Ren asked, glaring daggers at her executive member.

"Because Team Avatar will be distracted by someone else really soon." Hexie answered, narrowing her eyes.

~~Soto Gawa: Inner Square~~

A group of people dressed in rags stood in the shadows of the alleys. The Peacekeepers swiftly ran through the streets, avoiding wandering eyes. The group of people spread out to reveal an open sewer.

"Is everything all right?" One of the people asked.

"We're just helping the others escape the prison." A scruffy voice revealed.

The prisoner smiled. She turned to study her surroundings and gasped. Zuko, Aang, and Toph ran through the streets, making their way to the entrance. She raised her hood, concealing her face, and ran into the streets. "Was that -?"

"Look out!" The scruffy voice shouted.

The prisoner shrieked as the man with the scruffy voice knocked her into another building. Heping's daggers struck the wall as the other prisoners retreated into the shadows.

"Hide." The man said. "I will hold them off."

The prisoner nodded and ran swiftly into a corner as Hexie, Heping, and Tiao ran inside wielding their weapons menacingly. The man readied himself into an earthbending stance as Hexie smiled, sheathing her staff.

"This will be fun." Hexie grinned.

The man and Hexie lunged at each other, each raising a fist.

~~Soto Gawa: Hideout~~

Sokka flexed his muscles as Suki returned to the room with a bowl of water. She damped a cloth in it and squeezed the excess out. Wiping the cloth on Katara's face, Suki looked at Sokka.

"Do you think Katara will be all right?" Suki asked.

"Katara's strong. She can handle herself." Sokka said, "We'd better find Aang, Zuko, and Toph before they get too far."

"We will take care of her for you." Feito volunteered. "I fear the Avatar may get into more trouble than he bargained for."

"See Suki?" Sokka said, gesturing to Feito. "Katara's in good hands. What matters now is stopping the Peacekeepers so she can have a safe place to recover."

"All right, then, let's go." Suki said, setting the cloth down. Momo purred as he nestled himself beside Katara. The couple nodded goodbye at Feito and vanished from sight.

Feito watched the two take off before closing the door. The mayor retreated into the back room as Katara opened her eyes.

"Hi Momo." Katara said, greeting the lemur with a stroke of his fur. "Where are the others?" She felt the crumpled piece of parchment in her hands and smiled. "The Lost Scroll!" Katara sat up and bended a strand of water onto the symbol. The latch clicked like a pipe hissing and unrolled the scroll.

Katara's eyes scanned down the scroll as she read the secrets of the Water Tribes. The scroll was filled with old traditions like the Blue Moon and had detailed info on Avatar Kuruk, and a vast history. She quickly scrolled down the parchment until achieving her deepest desire: Waterbending Techniques.

The waterbender's eyes widened as she studied the complex forms. "This scroll contains everything! Huh?" She opened the scroll further and gasped.

~~Outside Soto Gawa~~

Aang and Zuko skidded to a halt as Toph ran in front of them. She placed her hands on the earth, feeling for any signs of life underground.

"Well, whaddya know? There is something underneath Soto Gawa." Toph revealed.

"Is it the Peacekeepers?" Zuko asked.

"No, it's something else." Toph said, closing her eyes and burrowing her fingers underneath the earth. "And it's coming fast. Look out!"

Toph slammed her foot onto the ground and raised her hands up. An earthen pillar erupted around the three as it rose to the clouds. Camu burst out of the ground, kicking a blast of fire from the sole of his shoe.

Zuko erupted a vortex of fire to consume the flame and shot it at Camu. The villain twirled to avoid the blast before landing on the ground. As soon as he landed, two ropes of fire shot out of each of his palms igniting the pillar. Aang sucked in a breath of air and exhaled sharply, shooting it at Camu. Toph busied herself by stomping on the pillar. The pillar and its inhabitants disappeared below the earth and appeared behind the Energybender.

"Who are you?" Zuko asked.

"I am Camu, destroyer of heroes." The Energybender boasted.

"I'm Toph, destroyer of destroyers of heroes." Toph shouted, shooting her arm outward. A pillar of earth erupted sideways from the existing pillar, but Camu bended the moisture out of the air, and shot a stream of water at the earth. Aang and Zuko gasped in shock as the two elements collided, giving birth to a wave of mud.

"Did he just waterbend and firebend?" Aang asked.

Camu swung his arms outward, and the pillar was forced backwards. Aang and Zuko dove to the side as Toph cut the pillar in half. She launched herself upwards by kicking the huge amount of rock at Camu. Camu sliced the rock in half with a cyclone of air as Toph landed on the ground.

"He can airbend too?" Zuko asked, bewildered.

Aang and Zuko shot flames from their hands at the Energybender but he bended the torrent of fire around and shot it at Toph. The earthbender commanded a wall of earth to rise and block the flames. She jumped on the wall, knocking it down. With a stomp of her foot, rocks erupted underneath it. Toph jumped to the ground as the earth slid toward the Energybender. Camu jumped to avoid the literal landslide and spun while kicking flames from his feet. Toph screamed as the fire cut off her only way to see the world.

Sokka and Suki ran in, unsheathing their weapons. The Energybender rolled his eyes at the new combatants and shot a volley of fire balls from his fists, each one closer to hitting the target. Suki blocked an attack with her fan and spun to avoid another ball of heat. Using the momentum she threw her other fan, which soared in the sky, until hitting Camu in the joint of his arm.

"That´s from the Water Tribe!" Sokka shouted.

"Actually I´m from the Earth Kingdom." Suki corrected.

"Same difference." Sokka said, swinging his space sword. Camu jumped backwards to avoid the slice and kicked upward. A volley of earth followed his command and struck Sokka to the side.

Suki swung her katana as Camu jabbed with his fists but the Kyoshi Warrior parried each attack. She slammed the weapon onto Camu´s stomach sending him a few feet back. Zuko used the distraction to his advantage and kicked three blasts of fire. Camu spun to avoid the first one, and summoned an earthen wall to block the second one. However, the third one broke through the wall and shot the Energybender back.

"Time to unleash my true power." Camu said with a twinkle in his eyes.

The Energybender slammed his foot onto the ground and entombed Suki with a barrel of rocks. He engulfed his hand with fire and grabbed Zuko´s punch. Taking advantage of the captive, he swung the Fire Lord and knocked Aang back. The Energybender exhaled a torrent of air, and shot the two friends through the walls of Soto Gawa. Toph and Sokka were then frozen in a block of ice, courtesy of Camu´s advanced waterbending skills.

Camu smirked to himself as he started to walk down the familiar road. "Weaklings." He stopped and turned to see a tidal wave aiming at him. Camu manipulated the wind to shoot him into the sky and searched for the master of water. Katara, in the tidal wave, shot her hand in the air. The water hand grabbed Camu and froze him in place.

"That technique was from the Lost Scroll!" Katara shouted. Camu growled and the ice exploded into deadly shards. The waterbender quickly melted the ice and was sprayed with a sea of water. She growled at Camu and raised her hands. The water obeyed and became a giant wave. Releasing it with a grunt, the wave bended around her and shot Camu into the forest. Aang, Zuko, and Suki freed themselves as Katara melted the ice that encased Sokka and Toph.

"W-Why a-am I-I s-shivering?" Sokka asked.

"Did you defeat Camu all by yourself?" Toph asked.

Camu jumped from the forest, steaming with anger. He raised his hands and Team Avatar responded by moving into their respective battle position. Appa roared as he landed in front of the opposing sides. He raised his tail and Camu encased himself with a ball of air. The tail slammed onto the ground shooting Camu into the sky, and vanished from sight.

Feito walked outside, panting. "Did you manage to defeat the Peacekeepers?"

"I´m sorry Feito, but someone got in our way. We´ll begin searching immediately." Zuko apologized, bowing in respect.

"Wait, I´ve been thinking." Katara said. "The Peacekeepers reveal themselves when someone threatens the peace right?"

"Are you not paying attention, Katara?" Sokka asked. "They think we are disturbing the peace."

"I know Sokka, but what I mean is that if we can increase our knowledge on the Lost Scrolls then maybe we can lure them out."

"What exactly are you suggesting Katara?" Suki asked.

"I opened the Lost Scroll." Katara revealed. Collective gasps filled the air.

"You did, but how?" Aang asked, raising an eyebrow to symbolize his confusion.

"It doesn´t matter." Katara snapped. "What I mean is that I went through the scroll and I discovered something that I thought we were the only people in the world to know."

"And that is?" Toph asked.

"The scroll has information on Bloodbending." Katara announced.


  1. The Energybender is a chapter reference to the original one named Attack of Camu. Instead of debuting officially in this chapter, Camu debuted to Team Avatar.
  2. Fen Ru, Tiao, Heping, and Hexie were originally not going to be appear in the chapter but were included to increase the length.
  3. The prisoners that escaped will be seen again.
  4. Originally, Team Avatar was supposed to infiltrate the Peacekeepers hideout but the author did not want the chapter to be too lengthy after the Peacekeepers' addition.
  5. This was originally the Book 1 finale when the books only contained twelve chapters.
  6. This was the first chapter without all of the Bounty Hunters since their debut.

Series Continuity

  1. Sokka's line, "That's from the Water Tribe" is used again after The Avatar Returns.
  2. Sokka's line, "Katara's in good hands. What matters now is stopping the Peacekeepers so she can have a safe place to recover." was originally Toph's, in the comic The Bridge.

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