Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Ends of Time in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Ends of Time is one name for a series that is currently being written by Prince Kozaro Kozaku. The Prelude takes place 5 years after the War ends, and Azula breaks out from her institution with the help of a group of unnamed warriors who continue to serve her until Book Three, where they are all wiped out

History: The Beginning Wars (106-119 AG)

Three major events occur in the beginning of the series:

1. Azula makes an alliance with King Hironato Kozaku of the Kozaku Monarchic-Tribes. Together they take on Team Avatar. Fire Lord Zuko arrives on the scene to help his friends fight his slightly-less-insane sister and her mysterious ally. However, at the most inopportune moment, Toph and Zuko are transported to a realm in-between the real world and the Spirit World, ultimately removing them from existence. It is made clear that only one can return, and Toph insists that it is Zuko, as she says that if he disappears, the Fire Nation will quickly give in to Azula.

2. After days of warring between the two armies of the Four Nations and Rogue Fire Nation Elites and impressively skilled Kozaku Benders (who can master every knock-off element -- Lightning, Sand, Metal, Lava, etc. -- and one major element of choice), Prince Kozaro Kozaku arrives with Kozaku Freedom Fighters. He helps Zuko take down Mai and Ty Lee, and they soon move on to Lee, Azula's second in command, and an extremely talented Firebender. Zuko says he can handle Lee, and that Aang needs his help more. He goes to the place where Aang and Azula were fighting, only to find that Aang had been swarmed by a large reserve of troops. Even the Avatar State couldn't save him, and he perished. However before he died, he switched out of the Avatar State, ensuring the continuity of the Avatar Cycle. Katara, Sokka, Suki, Appa, and Momo all flee to Kyoshi Island. Kozaro assists Fire Lord Zuko in killing Lee, but it remains clear that they have lost. Team Avatar was disbanded, and Fire Lord Zuko dethroned. The two fled to the North Pole, which was the perfect hiding place since no one was interested in taking it due to its low economic value.

3. Kyoshi Island is taken, but Momo and Appa escape to the North Pole while Sokka, Suki, the Kyoshi Warriors, and Katara die bravely at the hands of Azula. Azula then returns to the Fire Nation, takes the throne from Fire Lord Zuko's unnamed son, and creates an empire which consists of all of teh Western Earth Kingdom, Omashu, all islands not associated with a Nation, and the South Pole. This is the second largest Fire Nation Empire, second only to that of Phoenix King Ozai's. Zuko is taken prisoner on Kyoshi Island, but mysteriously disappears in the Kozaku Archipelago. Kozaro comes into possession of Momo and Appa, and begins a Rebel Faction which sabotages as many of Fire Lord Azula's expansions as possible.

History: Middle/End (156-162 AG)

50 years later, the Kozaku Monarchic-Tribes cancel the alliance with the Fire Nation, infuriating Fire Lord Azula, and beginning a legendary six-year war known as the War of the Great Mutiny which saw several major things occur.

1. Avatar Kozaro Kozaku, the first Avatar to have a last name, and the first Avatar to be of Kozaku descent. The tribe was forever placed in between Air and Water, though as a nation, they were only known as the Kozaku Tribe.

2. Zuko reappears, along with a surprising new ally -- Lee, who had been saved by a Waterbender from the South Pole during the Great Battle of the Division. He had a change of heart, and chose to assist Zuko. Upon discovering that Kozaro is the Avatar from a vision received from Aang, he began looking around for him, until in the Winter, he shows up, and the three take the month-long trip to the North Pole from Port Lanara.

3. Bumi II, Iroh, and Master Mirrak all teach Kozaro the various elements for a year and a half, until in the Summer of 161 AG, Fire Lord Azula invaded the North Pole. The group of six leave the North Pole and are followed by Azula, who leaves the North Pole in peace, just as they had hoped she would. They all ended up back in the place where the final battle of The War had been fought, and fought in an epic battle comparable to Ozai and Aang's fight. As Kozaro's death draws near, he manages to open the seven chakras using info Aang had given him, and entered the Avatar State. He mercilessly blasted Azula with Lightning and Blue Fire, until at last she was realized as being dead to the crazed Avatar. This ended the War of the Great Mutiny.

4. Using an ancient Kozaku technique, Kozaro used his remaining strength and life force to bring Team Avatar and Toph back to the human world. He declared that when the world again needed someone with his capabilities, two Avatars would be born; this would signal the coming of great global strife, and that he would mentor each of the "Second Avatars" along with the ones that later joined him in the Spirit World. And with that, the Six Year War of the Great Mutiny ended. Fire Lord Zuko was restored to the throne. However his son was dead, and so he gave the title of Crown Prince to one of his best friends -- Lee. Fire Lord Raiku -- as he renamed himself -- is coronated in 183 AG.

The story ends with Avatar Aang restored as the Avatar. It ends on an uncertain note, as though Avatar Aang lives to the age of 301, a new Avatar is born to the Earth Kingdom when he was 297, in 285 AG. However, he did not possess the skills described by Avatar Kozaro, meaning that Aang's resurrection has knocked the Avatar Cycle off track, as a Waterbender should have been next. Perhaps now not even the Avatar can restore balance to the world when needed, and perhaps Avatar Kozaro had truly messed up... royally.

Aftermath (162-289 AG)

In 162 AG, Avatar Aang became the ruler of the Kozaku Archipelago, which annexed the Air Temples into its empire, making it a far reaching Naval Superpower. Fire Lord Zuko does not free the captured islands, but instead ensures a better existence for its denizens under his grand rule. The Earth Kingdom city of Omashu, as well as all of the Fire Nation's Earth Kingdom holdings are given back to King Chang Yu, the 53rd Earth King. Born to King Hironato in 155, Crown Prince Ulaan is introduced by Avatar Aang in 171 AG. Five years later, Aang received a vision from Avatar Kozaro, stating that he would like it if Aang stepped down from the throne. Aang told him he wouldn't have it any other way, the King Ulaan is coronated a year later, in 177 AG. His reign would be long and prosperous. Sokka of the Water Tribe becomes Chief of the South Pole in 179, when Chief Kakoda passed away peacefully in his sleep. Katara begins teaching Waterbending to a growing number of them in her home. Soon, the Souther Water Tribe began further colonizing their lands.

The Northern Water Tribe entered a war with Kyroshi Island in 184, when the Dai Li -- disguised as Kyoshi Warriors -- attacked a North Pole fishing vessel. This ended with Kyroshi Island conquered in 187, the secret discovered, and the Dai Li agents executed. Later, the two nations made an agreement with King Chang Yu to exterminate the corrupt Dai li agents; 189 saw the Battle of Lake Okha, where the weakened Dai li were defeated once and for all. Avatar Aang arrives on the scene shortly following the battle's end, and is infuriated with the sight. However, Mirrak, the Waterbending Master -- and the star pupil of Master Pakku -- was able to calm down the Avatar before he destroyed the area and everyone in it. The city of Liokha is later built here to commemorate the great victory in 209 AG.

King Chang Yu declared war on King Bumi II's rebel kingdom of Omashu in 192 AG. The Avatar was told to let this pan out by a supposed "wise spirit" and that things would turn out fine. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The War of the Grand Divide lasted for 29 years before at last, in 221 AG, Avatar Aang put a stop to the war at the ironically named Ambush at the Grand Divide, in which Earthbenders from Ba Sing Se ambushed the camping Omashu Invasion Force in the Grand Divide. Avatar Aang solved this month-long conflict by bringing King Bumi and King Chang Yu to the scene of the battle. After witnessing what they caused, they immediately called an end to the war; racial dividing lines and conflicts did not stop, however, for half a century.

223 AG saw Fire Lord Raiku declare war on the Phoenix Guard, a group of Elite Fire Nation Rebels who had led a coup in Omashu and taken over the kingdom in secret. Aang arrives to an occupied fishing village a month later, and confronted the Fire Lord about his presence there. Raiku explained, and the Avatar understood and even joined him in his quest. Together they took Omashu, killed the Phoenix Guard, and freed King Bumi II in 224. This quickly ended the war in the Earth Kingdom, and the Fire Nation once again resumed its previous borders. Neither Raiku or Zuko had been very interested in conquering the Four Nations; they focused on maintaining the decently sized empire Zuko had constructed years before. It had been 130 years since Fire Lord Ozai had taken the throne, and 126 since he declared himself the Phoenix King. Sozin had begun the war, Azulon had continued it; his son Ozai had continued the acts of his father and grandfather, until he was defeated in 101 AG by Avatar Aang. His daughter, Fire Lord Azula, had nearly won her own conquest of the world, which began in 106 AG, and ultimately ended in 162 AG with a grave defeat; the only remaining members of the Royal Family were General Iroh and Fire Lord Zuko. However, in the absence of an heir to the throne, Zuko named his greatest ally, Lee, the Crown Prince in 163. General Iroh died of extremely old age in 178 AG, and Fire Lord Zuko found the same fate in 182, and Fire Lord Raiku (Lee) became ruler of the Fire Nation in 183 AG.

Fire Lord Raiku died of decently old age in 231, at the age of 93. His only son -- Crown Prince Ursan -- was mentally ill, though he was coronated in 233. His reign was short, and in 249 King Ulaan Kozaku II absorbed the Fire Nation's Empire into its sphere of influence. At last, in 268, Fire Lord Kuzon, the sole son of Fire Lord Ursan, came to power, and the Fire Nation rebelled against King Ulaan II. Kuzon was extremely ambitious, and desired a world ruled by the Fire Nation. He invaded the Earth Kingdom in 269. The Second Great War broke out when the Fire Nation took Omashu, and killed King Bumi II; Jin Wu and Cheng Du -- the children of King Bumi and King Cheng Yu respectively -- retreated and ruled in Ba Sing Se. Chief Mokatu of the Northern Water Tribe and Chief Teyaru of the Southern Water Tribe declared war on Fire Lord Kuzon. Avatar Aang could do little to stop this war, as King Ulaan II was fighting him on Duck Island. The Fire Nation prevailed in Ba Sing Se, and they took the two Poles the next year. The Kozaku Tribe was already a near-permanent ally, and so from a political standpoint this was the outcome: in 273 AG, the Fire Nation conquered the world. However, in 274, King Kozaro Kozaku returned to the land of the living, killed King Ulaan II, and broke the alliance with the Fire Nation. Avatar Aang sought refuge in his capital, and together the two invaded and took the Fire Nation Capital. Despite all of his offensive prowess, Fire Lord Kuzon was no defender. His dream died with him in the Spring of 275 AG.

For the rest of this century, the Fire Nation was occupied in some way by some nation. In 289, three things happened: It was revealed that the Avatar Cycle had been knocked off course, as had the Sesons; now the cycle was Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The next Avatar was revealed to be King Jin Wu of Ba Sing Se. King Kozaro sired one heir: Queen Ulaana Kozaku, before he disappeared in 289. Three: Avatar Aang died three months after the new Avatar was declared.

This is where the tale ends in The Ends of Time. Actual fanon is in the works.

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