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The Ending: Part 1
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The Ending: Part 2

400 years after Korra, the world is torn between two conflicting ideologies: Red, and White.

Red: for change, equality, and progress. The belief that humans are the ultimate power and that the spirits and the Avatar are oppressors of true change in the world.

White: for beauty, art and heritage. The notion that the old ways must be preserved at any cost, and that The spirits and the Avatar are the guardians of society, and the guiding hands of humanity.

The world is on the brink of war and the Avatar has not yet been discovered. The answer to his whereabouts may lie with one young man, but can Kiviuq, a progressive red, put aside his beliefs to find the only one who can save everything?

Nuka smoothed her white hair and glanced up from her notes at the lecture hall of expecting Water Tribe students. "I-uh. Um." She fiddled with her note cards nervously as she tried to continue. Parallel to her, her opponent stood at his podium, with a look of sympathetic embarrassment on his face. "I uh, I believe that-uh, the white party is morally right in its ways of thinking. The old ways should be practiced and preserved. Statistics tell us that the majority holds to white beliefs and that red progressivism is rejected in favor of white preservation." she stacked her cards neatly between her sweaty palms and looked nervously at the class. "This is why I believe that measures should be taken to preserve many of our cultural traditions despite Red opposition, because it would be in the public's future interests." Nuka bit her lip and looked to her opponent, waiting for his input on the matter.

"The truth is, Nuka is actually morally wrong in her thinking, as well as factually wrong with her statistics," the boy said with an air of superiority that Nuka did not have. "The truth is..." He began as he turned to face her. "The majority is red, and the minority is white. Yes, the power majority is white. Most people in government hold to white beliefs, but most every average man and woman, hold to red beliefs. You're not wrong, but you're not right either." Nuka looked away and stared down at her podium, he was right. "And when I said you were morally wrong, I was referring to the current state of politics in the world. You say that the old ways need to be preserved. But at what cost? The cost of jobs and work for the ordinary man and woman? Of course it is easy for a wealthy government official to talk big about preservation, but when that "preservation" gets in the way of creating work for the working man and woman, where is the morality?"

Nuka gritted her teeth at his words. "I-I-didn't mean it like that." She stuttered. "If we aren't careful, we'll lose all of the things we have worked for for thousands of years."

"What about that single man with 3 kids who works at a factory? What happens to all he has worked for when that factory is closed because the land is declared sacred by some over spiritual government cook? What about him?"

"Yeah-sure, there are problems in both beliefs, things that need to be fixed in both red and white, but you have to understand, the white beliefs aren't evil, they are good. They preserve beauty and culture-"

"So you consider pushing hundreds of people off their land, good?" The boy said, cutting her off. The class leaned forward in their seats.

"No-I-I" She stumbled on her words.

"You consider cutting off trade of certain goods and causing people to lose their job, good?"

"No!" She yelled. The classroom suddenly seemed quieter than it was before, not even the shuffle of impatient feet were heard. Nuka calmed herself. "None of that is good, but the Avatar...the Avatar will fix it all. I know he will."

The boy scoffed. "You whites, whenever you're proven wrong, you always crawl to the Avatar: the great oppressor. Let's examine your precious Avatar. shall we? Wasn't it Avatar Kundun's white policies that caused civil unrest in several Earth Kingdom states? And didn't that unrest later lead to war? And isn't that same war still going on today? A war in which thousands of people have already died? Oh yeah, it is. I see your Avatar as a symbol of oppression and a burden on the human race. Crawl back into your hole whitey and pray to your spirits." His tone was harsh, and his face mirrored that tone. The class did not move, and Nuka, Nuka stood silently, her eyes red as she tried to hold back her tears.

"Well-what-what you say is-" She couldn't hold it together, she began to cry right behind her podium. Without another word she ran out of the classroom, leaving all her things behind.

"It seems I must declare Kiviuq the winner of this debate, seeing as how his opponent has left the classroom," the professor said calmly as he got up from his front row seat. "I'll see you all next week for class." The students filed out silently, unlike their usual chatty method of leaving, and in minutes, Kiviuq was left alone to gather his things from off the podium. When he was finished, he gathered Nuka's stuff as well, marveling at the fact that she stills uses paper as opposed to the electronic devices of the time.

He made his way through the halls of the college until he reached the library, a place rarely used by students of a digital age but there he knew he would find Nuka. She was reading a book when she noticed him approaching, but before she could escape, he stopped her. He pulled her notes from his pocket and handed them to her. "I'm sorry for what I said earlier. I should have kept it friendly," he said.

"Sometimes you forget to stop and think about others, Kiviuq," she told him.

"I know, and I'm sorry."

"Apology accepted."

The two youths stood opposite each other. For a moment all was silent until Kiviuq began to speak suddenly. "It was all my fault, Nuka!" He exclaimed. "I tore us apart didn't I?"

She looked away from his face and gripped her book tightly between her fingers. "I think we both had a hand in our breakup. But-but it was for the better. We're both very different."

"Sometimes, you just make me angry, like earlier. But sometimes, I almost want to ask if you'll take me back."

Nuka looked to her feet and sighed. "I don't think that would be a good idea, you and I both know that."

"Yeah, you're right," he said sadly. "Well, I should be going."

"Yeah," she replied. Nuka reached out and ran her fingers through Kiviuq's white hair, before kissing his cheek and then afterwards leaving. Kiviuq stood alone, knowing it was all his fault, despite what she tells him.

The school day seemed to fly by after Kiviuq's encounter with Nuka, and he soon found himself outside in the familiar icy white landscape of Yue. The entire college campus, like everything else on the moon, was carved out of ice, but unlike the Water Tribes of old, the interiors of these buildings were warm and beautiful often supported by beautifully crafted metal walls and comely hardwood floors. Kiviuq sighed and watched the vapor of his breath dissipate into the cold air. He pulled the artificial fur lined collar of his jacket higher around his neck and charged into the cold wind with a brisk walk. The college sat in the center of the city, and just beyond the grounds, tall towers of ice and metal could be seen jutting from Yue's surface. Kiviuq marveled at them and their beauty as he walked. Just a few hundred feet above the highest building, Kiviuq could see the faint pulse of light that revealed the hexagonal pattern of the energy dome that guarded the city and its ecosystem. Without it, a life so prosperous on the moon would not be possible.

Kiviuq entered the streets of the white city and merged with the flow of hundreds of other commuters all dressed in the blue and black colors of the Water Tribe. There were businessmen staring at statistics on their handheld, and there were women trying to drag their crying children through the busy streets. There were people lining the walkways trying to hail a cab as the hovering Satomobiles pushed their way down the traffic jammed streets in a fury of horn honks and break screeches, and there were people like Kiviuq, just trying to get from one place to another without making a scene.

Kiviuq walked through the automatic doors of a three story building. Inside there were several large rooms. Some were filled with workout equipment, some were empty dojos where Water Tribe citizens could practice their waterbending away from the busy city streets. The first two floors were for public use, but on the third floor there were several private rooms for lease, this is where Kiviuq was going. After he exited the elevator he held his wrist up to an electronic scanner. The scanner verified Kiviuq's identity by scanning a small metallic band he wore around his wrist. Kiviuq entered the mid-sized room through the automatic doors and was greeted by an older man. "Kiviuq! At last you have arrived!" A white haired man exclaimed happily.

"Nuvuk, You know I would never be late for our weekly workout." The young man replied with a smile as he changed out of his school clothes and into a blue T-shirt and black sweats. "What shall we do first?"

"Hmm. How about a friendly sparring match? No blades this time?" Nuvuk laughed. Nuvuk was the general of the lunar Water Tribe as well as a personal family friend of Kiviuq's. He was an older, experienced man, around the age of forty five. He was large and broad with hard and defined facial features, especially his cheek bones which jutted out from his face revealing his strong line of Water Tribe ancestry. His eyes were dark blue and wise, and almost as distinguishable as his white bushy eyebrows, and his lips were almost always curled into a smile. "Give me your best!" He bellowed loudly at Kiviuq, followed by a hearty chuckle. "But don't kill me."

"Whatever you say, master!" the young man laughed. Kiviuq took his stance in the center of the room. The floor was blue and metallic and punched full of tiny holes from which water could be pulled from beneath the floor or drained back into it. The boy was a natural waterbender with an incredible physique. His skin was smooth but not soft. His muscles were toned and defined and he moved with the grace of a master waterbender. His face was round and handsome and his light blue eyes stood out like stars against his dark skin.

He pulled a line of water from the floor and bent it into a ring that spun around his body in the typical lunar style. Nuvuk did the same and soon the two men were circling each other waiting for the right moment. Nuvuk took it first, firing a blast of water from his ring *SWOOSH!*. Kiviuq blocked it with a swipe of water and returned fire. Nuvuk dodged and then turned his ring into a whip which he snapped at the boy *CRACK* Kiviuq somersaulted into the air while maintaining his ring. While in mid-air, he bent a blast of water at his master which the older man dodged easily, but Nuvuk did not see the follow up blast Kiviuq had delivered *SPLASH!* Nuvuk went down in a wet wave. Kiviuq released his hold on the liquid, letting it drain back into the floor. "Hahaha." He laughed out loud. "It seems the student has become the teacher!"

Nuvuk bent his clothes dry and stood up, Kiviuq was still laughing. Nuvuk smiled, "Let's move on," he said too quickly and too quietly for Kiviuq to hear. Before the boy could defend himself, Nuvuk released a nearly transparent wave of blue light at the boy *WOOSH*. Kiviuq flew back and fell hard to the ground.

"Ohhh," he moaned in pain.

"No more water," his master laughed. Nuvuk took a stance foreign to waterbending and moved his hands in motions similar to the technique used by firebenders to shoot lightning. Just as Kiviuq stood up he released another wave of blue light. Kiviuq held his arms in an X position in front of his chest, absorbing the wave and then releasing his own blast of blue light at his opponent. Nuvuk just barely had time to absorb it and the force of the blast caused his feet to slide across the metal floor.

"Ugh. Okay." Kiviuq sighed. "Break time. You knocked the wind out of me."

Nuvuk chuckled. "I guess I am still the master."

Kiviuq sat crossed legged on the floor and chugged a plastic bottle of water. "Of course you are," he said, wiping his mouth. "You've lived here longer than I have, I would expect you to have a mastery over Lunar energy."

"Well, in all honesty, if we were away from the surface, I bet you would beat me at a water battle. But as long as we are close to the ground, It seems I still have the upper hand." The two men sat in silence for a moment while they drank a little and caught their breath. "Kiviuq..." Nuvuk began. "You know, your energy skills are proficient enough, I might be able to use you for something tomorrow."

The boy became curious. "What?"

"As you know, the generators for the energy dome must be housed far from the city to prevent problems such as explosions."

"Yeah, why do you need me?"

"The two men in charge of keeping the facility running haven't checked in on the computer log for several days and there have been some irregularities in the dome. We believe something might have happened to them. Because you major in directional energy sciences you might be of some use, as well as your skills in bending lunar energy. If we run into some problems, mainly wild spirits, energy is the only weapon effective against them."

"I would love to," Kiviuq replied. "But my parents-"

"I've already talked to them," Nuvuk said. "You just have to say yes."

Kiviuq smiled. "Yes."

"Well then..." Nuvuk began. "We'll have to cut this short because I've got to get all the plans for the mission ready by tomorrow. Show up to ship docks tomorrow and we'll suit up."

She spoke with a crystalline whisper that sounded as if it rode the solar wind. "Find me."

Kiviuq sat up suddenly in his bed, there was a cold sweat on his forehead. What a terrible dream he thought to himself, even though it was no more than two words echoing from the darkness. Find who? His thoughts asked. He had no answer for his strange dream and he could not allow silly voices to cloud his thinking on the day of the mission. It was already five o'clock, he needed to be at the docks by 5:30. He jumped out of bed and dressed as quickly as he could, skipping his shower, and brushing his teeth with the end of his finger. Outside of the comfort of his parent's apartment the city was cold and somewhat silent, the streets had infinitely fewer people on them.

The city was darker, but not naturally, even the people of the lunar Water Tribe live by earth days, so every day the sun can be seen, but not to its full power of course, the dome shades the dangerous rays and reduces the level of light to that of earth, while at night the dome shades out the sun almost completely as well as the light it reflects off the moon to, this gives the city the same effect of an earth night: Dark, cold, and silent.

Kiviuq took a cab to the docks. He did not talk to the cabby and the cabby did not talk to him. Most earth people say it is strange culture on the moon, for at night all goes silent and the city dies, unlike on earth, there is no "night life" on Yue, and people rarely talk on the public streets of the city and if they do they speak in whispers.

By the time Kiviuq had reached the docks at the edge of the city, they had just started to wake up. Hundreds of men and women filed silently off the dark streets and into the many buildings devoted solely to the coming and going of starships. Kiviuq became one of these people. As light began to shine through the dome, voices began to grow louder and soon the sounds of the city were in full bloom. Kiviuq pushed past chatty workers and military personnel as respectfully as he could, but soon he found himself running and shoving because he was already late. The docks were laid out in two pieces. The inside piece sat just within the dome, a large complex made primarily of metal. A huge opening in its side allowed for transports to take shipping containers to and fro. If these containers were to be loaded onto a starship, they would be taken further into this bay until they reached the second part of the docks. This part, which was also primarily made of metal, lay outside of the dome and it stretched for nearly a mile in a rectangular shape that was almost half a mile wide. Tall slender towers and great loading devices loaded cargo on and off the ships as they glided slowly from the black depths and docked onto giant mechanisms that held them firmly to the surface while they refueled. These ships were long like a skyscraper and blunt like, resembling a dark metallic 2x4 with two sets of wide circular turbines on both the front and the back, each with a circumference of several hundred feet. Each ship had numerous small antennas jutting from their tops and bottoms to collect countless kinds of data and some even had large double barreled guns sticking from their sides. Those ones were warships, but were seldom ever used for war.

For now, Kiviuq was staying within the safety of the dome. He was headed away from the bulk of the first inside half of the docks and toward a small garage that sat more secluded to the side. There a small passenger transport would be fueled and ready for Nuvuk's mission. When Kiviuq finally found it, he was glad to know he was not the only one late. The other man stood out amongst the dark skinned and white haired waterbenders. His skin was light and his hair was brown and on his face was the puzzled expression of an earthman trying to put on a spacesuit for the first time. This was the first sight Kiviuq saw when he entered the little building: a large earthbender struggling to put on the outfit like a child trying to put on his own pants for the first time. Kiviuq laughed and rushed to help the man. "No, No. I can do it." The man grunted as he swatted at the boy. "I can get it on myself."

"He's been at it for a while." Nuvuk chuckled, already dressed in his dark gray outfit. The earthman was surrounded by several other Water Tribe men, already dressed in their outfits and holding their helmets under their arms.

"Alright." The earthbender sighed. "Someone help me." All the men laughed in unison at his words and Nuvuk stepped forward and helped the man suit up. Space suits hadn't changed much in several hundred years, they were looser and less bulky and more suited for free movement, but still large and heavy to protect against the harsh and unforgiving environment of Yue. They were outfitted with two oxygen tanks and a large round glass helmet with two bright lights on the side to use when needed. "Hey," the earthman said to Kiviuq. "We haven't met yet, I'm Lee." The man took Kiviuq's hand and bowed slightly, the boy did the same.

"I'm Kiviuq," he said as they all filed into their seats on the transport. It was about the size of a bus, but bulkier and outfitted for conditions outside of the dome. Like most vehicles of the time, it hovered, and was perfectly suited for flying over the bumpy surface of Yue.

All the men found their seats and Nuvuk signaled for the pilot to head out. Just as the general was about to jump into the craft with his team, a loud beeping noise arose from his arm. He lifted it to his face and examined a bright little screen situated on the outside of his suit. He sighed and looked at the others. "I'm sorry guys, I can't oversee this mission, I've just been called to a council meeting, apparently it is urgent. Commander Koda will be mission leader in my stead," Nuvuk said, pointing to a Water Tribe man opposite of Kiviuq. "Kiviuq, if you don't want to go through with this, I understand," Nuvuk said, turning to the boy.

"No, I committed to this, I can do it."

"Very well," said the general. Kiviuq watched as the back hatch slowly closed and then listened as the air hissed and locked tightly together. There was no going back. Kiviuq felt the vehicle begin to move and he could soon tell they were no longer within the dome.

"So how did such a young man get on this mission!?" Lee asked.

Kiviuq smiles. "I'm a friend of General Nuvuk's and I also have some expertise in directional energy sciences."

Commander Koda scoffed. "It was irresponsible for the general to invite you on this mission. You aren't qualified to even be on this craft!"

"If the general invited me I have just as much right to be here as you do," Kiviuq replied firmly. He turned once again to Lee. "So this your first time on Yue?"

"Yup. I left behind my earth legs just a few weeks ago. I got an engineering gig up here and it seems your general was short an engineer. So, I got another job." Lee laughed happily at luck. "I haven't been outside yet, but I'm looking forward to it."

"You're looking forward to it?" Koda chuckled mockingly. "Do you know why we're here?" He asked, referring to himself and the two other Water Tribe soldiers. "We're here to keep you two safe."

"Safe from what?" Lee asked with concern.

"Whatever spirits we might encounter while we're out, Yue's unforgiving surface is a perfect home for them. I wouldn't be surprised if they attacked the generator complex we're heading to."

Lee seemed puzzled. "But where are your weapons?"

"Silly earthman." Koda laughed. "Weapons are no good against spirits, they don't have physical bodies, they are completely beings of energy, so only energy can harm them. Me and my men are some of the best energy benders on Yue."

Lee pointed at Kiviuq. "The general told me he was one of the best as well."

Koda was amused. "This child? Haha. He's just a brain with a pretty face. He knows nothing about fighting spirits."

"And tell us, what do you know, Koda?" Kiviuq asked.

"I know that the spirits have been angry lately. I blame it on the reds and their 'progress'," he said, motioning with his fingers the sign for parenthesis. "The reds completely disregard the spirits, they trample their sacred places and treat them like monsters to be shewed away."

"What about you commander?" Lee began. "Aren't you trained to fight them?"

The commander paused for a moment. "Yes, but I only do it out of defense. I have a great respect for the spirits and when the Avatar returns, he will teach the world to respect them again."

Kiviuq laughed. "Ah, you whites and the Avatar. The way I see it, both the spirits and the Avatar should leave. This is a human's world and neither of them are needed anymore."

"Why would such a noble upstanding white like Nuvuk be friends with such a disrespectful red?" Koda asked.

"He respects my beliefs, I respect his."

"Are you sure it isn't out of respect for his daughter that he puts up with you?"

Kiviuq's features went cold. "I don't know how well you know the general, and I don't know what he has told you about my relationship with Nuka, but what happened there doesn't come between my relationship with Nuvuk!"

"Whoah!" Lee bellowed. "Why don't we all calm down. I believe we're almost there, this thing is slowing down."

"Fine," Kiviuq said harshly without taking his eyes off Koda. "What are your orders...Commander?"

"Just a routine checkup. You two fix whatever is wrong, we watch your backs." Suddenly the door began to hiss and all the men locked their helmets firmly onto their suits. The door opened, revealing the icy white landscape of Yue, and the bright unguarded sun shining down on her surface. Their helmets automatically shaded to protect them from the dangerous rays. Unlike the Water Tribe men, Lee's suit was outfitted with weights to help him walk about normally in the low gravity. The others didn't need such weights, because of a waterbender's connection to the moon, the low gravity does not affect them.

While the others gathered a few extra supplies, Kiviuq examined Yue's beauty. Except for the dome of light just a few miles away, all else was flat as far as the eye could see. Flat and icy, the sun shone down on the white surface, brightly revealing every crack and crevice. Just on the horizon, the earth sat suspended in Yue's black sky. What a sight to behold. Kiviuq turned around and noticed the large half ice, half metal structure which was the generator complex. It seemed lifeless, except for the low hum of machinery echoing from within.

When the men were finally ready, they walked cautiously toward the building and then up the flight of stairs to the main command room. The soldiers entered first, but no one was there. There was a layer of dust on the bright computer screens and controls, and even a plate of unfinished food rotting on a table. The caretakers were no where to be found. "Nuvuk was right," Koda said as he looked around the dusty room. "Something's wrong." Just then a strange noise issued from the depths of complex. *SCREECH*. All the men turned in in the same direction at the sound of the blood curdling sound. "Spirits," Koda said quietly.

"Spirits?" Lee asked with concern.

"Yes," Koda replied. "But we came here to do a job, we need to do it. Kiviuq, you go with my men to the lower floors and check the directional pipes bringing energy to the city. I'll stay up here with Lee and check all of the other systems." Kiviuq and the other two made their way out of the room and down another flight of stairs heading farther into the depths of the complex. It was dark, too dark, all the lights were shattered and broken, and not by accident. The three Water Tribe men walked slowly with their helmet lights turned to full blast and their hands in a bending ready position.

"Psttt!" came a noise from behind some pipes. "Are you friendly?" a man whispered.

"Yes," Kiviuq replied. "We're here to help." Two heads popped out from behind the large pipes. They were the caretakers.

"Thank Yue!" One of them exclaimed quietly as he helped his partner from their hiding place.

"What happened?" Kiviuq asked.

"One moment all was well, the next moment, spirits flooded the place before we could even call in for help. We've been hiding behind here for days, and we're starving." *SCREECH* The noise came again, this time closer. "Oh please don't let them get us!" The man screamed. Suddenly a pair of glowing eyes appeared in the darkness. One of the soldiers shot a blast of energy at the invisible foe, causing it to screech once more and then disappear into the darkness.

All became quiet. "I don't think they're-" *TWHACK* Kiviuq hit the floor stomach first. Something had his leg. "Help me!" He cried. But before his companions could react, the boy had disappeared into the darkness of the complex.

"Find me" A woman's voice echoed. Kiviuq was jolted from his sleep, he found himself in complete blackness. He reached for the lights on his helmet, but found that it had been removed. He jumped to his feet and attempted to escape from wherever he was, but he merely ran into things.

"What do you want from me!" He screamed into the darkness.

A voice replied. "Find me."

The sound of it caused chills to run up Kiviuq's spine. "Who are you?" He asked shakily.

"Find me," it said once again. A light began to glow and show Kiviuq the way. Cautiously, he followed it. It led him down a wet hallway lined with pipes and then into a large empty room made of metal. Dials and pipes made faint noises on the walls as Kiviuq stood alone with the light. "You found me," the voice said.

"Please. Just tell me who you are?" Kiviuq asked. Suddenly the light disappeared, and the boy was left in darkness once again. "Please! Just-" *VOOM* another light appeared, a brighter, more brilliant light. Kiviuq tried to guard his eyes as the light began to increase in size and brightness. When it had stopped, he took down his guard and beheld the holder of the mysterious voice.

"Hello, Kiviuq," Yue said, her bright blue body glowed and swayed above the ground.

"I-I-" Kiviuq stuttered, but he could not finish his words, instead he dropped to the ground and bowed to the moon spirit.

"Please, do not bow to me, child," she said, reaching out to Kiviuq's chin and bring him up to his feet. Her touch was cold, but filled his body with warmth and power. "I have news for you," she said.

"W-why me? Why no-not Nuvuk, or Koda? Why me?" He asked, still in shock.

"Because, it only pertains to you," she said with a crystalline voice.

"What is it?"

"There will be war." Her words were ominous.

"B-but how? An-and when?" He asked.

"Soon. Within the year."

"Can it be stopped? Is there anything I can do?"

"No," she said quietly. "It cannot be stopped. Because you will start it."

Kiviuq could not believe his ears. "Wh-what do you mean!?" He cried.

"Find him," she said. And with that, she disappeared.

"Find who!!" Kiviuq screamed.

"What are you yelling at!" Came Koda's voice from down the hall. He lit up the dark room with his lights when he entered. Kiviuq stood still in the center. "Are you okay, boy?"

Kiviuq came to his senses. "Y-Yes. I'm fine. Let's get out of here." When the two men had reached the command room they found the two soldiers with the caretakers and an injured Lee. "What happened?" Kiviuq asked.

"We believe Lee found the problem in the computers and fixed it. Just as we were about to search for you and the others we were attacked by spirits. Thankfully my men and the caretakers showed up and helped fight them off."

"I have a feeling the spirits won't come back," Kiviuq said. "I believe they were here for a reason."

"And what reason was that, red?" Koda asked.

Kiviuq hesitated. "I-I don't know." But he lied, he was the reason they had come, Yue knew he would be there.

"Well we don't have time to debate spiritual matters," Koda said hastily. "We need to get Lee into the transport and remove his suit." Once the crew and the caretakers had entered the transport, they carefully removed Lee's suit and examined his body. "He's got some pretty bad bruising on his chest and wrists. Here, take this." Koda told Kiviuq, handing him Lee's identification bracelet. The ride home seemed shorter than before, and once they had returned to the interior of the dome, Lee was taken immediately to the hospital to be cared for. The rest of the men filled out their report on their devices and then left for home and rest.

When Kiviuq entered his parent's apartment, no one was home. It was dark, except for the light of the white city outside of the windows, and all was quiet. Kiviuq was tired, and confused. "Kiviuq." Came a solemn voice.

The boy reeled around and bent a ring of water from a nearby vase. "Who's there!"

"It's okay. Don't kill me," the man said, flicking on the lights. It was Nuvuk, sitting comfortably on Kiviuq's couch. "It's just me."

"Why are you here?" the boy asked.

"I have news." These words frightened Kiviuq, Yue had said the same thing.

"What?" He asked, trying to conceal his concern.

Nuvuk hesitated. "You took a test, a few months back. Am I right?"

"Yes. What of it. I failed, just like every other student."

Nuvuk sighed. "No, no you didn't it."

"Of course I did. I saw the score. What is the significance of the test anyway?" Kiviuq snapped, letting his concern and irritation slip through.

"It was meant to be sent out along time ago, but opposition from Reds in the Water Tribe educational system had slowed it down. Until now." Nuvuk stood up and made his way to the boy. Kiviuq backed up.

"What does this have to do with me?"

"The test was made to find the next Avatar."

Kiviuq felt a slash of pain. "D-did you find him!?"

"Did you not hear what I said?" Nuvuk asked. "You were the only one to score a 100%. You're the-"

"Did you find him!?" Kiviuq asked, now in a panic.

"Yes, You are the Avatar, Kiviuq! You!" Nuvuk said loudly.

"No, you're joking! This can't be the reason, she can't be right! Tell me you made a mistake!" Kiviuq said, his voice cracking.

"She who, Kiviuq? Who can't be right. Tell me what you saw!"

"No, it can't be true, Nuvuk. I can't be him!" Kiviuq screamed. "He stands for everything I'm against! She was right! I will start a war, this is why! I've become the monster I've hated for so long!" The boy finally let go a slew of tears.

"Kiviuq, we can solve this together! Let me help you!" The man cried, placing his hand on the boy's shoulder.

"NO!!!" He screamed, blasting a wave of blue energy into Nuvuk's chest. The older man was slammed into the hard glass of the large apartment window. He fell to the carpeted floor with a smack and then a groan. When he regained his composure, Kiviuq was gone.

The boy ran wildly through the darkening streets of the city. In his head he could hear Yue's voice echoing... "You found him."

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