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With sirens blaring and police trucks speeding by from every which direction, Kaeta, Zola, and Yue feared they were too late to warn City Hall about the Isha. What was a calm evening under a full moon had quickly morphed into chaos and confusion.

"The Isha must have done something horrible!" cried Zola. Her panic turned to defeat. "We didn't make it in time."

Kaeta wasn't ready to give up just yet. "We won't be able to warn anybody, but we can still help them fight!" He proceeded to guide the other two across the hectic street before jumping back as a medic truck whizzed by and crashed in an intersection.

Yue shook her head. "With all this commotion, we'll never be able to walk there, and City Hall's a good distance away."

"What should we do then?" asked Kaeta a little angrier than he intended.

Yue scanned her surroundings and saw a man sitting in his parked Satomobile. The Councilwoman closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and made complicated motions with her arms. Suddenly, the man's face looked strained, and he opened his car door and walked out before collapsing to the ground, all involuntarily. The man struggled to get up, but Yue forced his face back in a puddle with her impressive Bloodbending. "Get in!" she barked to the others. Without waiting for Kaeta or Zola to buckle up, she floored it down the street, clipping a lamp post and losing her left side mirror in the process.

Within minutes, the passengers of the bruised-up vehicle could see City Hall drawing closer, but Yue was forced to a dead stop by hundreds of bystanders, the press, and a police barricade. The entire building was roped off.

"I don't think anyone can get in or out," said Yue hopelessly.

Kaeta couldn't believe it. "Not even a Councilwoman and the friends of the Avatar?"

"Watch it with the Avatar stuff!" she snarled. "Remember, he's an outlaw here."

Kaeta opened his mouth to respond but instead pointed to the first wave of police officers attempting to breach City Hall. They approached cautiously, and two large men prepared to burst the front door open. Suddenly, they both fell to their knees, suffocating. Before anyone else could react, the other officers did the same, choking and gagging on absolutely nothing. Seeing this, the masses let out thunderous screams and tried to flee, but nobody could move their legs. Everyone in the area was effectively frozen as three figures exited the building. One was an older man dressed in green, another was a man in flashy red clothing, and the third was a woman in Water Tribe apparel, laughing menacingly with her hands raised in her traditional Bloodbending position. From inside their car, Yue, Kaeta, and Zola were all imobilized by Kimma's mighty grip. For a moment, the only noise was the cynical Waterbender's laugh. The only other thing that could be heard was the sound of her high heels making their way down the front steps of City Hall. She paused, and suddenly the members of the press began to suffocate- the next of Onjing's victims. Each one died before a figure in black robes flew out of the building and off into the night without saying a word.

Kimma stopped laughing to speak, still smiling viciously. "Now then, we might as well dispose of the impure among us. She rubbed her chin as she evaluated the crowd. Then, she pulled her arms toward her chest and some people sprung from the rest into a straight line in front of her. "These are the Cha Jin De's," she announced. She then turned to Zhouray and smiled. "Begin."

With great pleasure, the Fire Lord began shoot a small bolt of lightning at each non-bender one-by-one, execution style, but he paused when Sangti held up his hand.

"Kimma," the Earthbender started, "a thought just occurred to me. Wouldn't it be a greater sign that the world is sick of these animals if we had the benders in our audience do the executing?"

"That's a brilliant idea." She walked slowly to a trembling man on his knees. "You, point out your closest friends or I'll make sure you have the slowest, most painful death imaginable."

The prisoner complied and singled out his brother, who Kimma brought forth with Bloodbending. "I take it you are an Earthbender?" she inquired given his attire. The man nodded but couldn't look at Kimma in the eye. "Excellent," she laughed. "Now, kill your brother or I'll torture you both."

Slowly, the man stomped the ground and levitated a sharp rock, then stared at his twin brother who looked back at him helplessly. Both of them began to tear up when the Earthbender looked away and delivered the final blow.

"You did well," whispered Kimma into the man's ear, almost seductively. She turned to the crowd. "What are you people waiting for? Clap for this man's bravery!" Everyone was then forced to applaud, all thanks to the power of the full moon.

In the next planned execution, a Firebender refused to murder his wife, so Zhouray set fire to them both. A similar fate was experienced by a Waterbender who couldn't muster the "courage" to murder her young daughter. Meanwhile, Yue, Zola, and Kaeta were still stuck in their Satomobile, unable to comprehend or believe the horror that was occurring before their very eyes. They watched miserably as Kimma waltzed around with glee. She turned to another non-bender and gave him a fake sad face before raising her arm to strike. Just then, an arrow whizzed by and struck her in the foot. As she yelped in pain, the bystanders were released of her grip, and they bolted as fast as they could. Kaeta, Zola, and Yue got out of the car to see Berani perched on a nearby building with a bow in her hands. She missed, but her attack was enough to set everyone free- for now.

In the dark room where Brek was left to meditate, his spiritual conversation with Avatar Yangchen was drawing to a close.

"You see time as only going forward, but that is not the case," the wise Air Nomad explained. "Time is like a mountain range, and I can see both the beginning and the end, as well as everything in between- and I see it all at once."

"If I had that ability, I'd choose to always live in the good times," noted Brek, dubious about this entire concept.

"Indeed that's what I do to remain peaceful, and at first I thought that's all you could do- observe the time, relive it exactly as it was. But now I understand the truth: you can change it."

"How is that possible?"

"Brek, you are mastering the element of change. I believe that you will be learn to change time: the fourth dimension. Focus. I will assist you."

Both Avatars inhaled slowly, and their eyed began to glow.

Berani ducked for cover, trying to evade the blasts of fire Zhouray was lobbing at her and the rock discs coming from Sangti. She fumbled through her quiver in search of another arrow when a flash of light blinded her and everyone else. When she could finally see again, she was in a room with her friends.

"Watch out!" screamed Kaeta as he ducked from Kimma's water blast, only to realize he was no longer in danger. "Where are we? How did we get here?"

"Where's Yue?" asked Zola, equally as confused.

The three of them stared at each other; nobody had any answers until Brek came through the door. "We're in a pro-bending locker room," he declared. "The Avengers' final match is on now- let's go!"

Berani ran up to embrace her boyfriend. "What's going on?"

"We're rewriting history." After saying this he kissed Berani for what he thought might have been the last time. She wouldn't let him pull away, but he had to. He had to disconnect himself from his emotions just like his Airbending nemesis.

Berani was almost in tears. "Brek, I love you."

The Avatar completely ignored her and rushed out of the room, remembering that Ayala once told him to become like Onjing while refusing that he was anything like the robed mass-murderer. He sprinted to the arena and caught up with Zola and Kaeta, soon joined by Berani. The four of them saw Kimma, Zhouray, and Sangti in their pro-bending uniforms fighting to secure the championship title. Brek growled in anger. "It's time to end this!" he bellowed before launching him and his friends at the stage with Earth pillars. They landed in the center of the match, and Brek blasted the Avengers' opponents off the platform into the water where they were safe. Gasps and screams shot through the stadium as pro-bending officials rushed to stop the chaos. Kaeta knocked the referee of the stand into the bleachers to get him out of danger before blasting as many officials away as possible.

Zola immediately charged at Kimma as spectators trampled each other to escape. The princess leaped up and kicked twice, sending two fireballs Kimma's way. The defender pulled water through the grates below her and blocked both. She then formed a water shield but Zola's next blast broke through it and forced Kimma back ten feet. She responded with rapid-fire icicles which had no effect once Zola surrounded herself by a sphere of flames. The Firebender then jumped forth and sent lightning from her fingertips, only to be intercepted and redirected by Zhouray. The bolt hit the ceiling and a chunk fell back onto the stage, narrowly missing Berani during her fight with Sangti. Since rock discs had ceased to dispense from the floor, the Earthbender resorted to using sand from the emergency pouch he always kept, forming a whip. With his rope of sand, he snatched Berani's sword, and proceeded to use it against her, the skilled girl dodging each swipe. She then threw darts at her enemy, unsuccessfully. Her next move was to toss her dagger, which pierced his thy and caused him to fall to the ground, screaming in immense pain. He lashed out with his whip, cutting Berani's face. At that point, Zhouray and Kimma were distracted by Brek and Kaeta, and Zola saw an opportunity to strike. She focused all her energy on the electricity coursing through her chi paths, then let out a bold of lightning that made the entire stadium shake. It hit Sangti dead on and obliterated him instantly.

Seeing this made a huge rush of adrenaline pump through Brek's body, and his eyes glowed yet again. Following his entrance to the Avatar State was another blinding flash of light.

Kaeta opened his eyes to witness a typical Southern Water Tribe blizzard. He glanced around, panicking, and noticed that he was in the neighborhood he was born in. Not a sole could be seen as everyone was inside their igloos for the duration of the storm. That's why it struck him odd to see someone walking. As the person got closer he could see that it was a woman, a familiar woman with long, curly hair. With a terrifying suspicion of who it might be, Kaeta hid behind a snow pile. In a few seconds, he learned that his guess was correct- the woman was Kimma. She looked younger by about a decade, so Kaeta assumed that he had yet again traveled back in time, except this was a much further leap, and his friends were nowhere to be seen. He followed Kimma for no more than five minutes when he realized where she was going. They were only a few igloos away from the one where Kaeta used to live.

"You aren't here to murder my parents, are you?" The bold question made Kimma stop in her tracks and turn around.

She gave a warm smile and giggled sweetly. "Are you talking to me?" she laughed.

"Don't play innocent with me," Kaeta spat. "Your name is Kimma and you're here to kill to innocent non-benders!"

Hearing her name, shocked her, but she quickly snapped into fighting mode. She attempted to cover the stranger in a wave of snow, but Kaeta melted it and sent it back at her. Kimma then redirected it in the form of several ice spears only for Kaeta to send it back. She dodged the blow then raised her arms, forcing Kaeta to stand up straight.

"I'm afraid you haven't seen bending as powerful as mine, kid," she boasted.

The teenager struggled to get out his next words. "That's where you're wrong, bitch." In a burst of energy, he broke free and brought his own arms into a Bloodbending position, and Kimma gasped as she was forced to her knees. Kaeta had never seen the woman show such fear, her eyes open wide in shock and her face as white as a ghost.

Zola sprinted through the corridors of the Fire Nation Royal Palace, halting when she passed by Huang.

"What is the matter, Pricness?" the Firebending master asked.

"Where's the Avatar?"

"The Avatar? Somewhere in the Earth Kingdom, I presume. I don't believe he's ready to learn Firebending yet. Why? Is someone looking forward to the presence of a cute Earthbender?"

"This isn't time for jokes, Huang! Where's Zhouray?"

"I assume he's going to the same place I am- lunch."

Without explaining anything, Zola made a beeline for the royal dining hall and burst open the door with a fire blast.

"Zola! What on Earth are you doing?" The still-alive Queen glared at her daughter. Sitting by her side was her husband, equally as startled. The only other people in the room were a few guards, unsure of what to do.

"Mother! Father! Zhouray is a member of the Isha! He's going to kill you!"

The Fire Lord, now visibly angry, banged his fist on the dining table. "How dare you make such a ludicrous accusation against your own brother! You should know better!"

"Father, believe me! Please! He's going to kill you and then hunt the Avatar! He wants to take over the world!"

Suddenly, Zola could hear Zhouray behind her. "What is going on here?" he asked, entering the room.

The princess didn't have time to explain herself; she just wanted to do what she had to do. She spun around and fired lightning straight at her brother, barely missing and annihilating the wall behind him. Seeing this made Queen Zelda shriek and jump up as the Fire Lord ordered his guards to arrest his own daughter.

Zhouray simply laughed. "You know Zola, you're smarter than I thought you were." With that line, he shot a thunderbolt at his parents, but Zola jumped in the way and intercepted it. With the electricity manifested in her hands, she charged at her brother, who prepared another strike. He fired once more just as Zola sent out an incredible wave. The two attacks collided, causing an explosion that killed both attackers instantly.

The usually peaceful Southern Air Temple was in total unrest. "Onjiing, stop! You don't know what this can cause! You can't do this!" A young man was pleading to his fellow Airbender.

The figure in thin black robes turned to face the young Air Nomad.

"Don't tell me what I can't do," said the figure as he raised his hands that bore tattoos of arrows. The figure clenched his hands, and the nomad began to suffocate. There was no air for him to breathe. The helpless nomad collapsed on the floor, grasping for air. Suddenly, he was able to breathe and began to pant. He looked up to see that Onjing had been hit by a flying rock.

"I'm afraid that this time not everything is going to go according to your plan, Onjing." Avatar Brek, with Berani at his side, was prepared to finish his enemy once and for all. To the young Air Nomad specifically he said, "Go! Find Ayala and get out of here!" The man scampered away as Onjing rose to his feet.

"You dare challenge me? Do you even know who I am?"

"Funny," snorted Brek. "I was just about to ask you the same question." With that, he lunged both arms forward, sending a blast of fire from each fist. Onjing dove through the flames in a powerful cyclone and slammed his knuckles together, blasting Brek and Berani outside through a window. With the help of Brek's Airbending, they landed softly on the grass thirty feet below and immediately, Berani drew her katana. She turned to Brek. "Launch me up there!"

Onjing flew out of the smashed window but didn't expect to see Berani flying at him with a sword. Manipulating the air currents around him, he swooped down to avoid the attack. Having missed her target, Berani clung onto the windowsill and prepared her bow.

Brek came at Onjing first with a rock that hit him in the chest, then from the right with a blast of fire that was easily blocked but knocked him off balance. The Avatar then brought him to the ground with a powerful gust and drew water from the grass beneath him. Forming an ice spear, he aimed at the fallen Airbender who was nearly hit in the face by Berani's arrow. Onjing had never struggled so much in battle. In a move of desperation, he did a spin move that sent a whirlwind at Brek, blowing him back four yards. He then easily deflected another arrow. Turning his attention to Berani, he began to suffocate her in his trademark move, but he soon had to change focus to the wall of flames heading toward him, deciding to jump over it. By the time he was able to locate Brek again, he was scaling the rock wall of the temple to reach Berani. One he got to her, he grabbed on and propelled them both in an air sprout. This made them both much more evasive and they could easily dodge Onjing's blows. From atop the ingenious ride of wind, Berani launched arrow after arrow while Brek held on to her tightly. As far as dodging arrows went, Onjing was nearly perfect, diving in an out of Berani's line of fire. Finally, one nailed him in the right shoulder.

The cruel Airbender let out a roar and somehow telepathically sent a colossal gust of wind across the entire battlefield, knocking both the Avatar and his girlfriend straight off the air sprout. While Brek managed to glide carefully to the ground, Berani fell and hit her head on a stone statue. Blood gushed out of her head.

"Berani!" Brek was distraught, and the non-bending girl failed to move a muscle.

Seeing this gave Onjing some relief, knowing that he only had to deal with one of them. He wasn't, however, expecting the stream of water that wrapped around both his legs. He was yanked up and flung to the ground on the other side of the field, knocking the wind out of him. After this, he was almost to weak to raise his head and see Brek speeding at him on a wave of fire, both eyes glowing brightly. All of a sudden, Onjing noticed that his arms and legs were frozen to the ground, and he was helpless as a pillar of rocks and flames soared from Brek to him. It took every muscle in the Airbending master's body to free himself and block the attack, and he couldn't keep up with the relentless blows Brek was dealing him, whether it was an Earth line, ice claws, a ring of fire, or a mini tornado.

With his eyes still glowing, Brek spoke in the voice of every Avatar. "It is time for you to suffer the consequences of your crimes, Onjing!" The combined voices of Brek, Korra, Aang, Roku, Kyoshi, and all of their predecessors made chills and sweat run down Onjing's back. "For too long you have been a disgrace to humanity, and your countless murders have given me no choice."

"Wait!" he called out, desperately. "If you do this, you have no idea what Kofaru will unleash on the world. He won't just kill every non-bender, he might destroy all of mankind in his wrath!"

This plea made Brek ponder something. Kofaru's goal was to kill non-benders; he despised them more than anything else, no matter who they were. He walked slowly to Onjing, and as he got close, he surrounded them both with a circle of flames and entrapped the Airbender's hands and feet with ice. Onjing made one last attempt by blowing wind from his mouth, but Brek simply pushed it back in his face. Next, the Avatar planted his hands on the face and shoulder of his enemy, and Onjing's eyes began to glow as well. The Earth trembled and the winds roared as the flames around them became so intense they turned blue, then green. The ice on Onjing's hands and feet dug into his skin so hard that it made him scream in pain, and when he no longer felt it, he was severely weakened. Their eyes returned to normal and the elements calmed, but Onjing knew what had just happened.

"Have you ever heard the expression of becoming your own worst enemy?" Brek inquired, no longer in the Avatar State. "Well now you know what it's like to be normal, without bending. A Cha Jin De. And we both know who hates Cha Jin De's."

What had been a clear sky instantly filled with dark clouds, and with a huge clap of thunder, a bolt of lightning struck Onjing dead on, but his body remained unharmed for a brief moment. Brek watched as his arch nemesis slowly disintegrated into ashes, and the dust was blown away by the wind.

After taking a huge sigh of relief, Brek heard a friendly voice.

"If you're wondering why Kofaru hasn't destroyed the Earth yet," said the woman, "it's because I just got back from fishing."

Brek turned to see Ayala standing with an dead black koi fish. One that used to be the most powerful evil spirit in the universe. Dead right before his eyes. The female Air Nomad dropped it on the ground and embraced Brek with a hug just as it started to rain lightly at the Southern Air Temple. They were soon joined by Berani, whose head was clean of all blood and wounds. She had tears running down her face, and unable to think of any words to say, she wrapped her arms around Brek and stared into his eyes before they shared the most memorable kiss of their lifetimes.

17 Years Later

"Mommy, I don't wanna go watch pro-bending!"

On a beautiful day in the Republic City park, a little girl walked in between her parents, holding hands with both of them. Her mother, a gorgeous woman with light brown hair, looked down at her and smiled. "But Zola, don't you want to hear your father's big speech?"

"No! Why is Daddy so important anyway?"

The man looked at his wife and shook his head. "Don't bother, Berani. She'll understand soon enough."

"I do understand! But who cares about the Avalar? Or Alatar? Or whatever... I know! I can go to Uncle Kaeta's house!"

Hearing this made the Water Tribe man walking with them raise his eyebrows. "I wish, but Uncle Kaeta's got a date tonight."

Berani saw an opportunity for a joke. "And by that Uncle Kaeta means he has to have dinner with his parents." She and her husband began to laugh as Kaeta rolled his eyes and little Zola continued to blabber on.

Trivia (SPOILERS!)

Just in case you had any questions about alive vs. dead characters.

  • Chief Beifong - dead
  • Mayor Shara - alive
  • Keric - alive
  • Kimma - unknown
  • Kaeta's parents - now alive do to change in history
  • Also you may notice that this chapter shares the image with the series page.

Author's Note

Writing Avatar Brek has been a really great experience on this Wiki, and I couldn't possibly have found the motivation to sit down and work on each chapter without the incredible fans. You guys are great, really. I'm going to miss answering your questions in the comments section, reading your speculation, and taking your advice. Thanks for making Avatar Brek such a successful fanon.

If you want, check out my next fanon, The House of Angkara. If not, see you around the Wiki!

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