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The End of a Peaceful Era
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Sozin's Comet Returns



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October 28, 2012

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A New Enemy

The End of a Peaceful Era is the first chapter of Sozin's Comet Returns.

It was another peaceful day as I woke up. The birds were chipping, the sun was out. It was another great day. The last 28 years of my life have been peaceful. I rebuilt homes, continued to make world peace, and even gave bending to the people who lost their bending and the Air Acolytes. I settled down with Mako and had 2 kids. It was another great day.

"Good morning, mom," Kuzon said, just about ready to leave.

"Hey Kuzon, did your father leave yet. I need to speak to him" I said with a stern and serious voice. "I think he left, but he said he's coming early."

"Okay, but tell him and your sister that I have to visit Ba Sing Se. I have to attend an important meeting. I'll be gone for 3 days. Make sure you guys don't get in any trouble." Korra said, hugging her son.

"Don't worry mom, I won't. I have to go meet Lola at Kuang's Cuisine for breakfast. We're going to go on a horse carriage after." Korra leaves on Naga to Ba Sing Se while Kuzon uses firebending to propel himself to the city, then takes a taxi to Kuang's.

"Well, I guess everyone is here today. Good morning Mako, Bolin, Hinko, Sokka. Sorry I'm late. My parents and I had to help Katara with some big fever. I'm starting to get really worried about her." Jinora said.

"Don't worry, Jinora, she'll be fine." Mako reassured her.

"So, what should we start with today?" Sokka said, trying to change the subject.

"Well, from what I've heard, there have been some killings and murders in the Northwestern Earth Kingdom, especially Taku." Bolin started. "I think that we should start to create some kind of wall for Republic City, similar to the ones that Ba Sing Se and Omashu has." Bolin finished.

"My brother's right. We have to protect Republic City from the outside first. We have the Police Force to worry about the crime inside."

"Yeah, I like Bolin's plan too." Hinko agreed.

"Hmm, very well. I like that plan. However, Bolin, understand that even with the best earthbenders in the world, it might take weeks for this wall to be finished." Jinora said.

"Don't worry, I'm willing to wait."

"Okay, as Chairwoman of the Council, I call this session over."

"Ahh, what time is it?" Katara said, still a little sleepy. "Oh snap, I'm going to be late for my class." Just like that, Katara took a shower, changed her clothes and waterbend herself to the city. There, she took a taxi as well to Master Katara Waterbending Academy. With her mother always gone, she needed to find a master to teach her. She decided to use this academy to teach her. She arrived just on time.

"Hello, Pupil Katara. Our waterbending tournament will start tomorrow. Most of Republic City will be there, including your father. You wouldn't want to disappoint him."

"Don't worry master, I won't."

"Good, now start practicing."

"Sire, we just killed the last of the rebels."

"Good job, Shoji. I'm impressed. Now, Once we take Republic City, Ba Sing Se, and Omashu, I will rename the kingdom in honor of my grandmother. It shall be called the Kingdom of Azula."

"Sire, let's not get too ahead of ourselves now. We still have to face Avatar Korra and your cousin."

At this, the mysterious man was angry. "They're weak. Just like Avatar Aang. I remember my battle with him. He refused to kill me when I had the chance. Instead, he made me rot in prison. But now, with him and Zuko dead, I will capture the Earth Kingdom, destroy Avatar Korra and rule the Fire Nation. From there, I will rule the world. I will be Phoenix King Luzan."

"But sire, Amon failed to capture or destroy the Avatar."

"True, but he took away her bending until she mysteriously got it back. The Avatar and the Fire Lord will pay. I will guarantee that."

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