The End of Korra
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August 23, 2014

She was standing there, head looking at the sky. She won. Her enemies were dead, or to be imprisoned. The world, and her family and friends were safe once again.

Mako, Bolin and Asami ran towards her. Bolin was shouting: "Korra! You won! We won!"

Mako ran towards her, and hugged her. But she didn't hug him back. He pulled away and grabbed her by the shoulders. "Korra? Korra, are you okay? Korra! Korra!"

Bolin stood there, dumbfounded. "Korra? A... Are you okay?"

Asami was wide eyed, her mouth open. She moved her hand towards her face to stifle a sob.

"Korra! Korra! Korra~!"

The rain was falling as the casket was lowered into the ground.

Bolin sobbed, gripping Pabu. If anybody asked him, he could just blame the rain making him look like he was crying. But nobody will.

Mako was angry. His fists were clenched, his eyes frozen in a glare.

Senna was crying into Tonraq's shoulder. She could not look at the casket. She repeated her only daughter's name, "Korra... Korra... Korra..." It was a mantra of madness.

Tonraq was silent. He had not spoken a word from the day he got the news.

Asami had a blank face. Open mouthed and wide eyed, she just stared into the casket. The thing that contained her friend. She stared into the earth swallowing the Avatar.

Tenzin and his family were there too. Tenzin had bags under his eyes as he held an umbrella above his family. Yet, he did not join them. The rain was falling onto his bald head. Meelo and Ikki were silent, and Jinora was sobbing. Bumi and Kya stood by Tenzin's side, their looks reflecting his.

Katara, Zuko and Toph all stood there. They saw the death of one Avatar. Now they saw the death of another. A student. A friend.

Lin was leaning onto her metal. Her face was full of anguish, anger, and hurt.

Even Naga was there. She looked sad, hurt, like an animal whose days were numbered.

Behind them the people of the world stretched. All over the four nations they came to bid the Avatar one last farewell.

The new Air Nomads, Su and the Metal Clan with Opal by her side. The citizens of the Fire Nation, with their queen with her husband and her son Iroh. The Earth Nation citizens, the Water Tribe members. Eska and Desna. All standing in silence. The only thing heard was the rain hitting the umbrellas, the exposed skin, the ground.

The casket was lowered into the ground, and earth was put above it. Somewhere, in the expenses of the Earth Kingdom, a new Avatar was born.


This is my first Avatar fanfic that I'm posting here. It came to me after the season finale, and a comment. I realized that Korra suffers extreme loss after every season. SO what is the next step? Death. That or loss of her loved ones. But as she is Korra I wanted to make her give her life for those she loved. This might seem a bit generic. The setting, the place, all are non specific. I made this as I have no idea where season four would take place. As of now, this is a one-shot. If people like it enough, and if I feel like it, I'll make one chapter per season 4 episode (that's 13 all together). But no promises. Plus, I'm not that good a writer. Well. Hope you enjoyed this.

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