Zuko fights Azula
The End Battle Pt. 1
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Azula's Revenge





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July 24, 2011

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The Conquer of the Fire Nation

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The End Battle Part 1 is the eighth chapter of the second book of the Fanon Azula's Revenge.


The storm was getting intense. It was so intense that Aang was considering landing. But they were in a rush. Azula was now in control of most of the Earth Kingdom, the Earth Kingdom army, and The Fire Nation army. Not only that, she had Iroh, temporary Fire Lord, Lema, future Fire Lord, and the Earth King. Aang could only wonder what she was doing to them, or even if they were alive. What if she had killed them? Aang forced that thought down.

"I think we should land." Katara said, though it was more of a yell.

"Where? There's nothing but ocean around us." Aang yelled.

"There!" Tenzin said, pointing to a small island. "It's a mile west and it looks like there's a small cave."

"Nice spot," Aang said and turned Appa in that direction.

Aang landed Appa on the island and they all ran to the cave, their Aang, using his Firebending, lit a fire and the group settled around it. Katara began to tell stories to the kids and Toph began to cook the food for them all. Aang paced back and forth, preparing for the battle that was about to fight. He still could not get his head around what had all happened in the past few months. Zuko and Suki were dead. Azula had somehow influenced most of the Earth Kingdom army to be loyal to her instead of the Earth King. Where they always loyal to her? Had they not changed there back to the King after the War? Aang forced all these thoughts out of his head. Now he had to think of the battle ahead. He needed to find where Azula was and, more importantly, where Iroh, Lema, and the Earth King were being held.

"Dad!" Tenzin yelled, finally getting his attention.

"Oh, sorry, what's up?" Aang replied.

"It's time to eat." Katara said cutting into the conversation.

"Oh, Good. Let's eat!" Aang said with a fake smile.

Back on the Sliver Ship, Azula had summoned her top spies and Zulan into a conference, and so far, she wasn't receiving good news.

"The Avatar is on his way here as we speak." One of the spies said to Azula.

Azula sat back, and for the first time ever, with genuine fear in her eyes. Azula knew that the Avatar was on his way to kill her and end everything. All the years of secret communication with the generals of the Earth Kingdom, making them secretly loyal to her.

"My lady," The second spy said. "He is on his way to kill you. What shall we do?"

Azula took one look at the spy who had most recently spoken, and killed him with a lighting bold. She turned to the other two spies. "If you don't want to end up like him, get out of my sight." The two spies ran out of the main room. Azula turned to Zulan.

"Kill them, all of them!" Zulan nodded and left the room.

Aang woke up at the crack of dawn and then woke up Katara and the other.

"Come on. We must get under way so that we can get there later today."

Aang and Jet loaded up Appa's settle and Katara put the fire out.

"Let's go." Aang yelled as all the stuff was loaded up. Katara was walking when she noticed Tenzin looking at the sky.

"What is it, Tenzin?" She yelled.

"Look." As he pointed, everyone looked up.

It was Zulan.

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