Azula fights Zuko
The End Battle part 3
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Azula's Revenge




10 (series finale)

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July 26, 2011

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Aang and the group sped toward the capital at an unbelievable rate. The sheer speed of the airship and of Appa was faster than ever seen in the world. And even with that, Aang felt that they weren't going fast enough. Azula is there. Azula is there. Aang tried to keep this thought in his head, but he couldn't. He had a feeling, deep down inside him, that Azula wasn't there. Aang flew Appa closer to the ship so he could talk to Sokka.

"Are we all clear on the plan?" Aang said to the group.

"Yes," Katara replied. "We use this ship as a distraction, while you and Sokka fly around and into the capital city."

"I want to go with Daddy!" Tenzin yelled.

"No," Katara said aggressively. "You're staying with me!"

"Katara wait," Aang said. "He'll be fine."

Katara hesitated for a moment, than eventually conceded.

"I'll bring him back in one piece." Aang said with a smile.

Azula walked out to the plaza just outside the plaice. She remembered being out here as a child, playing with Mai and Ty Lee. Mai and Ty Lee. Her "friends." She hated them now, ever since they betrayed he at the Boiling Rock. But now revenge was hers. She looked at her four prisoners, Mai, widow of little Zuzu, Iroh, her fat and lazy uncle, Lema, her nephew. She looked at all of them with disgust. They did not deserve to be members of the royal family. And Azula now could do something about it.

"The Avatar is on his way here to kill me and free you." Azula said to them with no emotion. "However, I'm not going to give him that chance."

"What?" The Earth King said in confusion.

"In five minutes, an airship from the Earth Kingdom will arrive. It will take me to my ship docked on a small island. There it will take me to the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se." Azula paused for a moment, then continued. "As for freeing you, well, it's pretty easy to free dead bodies."

The Earth King looked shocked. Iroh looked away. Lema started to cry. Mai turned to Azula.

"If you lay one hand on my son, I'll kill you, you *****!"

Azula smirked then turned to the guards, "Bring me the boy." She commanded. The guards did as she requested.

"You seem scared," she said as she stated to choke him.

"Scared for you." Lema replied. "The Avatar is going to kill you!"

"And I'm going to kill you. Funny how life works!" Azula smirked as she produced a knife.

"No!" Mai yelled.

"My Lady," a guard said bursting in.

"What?" Azula said, instantly angry.

"We're under attack!"

Sokka's team of Water Tribe warriors had begun the strikes against the Fire Nation capital before Sokka and Aang had left. This way, all of Azula's efforts would be focused on destroying the airship and not on tracking any other ships.

"Azula will either be in the main throne room or in the command center." Sokka said.

"Wait," Aang suddenly said. "I know how to find her. But we need to land."

Aang landed Appa and he jumped off.

"Let's hope your Avatar powers work." Sokka said, annoyed at the fact that they were wasting time.

Aang put hand right hand to the ground, and concentrated. Avatars of my past help me find Azula. Please, we are all counting on you. Instantly, he was given a vision, of Azula, in her throne room being briefed of what was going on. The vision ended. Aang turned to Sokka. "I know where to find Azula."

Azula was listening to her top advisors. Hearing what they had to say, increasingly grateful that the Avatar was not leading the mission.

"We have determined that the leader is the Avatar's wife, and the Avatar's child is on board."

"Interesting," Azula said aware of what was happing, "The Avatar is creating a diversion."

"You're damn right I am!" Aang yelled.

Aang and Sokka entered the throne room, and were surrounded by Azula's security guards. They were about to strike, and then Azula spoke.

"Wait," Azula yelled. "Leave us, I will handle him myself." The guards left, leaving Aang and Sokka alone with Azula. Tenzin had stayed with Appa.

"You're going to pay for all the people you have killed." Sokka said.

"No Sokka, we can't kill her." Aang said in reason.

"Maybe you can't, but I can!" Sokka said and began to run toward her.

"NO Sokka!" Aang yelled. But Azula was too fast. As Sokka began to run toward him, Azula shot him with lightning. Sokka fell over, wounded, but not hurt. Aang looked at his wounded friend, and was filled with rage. He entered the Avatar State, and began to over power Azula, who was shooting desperately to land a shot. But Aang deflected each. Suddenly, Azula was in pain, she looked down at her stomach and saw half of a sword sticking out of her. She turned around and saw Sokka holding the handle.

"Game over." Sokka said and Azula fell over, her eyes closing forever.

Aang calmed down, eventually exiting the Avatar State. He looked at Sokka, then at Azula, then back at Sokka. "Nice work."

"Thanks." Sokka said. Immediately Katara at Toph ran in. It had been easy to overpower the troops guarding the palace. Aang and Katara embraced and then Katara ran over Sokka. "What happened here?" She said.

"Azula's dead." Sokka said.

Katara ran back to Aang and then the kids came in. The family hugged each, grateful that none of them were hurt. And they knew that they were going to be safe.


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