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The Elements of Power: Burst of Strength


When the greatest threat to the world was defeated by Avatar Aang the world experienced an era of peace. That is until a mysterious rebellion begins in the Earth Kingdom right at the point where Aang fought Ozai. Our story is about a Water Tribe warrior who befriends the Avatar Yuzan. And some other stuff. It turned out a lot different than I had it be originally.


Sokka fanon Ian


Ruen jumped up frightened. His father stood over him with a grave expression on his face. "We're under attack. Get up and get your bow." As he got up he looked over at his group. There was Yusha a water-bender, Dorn an earth-bender, Jude an air bender, and Yuzan a Firebender who had been assigned to there group just last week when Tuy went missing. As they woke up they heard wild shouts outside as the other groups woke up. All armed and ready to go they stepped outside where they saw....blasts everywhere. Whoever was attacking seemed to have the upper hand. "Wait how are they attacking I don't see any bending" Dorn screamed. Ruen attacked the nearest enemy who had blood all over his cloths. He also had on a strange mask that seemed to glow with power. Striking the man hit him and Ruen flew back several yards hitting a pole. Dorn and the others fared just as well. Yusha was hit by a flying arrow and went down while Yuzan stared at the crumpled body of Ruen. Jude tried to help Dorn but was blocked by a group of enemies. Suddenly Yuzan's started glowing and her voice grew deeper. "NOOO!" she screamed. She launched a huge fireball at the enemies that devastated there ranks. Yusha dropped her bending and stared. "What the heck just happened?" Jude said, looking confused. Dorn ran towards the enemies remaining ranks while Jude got Ruen into the tent. Yuzan collapsed without anyone noticing except a single figure who had watched the whole fight. He smiled then ran away.


As the figure leapt over the wall he quickly ran to the shore where the camp was. On the way he passed a giant marble statue of Avatar Aang the hero who had fought Ozai over seven hundred years ago. Cursing he shot a dark blast at the statues head which immediately blew off. He laughed at the disfigured figure before continuing on. Jumping over several rocks before slowing to a stop in front of a rock pillar. He fired a quick shot of his shadow bending at the rock which then opened to show a staircase. Descending to a very small room where his master sat waiting for his report. "Sir, the experiment was a success the shadow clones worked perfectly." "Yes, I thought so. Was the base destroyed? "No, which is the more important part of my report. The attack was stopped by a young Firebender. The Avatar has been reincarnated." "Good....wait what..hmmm for this you will need to train... Good luck."


Ruen opened his eyes and saw two people. The nurse and..... Yuzan? Confused he quickly bolted up causing pain to shoot up his spine. He almost fainted from agony. Then Dorn walked into the room. When he saw Ruen's face he almost burst out laughing.

Walking up he whispered into Ruen's ear, "Dude, you got yourself a chick. Yuzan been here ever since the battle waiting for you to wake up."

" Wait what happened last I remember was trying to hit that one guy than I flew backwards!? "

"You hurt your spine really bad and probably wouldn't be able to get out of bed for weeks."

"I'll get better" Ruen laughed

Ruen looked out the window and saw.... The ruins of the camp. Ruen scowled, "what did they do to our camp?"

"They've attacked several times since you got conked out and right now only one fourth of the camp is still standing."

Looking out the window he saw something familiar, someone he'd seen before. The figure disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Confused, Ruen looked back sighed before the nurse told him he needed to get some sleep.

Next Chapter: Battle at Hund Creek


This chapter happened at the same spot of the final episode of the original series.

So far only two elements of power have ever been shown, energy bending, and shadow bending.


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