Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Element of Love in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Element of Love
The power of the heart should not be underestimated....
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


A few weeks after Avatar Aang's death, things in Republic City are very tense. With the White Lotus searching for the new Avatar, the four nations try to keep peace amongst themselves without the aid of an Avatar. With this tension crime has also skyrocketed throughout the city.

The leader of one of the biggest gangs in the city, Capulet, is planning a strategy to take over the criminal underworld. In order to do this, he has enlisted the help of a corrupt member of the United Republic Council, Kodon. In exchange for his help, Capulet is offering his daughter Sukochi as a suitable wife to Kodon's pompous brat of a son Tohn. Sukochi hates this plan, and with her friends Azuo and Kazai they attempt to find another way for Capulet's plans to succeed so that the marriage can be avoided.

Meanwhile, an amnesia struck boy has recently arrived at Republic City. Searching across the city for his memory and identity, the only lead he has is a worn down paper that has part of his name on it: Noh. Though one poor detective, Montague, tries to help the youth, though it seems that the boy's identity can't be found.

When the paths of Noh and Sukochi cross, love and chaos shall rock the city to its core.


Sukochi: The daughter of the gang boss Capulet, she is the pride of her father. Quick-witted, sarcastic, and determined, Sukochi is one her father's best agents. Skilled in both weapons and firebending, she is a foe that not many can stand to.

Noh: A boy struck with severe amnesia, Noh cannot remember a single thing about himself or his past. He cannot even remember his own name, having to go by the remnant of it on a slip of worn out paper. With the aged detective Montague, he searches Republic City for his identity.

Capulet: The gang boss of the Triads, one of the largest gangs in Republic City, Capulet is determined to rule the underworld of the city. Equally ruthless and cunning, he will take any advantage for whatever price in order to achieve what he wants. Perhaps his one flaw is his hubris; he knows he is a brilliant man, and thinks others as lowly and morons compared to him.

Montague: An aged detective, Montague was once one of the best investigators in Republic City. Unfortunately; age has started to dull his sharp intellect, and with more failed cases every month Montague has become a low rate detective. However; he refuses to retire, and when he hears of Noh's dilemma, he immediately jumps on the case to not only help the poor boy but to also prove that he's still a first rate detective.

Toph and Lin Bei Fong': Chief and captain of the Police Force respectively, Toph and Lin struggle to keep the powerful underworld of Republic City under control. However; with all the tension and skyrocketing crime, they have their work cut out for them. Even with the criminal underworld being so imposing, both mother and daughter are undaunted, and are determined to hold back the crime.

Yami: A legendary assassin, it has been rumored that he has arrived at Republic City. Almost nothing is known about him, and no one besides his victims have ever seen him. He has other titles besides Yami, including Shadow Lord and Chaosbringer.


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