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It was a beautiful day in Ba Sing Se. The Hundred Year War had ended just yesterday and it was time for Team Avatar to relax. Iroh made tea for everyone there: Aang, Katara, Zuko, Sokka, Toph, Mai, Suki, and Ty Lee. Zuko was serving the tea. He couldn't help to notice Sokka drawing on a piece of parchment. Probably some new invention, he thought while serving Aang. Aang was playing with Momo and Zuko moved on to serve Mai and Katara when Sokka shouted "Zuko stop moving! I'm trying to capture the moment! I wanted to do a painting so we always remember the good times we had together". While Katara walked over to admire his painting, Aang walked outside to gaze at the beautiful landscape. He heard footsteps behind him and saw Katara walking towards him. They hugged, smiling at each other. They broke apart and looked each other in the eye, and kissed.
Aang and Katara's finale kiss


Back inside, everyone was laughing, cheering, drinking tea, or just talking. Any way, they were all in bright moods. There was a thump outside as everyone watched Toph play Iroh in Pai Sho. Everyone stared. After a long silence Mai stood up and said, "I'll go see what it was". Zuko stared after her after she exited. Mai looked around and saw an egg looking slimy thing right next to her. She quickly brought out her dagger and cautiously stepped towards it. The thing opened slowly and quietly. She came closer and saw something pale flash inside. She peeked in and got a large facehugger on her. "Mai!!" Zuko shouted.

The Facehugger

Everyone looked down at Mai. The giant thing looked like a pale spider. It's tail was wrapped around her neck. Zuko was crying. He couldn't believe any of this. Katara tried healing her, but said there was no physical injury. Their only other option was to go to the doctor, whose name was Chi Fu, whose was the best one around. Now, they were huddled around the table where Mai was laying on. Chi Fu and several other doctors were attempting to take it off. "Okay, here we go," he said. He brought out a metal tool with two snappers, and he brought it up on the thing's knuckles. No one noticed, but the facehugger tightened it's grip on Mai's neck. Chi Fu grabbed it's finger and tried to pull it off, but instead came green liquid, which everyone assumed was it's blood. It splattered on the ground and started smoking. "Acid blood!" Yelled Chi. It burned right through the floor.

Mai's Okay?

Zuko sat outside the emergency room, trying to contain his tears. I'm a man, and men don't cry Zuko thought that, but he just couldn't. He let the tears fall. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was uncle. "I'm sorry Zuko. Sometimes, in the clouds, there is a silver lining, dividing good from bad".. "Uncle, you already told me that proverb," Zuko said, putting on a slight smile. Aang and the others came to side, telling him it was going to be okay. That's when Chi came out of the emergency room, looking grim. Zuko, fearing the worst, stood up quickly. "What happened? Is she.." "No, no. You should come and see yourself". He led them into the room, where they received quite a surprise. Mai was wide awake and stretching. "Mai! What happened?" Zuko asked as he quickly sat down next to her. "Actually, I don't. I remember. I remember all of us were celebrating at the Jasmine Dragon". Zuko took her hand and she stood up. "What happened to the thing?" Aang asked Chi. "I don't know. It disappeared or something. And it didn't look like anyone took it off". Aang took a quick scan of the room then shrugged. "Tomorrow, Mai and I have to return to the Fire Nation," Zuko said. "Aang, Appa, and I can take you there if you want," Katara said. Zuko smiled and they all left the room, exchanging plans about what they were going to do next, Chi right behind them, closing the door. In the shadows, next to the bed lay a dead facehugger.

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