Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Earthbender Saga in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The Earthbender Saga
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The Legend of Korra


This is a fiction story dedicated to and taking place within the Avatar Universe. The story begins 77 years after the events of The Legend of Korra, in the year AG 248. A now 90 year old Jinora, living in a modern Ba Sing Se, finds the new Avatar: a timid and despondant young girl named Nanaki.

Main Characters

  • Jinora age 90
    Jinora is the granddaughter of Avatar Aang and the spirit guide for Avatar Korra. At Korra's behest she moves from Air Temple Island to Ba Sing Se to wait for and find the new Avatar. She is Nanaki's spiritual guide, mentor, and airbending teacher.
  • Nanaki, age 15
    The new Avatar. A product of a dysfunctional home, Nanaki is the new Avatar, or so everyone thinks. She is not convinced, and spends her time worrying that everyone has gotten it wrong.
  • Jintaro age 40
    Nanaki's father, a simmering and angry man who blames Nanaki for a tragedy that occurred when Nanaki was seven years old.
  • Yi, age 15
    Nanaki's best friend, a bubbly young lady who collects buttons and is a chi blocker. Yi is the daughter of Guo and the granddaughter of the famous mover star and hero Bolin.
  • Guo, age 40
    Guo is a master earthbender and the son of Bolin. He is Nanaki's earthbending teacher and devoted to the Avatar.
  • Kozin, age 43
    Kozin is a decorated Fire Nation officer and a master firebender. After a shaky introduction to the Avatar he is proud to become her firebending teacher.
  • Akytreu, age 17
    The son of Kah-Pa and Tu'uri. Though he possesses no bending skills Akytreu is a superb armed and unarmed combatant and has devoted his life to protecting Nanaki and Yi.
  • Kachi Himaru, age 76
    The villain of the piece. A powerful businessman and social leader, whom believes that the only way to save mankind is to utterly destroy the Spirit World...and the Avatar.

Supporting Cast

  • Kah-Pa, age 58
    The nephew of Jinora, Kah-Pa is the son of Meelo and a master airbender.
  • Tu'uri, age ?
    Kah-Pah's husband, a master waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe.


Book One: Fire

Chapter One: Jinora

Chapter Two: Nanaki

Chapter Three: Advent in the Tea House

Chapter Four: Family Crisis

Chapter Five: The Unbelievers

Chapter Six: Earthbending

Chapter Seven: Rattlesnake

Chapter Eight: Avatar, Unchained

Chapter Nine: Farewell

Chapter Ten: Air Temple Island

Chapter Eleven: Revelations

Chapter Twelve: Escape

Book Two: Air

B2 Chapter One: Scattered

B2 Chapter Two: Firebending

B2 Chapter Three: Maleficence

B2 Chapter Four: The Voice of Reason

B2 Chapter Five: Wo Ai Ni

B2 Chapter Six: The Fists of The Avatar

B2 Chapter Seven: Kozin

B2 Chapter Eight: In the Dragon's Mouth

B2 Chapter Nine: Pai Sho

B2 Chapter Ten: Rescue

B2 Chapter Eleven: Histories

B2 Chapter Twelve: Reflections

Book Three: Water

B3 Chapter One: Avatar, Enlightened

B3 Chapter Two: Into the Spirit

B3 Chapter Three: The Return of Guru Pathik

B3 Chapter Four: Visions

B3 Chapter Five: To Thine Own Self

B3 Chapter Six: Airbending

B3 Chapter Seven: Revenge

B3 Chapter Eight: World is Mine

B3 Chapter Nine: The Event at the Portal

B3 Chapter Ten: The Spirit Battle

B3 Chapter Eleven: Confrontation

B3 Chapter Twelve: Endgame

B3 Chapter Thirteen: Avatar, Realized



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