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The Earthbender (AoS)
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Avatar of Shadow



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July 10, 2012

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Three Masked Men

"Aw, come on, Lee! It's fine! Nothing bad happens there. And it's no fair! All my friends get to hang out there. Why can't I?" Rony asked.

"Because it's dangerous," Lee said. "And your other friends have people taking care of them that might as well hand them off to some crazy kidnapper."

"There's a ton of people there! It's almost impossible to get kidnapped!"


"It's not going to happen, Lee. You need to stop worrying," Rony told his brother.

"Look, Mom and Dad told me to take care of you. And I'm not going to risk losing you just so you can hang out with your friends."

"Ugh...fine! Fine, I won't hang out at Central City Station anymore. Gosh, happy?" Rony asked.

"I am," Lee said. He turned and walked into his room.

"...I'm going shopping," Rony said.

"For what?" Lee asked from the other room.

"Groceries," Rony said.

"Money's on the counter," Lee said. "And like I said, stay-"

"Yeah, yeah, Lee. Stay away from the Station. I heard you the first billion times." Rony grabbed the money and left the house. He walked down the street to Hakoda's Market. Before going in, he took looked back at his house. He turned around and headed for Central City Station.

Lee flopped down on his bed. He turned on the radio. It blasted the words, "It appears the man dubbed as the Avatar of Shadow has striked again! Last night, parents of 13 year old Arrie Jeo reported to the police that their daughter was missing. Further searching found no sign of Arrie, but a shadow shaped like her. Cheif Lin Beifong broke the news to the parents." "Oh geez," Lee said aloud as he turned off the radio. "This city is full of crazy people."

Meanwhile, Rony arrived at the Station. There, he found his friends Akira, Haru, Elin, and Ju Tin. He walked up to them and said, "Hey."

"Rony!" Ju Tin said. "Glad you could make it. You convinced your brother to let you hang out here?"

"No," Rony said with disgust. "I told him I was going shopping."

"Oh," said Ju Tin.

"Hey, where's Arrie?" Rony asked. All four of his friends looked at him with confused faces.

Ju Tin whispered to Akira, "I don't think he heard." Akira shook her head. "Rony," Akira said.

Haru stepped forward and said, "She's been kidnapped."

"What?! Who?! When?! How?!"

"She disappeared last night," Elin said. "They found no body, but underground, her shadow."

"It's that Avatar of Shadow guy," Haru said. "Ever since Avatar Aang passed, he's been kidnapping people, murdering people, and then using this crazy curse that turns people into shadows!"

"That's terrible!" Rony said.

"Yeah," said Ju Tin. "But there's nothing we can do."

"There has to be," Rony said. Then, he felt a large hand on his shoulder. He quickly turned and saw Flameo Fighting Ryuu of the Agni Kai Triad. "Gah! Ryuu, what do you want?"

"You know this guy?" Akira asked.

"'Course he knows me," Ryuu said. "I'm his ex-boss."

"You used to work for the Agni Kais?!" Elin asked in shock.

"I, er..."

"Listen, Rony. Some of the other guys have been looking for your brother. Where could they find him?"

Rony hesitantly looked at Ryuu and at his friends. They were all sweating and had nervous expressions on their faces.

"I..I can't tell you. Lee told me not to talk to any-"

"Excuse me?" Ryuu asked. "Did you just say no to me?"

"I didn't actually, I just said-"

"Enough!" Ryuu screamed. "Tell me where he is, or else..."

"Or else what?" Rony asked Ryuu. Ryuu's eyes burned with anger. He took a step back and a light appeared behind his back. Fire. Rony took three steps back. Ryuu ran forward and threw some flames at Rony. He ducked and watched as they disappeared behind him. Ryuu attacked more. Rony dodged every one. Finally, Ryuu got up close enough and grabbed Rony's collar. Rony broke free, but fell onto the hard, cement ground. Ryuu created a fireball and pointed it at Rony. He was surely going to die. So, Rony closed his eyes and thrust his right arm forward and up.

And than he heard screaming.

He opened his eyes to see Ryuu falling from the sky 20 feet away. And then he saw the slab of rock sticking out of the ground.

"What just happened?" Rony asked. His friends' eyes were all widened and their jaws practically hit the ground.

"Rony," Haru said.

Ju Tin smiled and ran towards Rony, then said, "You're an earthbender!"

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