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The Duke
The Duke
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"(A:TR) Ep.11: Freedom Fighters"

The Duke is a young member of the Freedom Fighters. He is a bit of a minor character and reckless member of the group.


The Duke is a good kid, although a bit reckless in nature. Not much is known about him, since there isn't a much larger role he plays in. One thing though is that he doesn't like being called "Duke" and will correct anyone who says that by saying "The Duke". His exception though is Jet, since he's his leader. As evidenced in his first appearance in the Fire Nation sneak attack, The Duke isn't afraid to fight against larger, older, more experienced foes.



There wasn't much told of his history, in fact it isn't official if he even has any real parents or not. What is known though is that Jet found the desperately hungry kid stealing their food. When he was found, instead of being mad at him, Jet let him stay and The Duke joined by default.

Book 1: Water

The Duke fighting

The Duke in battle.

The Duke first appeared alongside Jet, Smellerbee, Longshot, and Pipsqueak when they found Team Avatar confronted by Zuko. When the signal was made, The Duke attacked. During this, it turned out he rode on top of one of the soldiers like a hog monkey, as revealed by Jet during their night feast. Apart from that, The Duke didn't play much of a role in the story. Later on though, he was the first to see Raiu coming back with Zuko soon after Aang and Ty Lee returned.

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