By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
The Duke
The Duke
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Wedding Day

The Duke is a boy from the Freedom Fighters group who were Team Avatar's friends. He is the smallest of his group, yet he knew the Gaang much more during the war since he hanged with them more than Longshot, Pipsqueak or Smellerbee, thus getting to know them more personally. He usually carries a staff with him as protection, but most of the time he just uses it as a walking stick, since the fighting is mainly taking care of by the other Freedom Fighters.

Avatar: New Universe 2

He first appears after Smellerbee accidentally sets off one of the fireworks, creating an explosion. He tries to help Smellerbee when Katara and Toube show up. He kind of freaked out when Toube spoke to them, not having seen a talking dog before. He also gets a bit annoyed when he is mistaken for Pipsqueak thanks to his size and corrects him bluntly.

During the fireworks celebration, he suddenly spies Smile Dog and Ghost watching them all from afar. He acts out like he's just watching the fireworks show but really he was keeping an eye on the two spies until both the figures vanish from sight.

The Duke shows up in the crowd later on with the others to find his team pinned down and attacked. he remains pout until hes the last. He then was taken away to the S.C.P Foundation as one of their guanine pigs for experiments.

Arc 3

For many days, he had stayed at the SCP Foundation. Luckily for him, the members were too busy trying to catch the others to do anything to him. He was very happy to finally meet with Smellerbee again, although he was scared as to what might happen to him.

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