The Duel in Ba Sing Se
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February 14, 2014

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Aang landed in the middle of the city by nightfall. To his surprise, there was no one waiting for him. Suddenly, five clone troopers jumped out of hiding and opened fire. Aang defeated them with ease. Aang waited for five minutes, then decided it was time to leave. Aang began to walk in the direction of his house as it started to rain. Lightning crackled through the sky, followed by the sound of thunder.

Aang stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a horrifying noise.

It was the sound of someone breathing.

Aang whipped around to face his foe.

His jaw dropped.

A man wearing black armor stood before Aang. He had a big black cape that was blowing in the wind.

Aang didn't know it, but his opponent was Darth Vader.

"Going somewhere, Avatar?" His dark voice sent a chill down Aang's spine.

"I'm not gonna run away from this." Aang stated boldly. "Now who are you and what do you want?"

The man stayed silent.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" Aang yelled.

The man didn't say a word.

This man was trying Aang's patience. Then finally, he spoke.

"I am Darth Vader," the man said.

"You...YOU KILLED EARTH KING KUEI!!!" The Avatar hollered.

"Kuei died because he was not worthy of the throne," Vader said.

"Earth King Kuei was a great leader!" Aang retorted.

"Yet my neck is still attached to my body," Vader said.

Aang lost his temper. He began to shoot fire blasts at Vader, but the Dark Lord blocked them with ease. He held up his hands, and when the fire blasts hit them, they vanished. Aang stopped firing immediately. Both of them stayed silent.

"Your resilience is admirable," Vader said. "But to no avail." Vader pulled out a small cylinder, pressed a button, and suddenly, a glowing blade popped out of the cylinder.

Aang didn't know it, but Vader had just ignited his lightsaber.

Darth Vader leaped in to the air and brought his saber down, but Aang brought up a rock wall. Vader chopped the wall in half, causing sharp pieces from it to fly everywhere. One of them bit into Aang's skin. Vader charged toward Aang, but the Avatar sent a stream of water that froze into an icicle as it approached Vader. Vader turned as it passed by his chest. When Vader turned, Aang swung his glider and created a massive gust of wind that slammed Vader into a building several yards away. As Vader stood there stunned, Aang shot two rock spikes that pierced into Vader's left shoulder and right leg. Aang then used airbending to enhance his speed and charged toward the pinned Dark Lord. Before he collided with the pinned Sith Lord, Aang created an Air Wake at the last minute, which crashed into Vader with great force, crushing the spikes used to pin him. Aang stood panting heavily as Vader pulled himself from out of the rubble. Using both hands, Vader Force pushed Aang as hard as he could. Aang was blasted several feet away from Vader. His body slammed into the ground, but he kept moving. Finally, he stopped. Aang struggled to his feet. Blood was pouring out of his back since his body had been slammed and dragged across the ground. Vader had gotten to his feet and was wielding his lightsaber once again. Suddenly, Darth Vader threw his lightsaber at Aang. Aang created a water shield and blocked the attack. Vader seemed to be getting weaker, but Aang couldn't take any chances. His eyes and tattoos began glowing a bright blue, there was a powerful gust of wind as Aang slowly rose into the air. Entering the Avatar State, Aang glared down at Darth Vader. Aang blasted a large stream of fire at him, but the Dark Lord used the Force and pushed the fire away from him. Aang slammed into the ground creating a massive shock wave that sent Vader flying in the air. Aang launched him down with a water whip. The Dark Lord decided it was time to end this. Using the Force, Darth Vader blasted the Avatar away from him. Aang smashed into a building, but was back on his feet in an instant. Aang shot fire out of his mouth, roaring like a tigerdillo. Vader used the Force and sent Aang's own fire right back at him. Aang flew into the air, far away from Vader, until several yards away, Vader heard a loud crash.

Darth Vader knew then the duel was over.

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